20 questions with @wadepaterson (The Steemian Series)

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One of the best blogs on Steemit belongs to @wadepaterson. In my opinion, his 20 Questions posts are a "must read" series and I always look forward to discovering who he'll interview next. This series of posts has given us a closer look at many prominent members of the Steem community.

Wade also has reached out to a number of influential figures outside Steemit, publishing their 20 Questions interviews as well. In doing so, he has helped publicize the platform and provided an example of its high quality content. People have come here to read his interviews (with people they follow) and they have stayed to become long term Steemit users.

Recently, I contacted Wade to see if he'd let me interview him in the 20 Questions format. He graciously agreed (as long as he could question me also - that 20 Questions post is now on his blog). SBD proceeds from this post will be donated to the @communitycoin address, which is fundraising for a community curation SMT project.

And here, in his own words, is the Question Man himself!

20 questions with @wadepaterson

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1 - Can you tell us something about yourself?

@wadepaterson - I strongly dislike the touch of velvet. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for me.

2 - How did you find Steemit?

@wadepaterson - A co-worker of mine has been in interested cryptocurrency for several years. He noticed Steem’s value skyrocket in July 2016. He did a bit of research and, once he understood what the platform was about, he encouraged me to join because he knew I was passionate about writing. I was highly skeptical about Steemit for the first month or so. But eventually I settled in.

3 - You’ve been here since July 2016, which seems like an eternity in the cryptocurrency space. What are your thoughts on what you’ve seen during that time?

@wadepaterson - A ground-breaking concept has experienced growing pains, drama and retention issues, while a number of good, intelligent people creatively work on ways to improve the experience for everyone. Steemit isn’t perfect, but what’s happening behind the scenes is incredibly special.

wade 3.png

4 - Some of your earliest blog posts referenced your time as a newspaper reporter in Kelowna, BC. How did that experience prepare you to write content for this platform?

@wadepaterson - As a reporter, you’re forced to hunt down story ideas since the paper is published on a regular basis, and content is needed to fill the pages. That background has helped me tap into my creativity to avoid writer’s block.

The fact I love interviewing people and asking questions has also come in handy; people seem to like the “20 questions” interviews I post.

5 - What does the future look like for traditional news media? What advice would you give to the owner of a newspaper today?

@wadepaterson - Like many industries, traditional reporting is being disrupted. Over the past decade, this has caused newspapers to re-examine their revenue models and shift their focus to digital.

My advice would be to skate to where the puck is going, not where it has been. (Can you tell I’m Canadian?) @donkeypong wrote a brilliant futuristic fictional piece about Smart Media Tokens saving a daily newspaper from closing. I think independent journalists are already finding some success on Steemit, and there is still a massive opportunity for more to join the space.

6 - Best thing you’ve seen on Steemit?

@wadepaterson - @neilstrauss’s unedited, raw versions of articles he’s written over the years. That sort of quality writing is the breath of fresh air Steemit has desperately been looking for.

7 - Worst thing you’ve seen on Steemit?

@wadepaterson - Steemians who focus on quantity over quality. It also bugs me when people 100% upvote their own, lame, two-word comments.

8 - Recently, you wrote about going to a wedding where you were identified as a cryptocurrency expert. I had a similar experience just last week. Suddenly, friends and family who had no interest in this before have been asking about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and any hot tips on new ICOs and projects. What does it mean?

@wadepaterson - It means that what was previously a geeky, quasi-taboo subject has become mainstream and an increasing number of people are experiencing a heightened FOMO. To be clear, I’m not an expert on crypto and I find it hilarious that someone would identify me as such. But, considering this whole thing is still in its infancy, I guess, someday, 2016 will be considered very close to the beginning.


9 - What improvements do we still need to see in the cryptocurrency infrastructure (or are you optimistic that normal people will be patient enough to use what we have now)?

@wadepaterson - For the average person who is brand new to cryptocurrency, a lot of this stuff is still pretty confusing and inconvenient. I don’t think mass adoption will occur until cryptocurrency is as easy (or easier) to use than any other forms of currency. I think there is a huge educational hurdle that most people need to jump over as well. More and more of my friends are getting interested in crypto, but the majority still have no clue what Bitcoin actually is.

10 - You also have published a novel on Steemit. What did you learn through that process?

@wadepaterson - I wrote The Popular Depression when I was 18 years old. At the time, I tried to get it published the traditional way, but, to be blunt, I didn’t stand a chance.

The fact that Steemit empowered me to publish my first novel (and receive monetary compensation for my work) is a huge deal. I can’t wait to see what that actual Steem/SBD value (that I earned from publishing every chapter of The Popular Depression) is worth two or three years from now. My prediction is that it will be worth much, much more than what I ever could’ve received through traditional publishing.

11 - You recently surpassed 1,500 followers on Steemit. How did it feel?

@wadepaterson - I’m honoured anyone would choose to let my content appear in their newsfeed. The fact 1,500 people are interested in keeping an eye on what I’m doing is incredible.

12 - Which members of the Steemit community have helped or inspired you?

@wadepaterson - There are a lot. And I hate the thought of missing anyone, so I’ll limit my answer to three people. But here’s the thing… if you’re thinking to yourself: “Hmm, I thought Wade might choose me…” trust me, you’re on my list. There are hundreds of people in this community who have positively impacted me.

@the-alien - Adil has been such a massive supporter of mine and he has made me feel connected to the Steemit community. He also seems to be involved with everything… I don’t know how he does it.

@heiditravels - Heidi could’ve easily said “no” when I asked to interview her in July 2016. But she did the interview and encouraged me to start my 20 questions series. She’s a good person.

@ned - Ned has received his share of praise and (more than his share of) criticism; I truly believe he is doing his best to steer this ship in the right direction.

13 - What marketing advice would you give to the folks at Steemit Inc., Busy, eSteem, and other Steem-powered businesses?

@wadepaterson - Invest in your marketing efforts and think outside the box. Steemit has so much potential, but it also has a bit of an identity crisis. Is it mostly about making money? Is it mostly about getting your foot in the cryptocurrency door via a user-friendly experience? Is it mostly about the community? Is it mostly about writing? Is it mostly about reading great content? I think the vision needs to be clear and then marketing dollars need to get that vision in front of the right audience.

Also, I believe the PR game needs to be stepped up. A PR manager could proactively pitch industry media, offering to coordinate interviews with Ned to speak on current events in the cryptocurrency world. A good example of this is the amount of media attention Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse received in December 2017. Cryptocurrency has the world’s attention right now… Steemit’s CEO should be capitalizing on that.

14 - Predict the price of Steem on July 1, 2018.

@wadepaterson - $21.64 USD (if I’m close, somebody owes me a beer)

wade 5.png

15 - Who are three people you would like to bring onto Steemit?

@wadepaterson -

Gary Vaynerchuk
Selena Gomez
Satoshi Nakamoto

16 - Aside from Steem, what other cryptocurrency projects do you find most interesting right now?

@wadepaterson - EOS, NEO, Cardano.

17 - Enough about cryptocurrencies. The lake in your area is home to a legend of cryptozoology with parallels to the Loch Ness Monster. Do you have any Ogopogo stories for us?

@wadepaterson - When I worked at Capital News, a reader contacted the newsroom claiming he had seen Ogopogo. He e-mailed me a video, which showed some mysterious shadows in the middle of the lake…

You never know!


18 - The Okanagan area also is famous for its fruit. Which fruit do you most look forward to eating, as the summertime approaches?

@wadepaterson - Grapes. Fermented grapes. OK fine… Merlot.

19 - Absinthe or Aquavit?

@wadepaterson - Rum.

20 - What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

@wadepaterson - SteemFest 3.

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Beautiful .. well done
Best job interview .. stimulating
Thank you for sharing your initiative. It will be wonderful.

OMG I thought I was the only one that felt like that with velvet!

But Velvet just came back into style!!! All us ladies will be rocking it for the year, whoops!

and bell bottoms

Now if only we could get JNCOS to come back, then we could really have a repeat of 1995

You can skip the jelly shoes.

You are right dear......

Y'all look adorable! Such a cute couple, I'm sure my fiance would agree and we would get along great!


i thought same like you :P @jsteem

The 20 question series has helped me a lot in igniting the spark of really working hard for my blog @wadepaterson and @donkeypong! This interview just made me realize that steemit platform is all about building connections of people. The best part of it is just to be thankful of those people that uplift and willing to help in crafting and creating quality content. Personally a lot of people has helped me but if I would answer it then it would be @jenessa for introducing steemit, @junababatuon who is my loving wife and @ankarlie whom trusted and resteem my post. Thank you so much, your works @wadepaterson and @donkeypong are worth emulating!

I'm glad it provided a good lesson for you. Helping others and building a network of good people on here is very important.

Ever thankful @donkeypong! I will always carry on by this lesson and spread it as much as I can in the steemit community! More power.!

Thanks to @donkeypong for coordinating this interview! These questions were thought-provoking, and it was a lot of fun to take a short trip down memory lane and see how far this platform has come in a year-and-a-half.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this as well!

It was fun. I'd encourage others to try the double interview idea also!

Thank's Brother,,you are Welcome... all the best.....@donkeypong

Great blog

How did you get so much SBD for this post ?
is it Bots ? or users ? or do you have so many friends here ? or a different reason ?

I am new on steemit.

  • What advice do you have for me to get to where you are at ?

I will appreciate your positive reply ;)

Honestly, I am so thrilled with the way he answer question 13. The first thing I struggled with when Steemit was introduced to me was the true purpose of the platform, as I only have a vague knowledge of cryptosystem. It took me three solid months to give in to this idea I won't even give a thought of leaving.
I do agree to investing in massive marketing so as educate the public this wonderful opportunity.
Wao! How will 20 Questions With Isaac sound.
I am @isaaceko

It takes a good three months to understand everything.

It sounds so crazy at first, because of my knowledge of Accounting and how banking system work. I think the bait he used to sell me into steemit was the idea of getting paid when I post my content. Instead of the Facebook unending likes that results to nothing; I get paid when Upvoted.
Thanks for the Upvote, and I'm following your every move on steemit. Where a Pro like you is; there's no letting go. Wink!
I am @isaaceko

I'm glad you found some value in my answer :)

Strategic marketing will definitely be an important piece of the puzzle, along with a strong PR plan.

Wao! @wadepaterson replied my comment. Now, I am feeling like a celebrity. I have always watched you from afar doing your thing. Here is the the biggest fan of your work.
I am @isaaceko

was in love with Steem in June 2017 when I first ran into and understood the concept as I was already interested in starting something like Steem back in 2011... Steem is Money Facebook

absolutely rigth! i love steem too

I don't know if Satoshi Nakamoto exists or not and I am not a big fan of Salena but yes Gary Vee should be on this platform.

I'm glad you asked about this question!


  • Gary Vee is a marketing genius and he is incredibly influential. His presence here would bring a lot of people to the platform, and he'd likely be able to chime in on how he believes Steemit could market itself better.

  • Satoshi Nakamoto... I don't think much more reasoning is needed here.

  • Selena Gomez has more Instagram followers than any other user. Like her or not, she is one of the most influential social media icons, which means she would bring a huge audience with her.

Yes, I totally agree. Every person has his/her own charm and they can add to the community in their own way.
I don't know if someone has directly approached all of them or not?

the spirit and the idea from the Pandora Box of Satoshi can never die, V For Vendetta style

Excellent interview, I share your views on traditional media, they need to adapt to the new times or they are going to end up becoming like horses for transportation.... Any tips from wade for aspiring new writers?

My tip would be find your niche and then focus on quality of posts over quantity. With regard to success on Steemit... it takes time, and embedding yourself in the community is likely necessary to help you cut through the noise. Intelligent comments like this one you just posted will help get you noticed.

Thanks for the tips, i will keep on working on my quality and will keep on participating and interacting with the community as much as i can :-D

You'll have to ask him. I would say that if you post high quality content consistently and make new friends by helping others, then hopefully you will get more of a following for your writing. Feel free to experiment and try some different things, though!

Sounds easy but i am new here. Please i will like to learn from you.@donkeypong

I started following him earlier when you resteemed the interview he did to you, I'm sure I'll get a chance to ask him soon :-D I'm working to expand my content around to other areas to experiment with my writing and grow a lot as a writer :-D

Thanks for the follow :)

Beutyfull baground


Nice question for the Steemit managers. They jus have to do more awareness about their platform. It would be wise for them to do aggressive marketing and think outside the box.

Steemit has so much potential as you said.

@healthylife, steemit is a developing community like the developing nations. If you have been following #Utopia the guild that supports open source projects, number of suggestions are being filled daily to them which the community may use to develop rapidly.

And it is our responsibility as users of steemit that have benefited from this platform to help in publicizing it. That's why we do weekly meetups to introduce new members and users to the community.


I think those things will come once the development is ready.

Thanks for your comment!

Hopefully my answer didn't come across as bashing the Steemit Inc. team. They're doing a lot of great things... and yes, I believe marketing is on their roadmap. However, even at this point in time, I definitely see an opportunity from a PR perspective. I'd like to see Ned being featured in more crypto-related interviews to keep Steem top-of-mind.

O, what a pity! What a pitty! I was on the brink of thinking: That´s the most interesting post I´ve read this week, when ... the word "Rum" appeared! Rum !!! I beg your pardon, Rum! It´s the only kind of alcohol I don´t drink (besides aftershave of course)! :-)))
Ok, ok, ok seriously now: I loved reading your post! And I´ll follow you right away (upvote included). Enjoy your life! Rolf from the Czech republic

I asked him that question because he once posted that his significant other works at a distillery. When I looked at their menu of drinks, there were a couple of oddballs. So I threw those at him, but rum it was. :)

@donkeypong, That's excellent interview I have ever seen. @wadepaterson gave awesome answer for all questions. Appreciated. I look some answers. Its so interesting and need to follow that. But why he need to bring Selena Gomez in steemit. What's the reason? Do you think it will be promote method?
Also EOS and cardano is very potential token. I'll check NEO.
I think all questions and answers need to re-read me and others coz more important contents indeed. Also fun indeed. This is a high valued top class post. Nice to decided you shared to us. Steemit showing massive growth. It's successful story.

Every ones must read this answer and questions indeed interview. @wadepeterson gave definitely best answer I saw. All once helping to grow steemit community. Steemit really potential platform. Also it can use self growing program. This would be most encouraging post when I've saw.
#14 question and answer really awesome. Steem price will see$21.64 USD at 1st of July 2018. Omg..... But wow...If your predict success every-ones really celebrate.
This is as my steemit life I saw most self motivation post @donkeypong.
Resteemed post for see my followers.

20 questions with @wadepaterson is always fun to read...we get to know deeply about well known steemians...some interview are very encouraging and motivation ...like your's and by @kevingwong..,,

I'm glad you like his series also. He does a great job.

I'm glad you enjoy the series! Stay tuned :) "The Steemian Series" will continue to grow.

One of the best interviews I have seen on Steemit. I 💯 % agree about “Steemians who focus on quantity over quality. It also bugs me when people 100% upvote their own, lame, two-word comments.”

Thanks for the kind words and taking the time to read!

What an incredible activity this is. His presentation is kinda interesting however. Velvet touch compared to a nail.
This meeting is by and large an awesome inspiration for amateurs on steemit and digital money for the most part. Much appreciated such a great amount for this.

In the same way as other enterprises, customary detailing is being disturbed. Over the previous decade, this has made daily papers rethink their income models and move their concentration to computerized.

This is the issue I regularly examine with companions and associates. Everything is going advanced; just the individuals who can stay aware of the computerized pace will be pertinent in the closest future. Print media is step by step blurring ceaselessly. News now prove to be useful on a few gadgets. Everything is going computerized and fascinating, on account of innovation. Great one there.

Thanks for reading, and I agree that print media needs to continue to evolve. In my opinion, rather than playing catch-up, they should attempt to shift their focus to where the technology is going.

It was very interesting to learn about the @wadepaterson, its way of life and vision of the future Steem and our ecosystem as a whole. I liked the answer to the 13th question: after some achievements the person remembers the people who helped him, it deserves respect, he also liked and pleased his answer to the 14th question and I think this forecast of the Steem price is relevant! I wish the @wadepaterson success and new achievements! Thank you @donkeypong

Thanks for the well wishes and for taking the time to read this interview.

(Are you going to be the person to buy me a beer if the prediction is correct? ;) )

Very interesting interview, I really like the part on which he would like to invite to join Steemit which is Satoshi Nakamoto...Oh how I wish too. I like also the Idea of a PR Manager for Steemit. Thanks for this full quality content, I am learning...Thank you sir Tom a.k.a. @donkeypong

That was a good answer. Paging Satoshi...time for an introductory post!

When the interviewer gets interviewed ...this is just epic. When are you gonna interview me @donkeypong

Wade is the interviewer. I just returned the favor this once , so you'll have to ask him. :)

I'll keep you in mind, @sistem ;)

The questions were really fun. And we like your writing all the time. And the pictures used in this post are very nice. i hope you success. keep it up, bro
thanks for sharing

I agree that @donkeypong did a great job with these questions!

that extraordinary extremely a wonderfull 20 question meet and the best great and remarkable answers, and I trust the perdiction will be valid about steem cost in july

Once again... somebody owes me a beer if I'm right! Lol...

Yes, we'll see! What's your prediction?

I read your interview by wadepeterson. It was amazing you answered very honestly. The answeres of question 8 about community is really inspiring. You are doing Great work for community. Thankyou

I read your meeting by wadepeterson. It was astounding you addressed genuinely. The answeres of question 8 about group is extremely motivating. You are doing Great work for group.

that great really a wonderfull 20 question interview and the best good and unique answers, and i hope the perdiction will be true about steem price in july
i reappy appriciate you for this great and iformative interview with @wadepaterson and share with us

Fingers are crossed on the price prediction! Just remember... someone owes me a beer if I am right!

Hello @donkeypong

This post is an inspiration in itself. I am not aware of the '20 questions' series nor @wadepaterson but with this post, I found him to be a very intelligent young man who is worthy of our attention. The list of the Cryto projects he's interested in is in line with my personal choice too. His prediction of price of steem will certainly give people reason to power up.

Keep discovering and sharing with us

Upv by
@eurogee, the Steemivangelist and the founder of @euronation Newbie's Support Team

Thanks for the kind words! Please note: my prediction is purely speculation and, historically, I'm usually far off when it comes to predicting anything. However, and I stand by this, somebody needs to buy me a damn beer if I'm right!

Interesting! very interesting !! Looking forward Steemit 3!
I also like Cardano, EOS, NEO along with XRP, TRX, XLM. Obviously BTC!

SteemFest 3, wherever it is, will be awesome!

7 - Worst thing you’ve seen on Steemit?
@wadepaterson - Steemians who focus on quantity over quality. It also bugs me when people 100% upvote their own, lame, two-word comments.

I do agree with this reply, I think it is shallow minded to upvote your own post, which could have been used to vote a more intelligent and quality content.

When I'm donating many of my own rewards to worthy projects, then I don't mind voting myself high, but it's 1-3 times per week rather than 10 times per day like some do. Everyone should use their votes to reward quality content and help this place grow.

I think the key here is people who do it excessively, and/or for comments that add little-to-no value to the conversation.

When I read your interview on @wadepaterson 's blog I expected some pictures of you, and even if I didn't find any I was thrilled to read that you like the outdoors. You didn't go too much into personal details though, and I hope you will do a more in-depth interview at some time in the future.
I liked your idea to interview the interviewer - very creative and also funny :)

Are you saying those photos aren't a true representation of @donkeypong!? :P

The mystery lives on!

They were still funny though :)

@donkeypong - Cool to see this initiative from @wadepaterson. Have you already been featured?
I hope some day I get worthy enough a Steemian to be interviewed with 20 Qs. LOL. I will work hard for it. Hope my quality of posts is worthy.
Thanks for highlighting this.


Mr. @donkeypong was featured on my blog today! Check it out!

Wow. What a great job this is. His introduction is kinda funny though. Velvet touch likened to a nail. 😁😁
This interview is generally a great motivation for newbies on steemit and cryptocurrency generally. Thanks so much for this.

Like many industries, traditional reporting is being disrupted. Over the past decade, this has caused newspapers to re-examine their revenue models and shift their focus to digital.

This is the issue I often discuss with friends and colleagues. Everything is going digital; only those who can keep up with the digital pace will be relevant in the nearest future. Print media is gradually fading away. News now come in handy on several devices. Everything is going digital and interesting, thanks to technology. Good one there.

Thanks for taking the time to check this out! And yes, the touch of velvet is horrible!

#9 Agree - and to think the Steemit platform in combination with @blocktrades and the Bitshares Dex are probably the least confusing way for "average joe" to jump into the token side of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

#13 Agree - if we expect the platform to truly be the "future of social media" the marketing game has to be stepped up 10X at least before google or facebook decide to crypto up their own platforms and trap people in a false "centralized" crypto system.


Thanks @donkeypong for taking the initiative to interview @wadepaterson like this. Always good to get new views from long-time members.

Great points. Thanks for the comment!

Thanks for this comment and for checking out the interview! Some great points on #9 and #13.

What is Bitshares Dex?

(DEX)Decentralized Exchange. Bitshares came first, then STEEM, next is EOS.IO.

Damn girllll, that guy is hot. I wish I was so handsome.

I've been called a "genius" AND "handsome" in the comments section!? Wow... ego is at an all-time high.

But that's true, so I just told what I thought lol, have a nice weekend sir handsome :))

Excellent presentation there @donkeypong

I will take my time and check out all the links you've shared and the blogs. I will check @wadepaterson 's blog.

Such phenomenal thoughts you've shared here as usual. I don't want to miss out on any of those mentioned by you because you would only recommend the best!


Thanks (in advance) for checking out my blog!

well a great series and the best interview with @wadepaterson and really he is genious and talented person and he give the correct and helpfull answers .....i agree with him about question 16 the intresting cryptos EOS NEO ,CARDANO
and now i am going to follow him for more touch with him and get more knowledge from his blog always

Thanks for the follow! And wow... genius? I'm not sure I've ever been called that before :)

Thanks @donkeypong. I love number 7. It's all about Quality. And YES... I wrote on FB a few days back that I find it pathetic that people LIKE themselves.

I'm only 5 days old and I'm learning EVERYDAY from great posts like this. Thanks again for this interview.


Mel @coachmelleow

Awesome, and Steem does tend to attract the better people.

***Hiiii @donkeypong,

very interesting, informative and amazing post you shared with us about "20 questions with @wadepaterson." All the question and answers are very valuable as well as interview. I select these to question which are more better with answers i think.

  • Best thing you’ve seen on Steemit?
    @wadepaterson - @neilstrauss’s unedited, raw versions of articles he’s written over the years. That sort of quality writing is the breath of fresh air Steemit has desperately been looking for.
  • Worst thing you’ve seen on Steemit?
    @wadepaterson - Steemians who focus on quantity over quality. It also bugs me when people 100% upvote their own, lame, two-word comments.

Answer to the 7th question is bliss..

Selena Gomez on steemit??
That will be awesome.

Prediction of steem?? Whoa!!! I pray that happens.

We all pray it will happen! (Mostly because I want to claim my beer if I'm right :) )

a lot of this stuff is still pretty confusing and inconvenient. I don’t think mass adoption will occur until cryptocurrency is as easy (or easier) to use than any other forms of currency.

I agree with that. I'm fairly techy and have been doing this for a little while and it's still confusing for me sometimes. I think user-friendly changes are coming and when they do, adoption will pick up...even if people still don't know what Bitcoin actually is. :)

Yes, I agree. Unless someone is a trader, we need to transition between curriencies to be "click, click" simple. Getting there, but not there yet.

Another thing that would be nice in making it user-friendly would be to have a name attached to the account. You could choose the name (so you can keep anonymity) but have a name and code (like Discord usernames) so that when you give the person your wallet, they KNOW they're send it to you. Not just crossing their fingers and hoping they got it right, then waiting 15 minutes for the transaction to clear, then calling you to make sure you got it. It's BS. No one wants to use that on a daily basis.
Can you imagine walking into your grocery store and having to go through that whole hassle? You wouldn't do it. You'd stick with paper money.
Just some of my thoughts...

A good comment thread here...

When I got into Steemit, I was 100% a cryptocurrency virgin: I knew nothing about blockchain technology. I still have a ton to learn, but anecdotally, I've observed how confused my friends are when conversations about this arise at the pub. It's come a long way, but there is a long way to go.

Yeah, I was definitely the sender in my example above. I was just trying to sound like I had done it before. I've made a few sends, but I'm not an expert. It's still a "big deal" whenever I need to make a transaction. Haven't had a send go into the abyss yet!

My family still has no clue what I'm talking about. If I mention crypto currency to them, their eyes kinda glaze over and they get that far-off look. OR they start telling me that it's all a scam and I'm involved in some kind of cult! Ha ha.

I think people are mostly scared of what they don't understand and because crypto is still relatively new the information out there is more hype than substance. Even techy people I respect can't see the applications. It's frustrating, but I believe a user-friendly interface with an emphasis on security will go a long way to alleviate concerns for people who haven't bought in.

agreed that Steem will spread in the future as the dollar dies more

I loved reading your interview with @wadepaterson.
What I love about steemit is there is so many good and creative souls I met here.
To me steemit is a sanctuary of free thought and real life. A place where you can just blog about what you have going on in life and complete strangers wish you well and root you on. You can talk about things that are important to you and others from around the world can comment and share experiences.
Steemit is a destination for journeyers. People that explore around the world. We like to read about new things and different perspectives that we can't get from the news or from other social media.
Yes you can receive free cryptocurrency for participating at Steemit, and that is what brings a lot of people to the site.
Steemit offers freedom. Freedom to express yourself and an investment into possible economic freedom.
I agree with @wadepaterson about 100% upvoting it’s own post as not soo good thing. I'am only on Steemit for a very short period of time but I already have a feeling that there are bots are getting out of control on posts. Let's stop the spam and make Steemit great (again). People are promoting themself on unrelevant topics. Hunting for the profit. Not reading posts and commenting nonsense. I get it. People want money, who doesn't. But that is not how it works. THE CONTENT PROMOTES ITSELF There is no need for excessive spam.
I don’t want to go into details or in to calling the names “as a matter of fact I just caught someone copying my comment” but you get the idea.

Welcome to Steemit! Thanks for your insightful (and deep) comment :)

I, too, enjoy the freedom to post about whatever I want on here. The rewards are the cherry on top.

If a tree falls in a forest, will anybody hear it and is the tree real and does it make a sound: likewise, the content is great promotion but how can we get it out to more people and what can we do to accelerate that ooze from the fountains of Steem?

I loved this so much and then I see my name in there... I'm so grateful!

Wade, you do a spectacular job every time and it's a pleasure to read. You ask fascinating questions, sometimes curious ones and sometimes fun ones... All combined in the same interview haha

You don't need to thank me for anything, I just try to help like everyone else and it really means a lot that you've mentioned me.

All I have to say is that you do an amazing job!

This is such an awesome interview between two great people.

Tom has done so much for this place, many others including myself and I'll take the occasion to tell him thank you. Thanks again Tom, we're all lucky to have you with us in this beautiful community.

P.S: So excited about @communitycoin!

What a great idea to interview The Question Man :-)
It was great getting to know you a bit more, Wade @wadepaterson. Also I'd completely second your suggestions in terms of Marketing and PR for Steem.

The good thing about this whole crypto project is that it'll always be advancing in a certain manner; currently there might be few other markets which are growing that fast. People like you will help to spread the word and direct the ship into the right direction.

Steem on!

Some great insight with these questions...

That is really cool-- turning the tables on the interviewer! Nicely done. I hope he's right about his price prediction on Steem...

I hope so too ;)

I really enjoyed this interview. I think this is a really cool 20 questions interview series.
It really gives you a closer look and feel of who these amazing people really are and you can also learn a lot from them, which is really amazing.

Where about do you live @wadepaterson? I live in the Okanagan too, Penticton and I have not seen any Ogopogos yet or really heard any stories.

Kelowna! Nice to have another Okanagan(er) on the platform :)

When people realize the beauty of Steemit, we won't just be having Selena, we will be having Beyoncé too.

And you just know the Beyhive will follow!

good steem blog idea.

Amazing :)

A massive Thank You! to @wadepaterson for the quality he has given here, I was amazed by his 20 questions last year and it was worth following, back in the day when I was reading all the time here the quality actually jumped off the screen and gave me some hope that actual Good content can fruition here with some dedication (his posts weren't making what they are now)

Thank you for the Interview @donkeypong I can see you were interviewed as well, I'm bookmarking it for later :)

Cheers :) Happy Days Ahead !

PS. Also I could feature this post if I get to make a curation summary, (although I can't get myself to do it regularly :( I like to spread the better posts I pass by and resteeming can't do it well enough)

Haha, this was fun, @donkeypong and @wadepaterson's enthusiasm is contagious. I did not know he had published a novel, and on @Steemit!
What a wondering, exciting concept. If you've more books in you, Wade, and wish to try a less conventional publisher (that is, nonetheless, partnered with Penguin Random House!) why not approach Unbound?

Through Unbound, I was able to successfully crowdfund my latest book: https://unbound.com/books/where-epics-fail/ They're certainly open to new ideas, have great contacts and give authors an extremely kind cut.

Not trying to steer you away from Steemit, by any means, only giving a fellow writer options :)

Cheers, Yahia

Cool. I didn't know about Unbound. Thanks for the heads up!

Right now my time/energy/focus is mostly on Steem-related things; however, I'll keep it in mind if I'm ever inspired to take a stab at another novel!

I hear you - in the 2 months or so I’ve been on Steemit, hardly had energy or interest for anything else!

Keep up good work & keep Unbound in mind for the future - they take chances that others wouldn’t ✌🏼

$21.64 USD by July 1st , 2018. I really liked his prediction concerning steem and I pray it comes to be.

Gary Vaynerchuk
Selena Gomez
Satoshi Nakamoto

These people coming aboard will be epic. @wadepaterson really has tall dreams but again that goes to show his confidence in steemit.

I do like it here :)

Wow! This is new for me. Totally enjoyed the interview. Hahahahaha he is on a roll! 100% upvote on two line ******* comments. Hahahaha. I hope to get to 1,500 followers too. I really could use an interview too. Let me go and read yours.

A successful, happy and distinctive life I have loved this so much
Thank you for sharing this special moment of your life
I hope to have a life like me. @donkeypong

right say. go ahead

This is an excellent day
These are questions I always ask myself
This is real life sir

excellent post, this is the real life.Life is all about fun.Thakns for shatring with us.

i like your content and qsn.
and this photos is beautiful.
keep it up & thank you

Wow this is very interesting and so inspiring for me. Thanks @donkeypong

very good post, I am happy to follow you ...
hopefully I can grow in this steemit with my often-read your post .. regards community steemit @donkeypong
my @mustafakamal94 steemit indonesia

Very expository.
I learnt and enjoyed this Series @donkeypong

Great questions and answers there, prediction of steem by July got me twerking

Very valuable post. Nice interview. Excellent photography. Thanks for sharing @donkeypong

amazing @donkeypong it's very different post. thanks for sharing . i like your post and following.

your post is very good your writing is very interesting I really like it. success always kswan ku, happy to follow you may we become best friend. dab thank you for sharing

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that's really a wOnderfull 20 question interview, and yOu honestly great answers. I appreciate yOur preciOus pOst. All the best!!
ThankyOu share with us!!!

Thanks for this valuable post sharing.....i appreciate this post....

Wooo, very good @donkeypong 👍👍👍👍👍😘

I'd be honored to answer 12th question i found steemit because of @jerrybanfield and after spending 3 months here i respect one person in this community which is Mr. Paul also known as @greenman, He use his steemit earnings to charity and help poor people. I've never seen like that in any social media platform he's doing real social work on.
Thanks for post @donkeypong appreciate your hard work ♥ Keep steeming :)

I would like to share your views on my blog if you are interested @wadepaterson. Thanks for your inspirational post on steemit @donkeypong.

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