20 questions with Roger Ver (Exclusive Interview)

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You may know him as "Bitcoin Jesus," but he didn't give himself that nickname. And, to be honest, he doesn't really like it.

Roger Ver holds nothing back as he delivers gripping, unfiltered responses to the 20 questions thrown his way.

Does Roger think BTC will become the world's default currency? Does he still get harassed by hackers? And what does he say to critics who claim he's some fool who got lucky by buying Bitcoin early?

Steemit friends, allow me to introduce, 20 questions with Roger Ver.

20 questions with Roger Ver

1 - How would you describe yourself in one sentence?

Roger - I’m someone who believes that all human interactions should be on a consensual basis, or not at all.

2 - Other than digital currency, what blockchain technologies are you most excited about?

Roger - I’m also very excited about prediction markets like Bitcoinhivemind.com

3 - Do you expect Bitcoin to outperform gold, silver and the stock market in 2017?

Roger - The Bitcoin network is already at maximum capacity, so if the current team of developers don’t allow it to scale quickly enough to meet the demand, the future for Bitcoin is bleak.

I’m sure the current core developers are talented programmers, but most of them are clueless when it comes to basic economics, and providing an incentive for people to use Bitcoin.

Recently at a Silicon Valley Bitcoin meet-up I hosted, one of the current Bitcoin developers was literally telling people that they should use credit cards instead of Bitcoin.

I think that is a ridiculous thing to say, since I specifically got involved to build a currency that can rival the Dollar, the Euro, and the Yen. Telling people to use credit cards won’t accomplish that goal.

I’m currently exploring options including starting my own mining pool, hiring a competing full-time dev team, or even hard forking Bitcoin to stay in line with Satoshi’s original vision of P2P cash.

If my group of like-minded supporters do hard fork Bitcoin, we will also likely change the proof of work to something that is most suited to general purpose CPUs rather than GPUs or ASICs.

I suspect that will be a real wakeup call to the current Bitcoin miners and hardware manufacturers that the market clearly needs and wants Bitcoin to be allowed to scale.

4 - Which is your favorite Bitcoin wallet for daily transactions?

Roger - I have many different wallets. In fact, I have nearly all of the major ones installed on my systems, and keep my coins spread between many of them.

On mobile and desktop I use Blockchain.info the most.

Second place would be KryptoKit / JAXX.

5 - Do you still get harassed by hackers?

Roger - Unfortunately I’m a high profile target for hackers, so almost daily I have malicious files emailed to me, or see notifications about someone trying to reset one of my online passwords.

I think I have most everything locked down pretty tight at the moment.

A few years ago, a hacker was able to gain access to an old email address, and started gaining additional access from there.

It was a real wake-up call that I need to take security even more seriously.

I then launched a website called BitcoinBountyHunter.com to help deter would-be hackers and thieves.

6 - Do you own a major credit card?

Roger - Sure.

7 - What do you think about the 21 Inc Bitcoin computer and the 21 Inc vision of a “machine Internet” and economy?

Roger - It is only a matter of time until machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence, and around that same time machine commerce will exceed human commerce.

Bitcoin seems like the perfect basis for this coming economy.

8 - How long have you been training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu?

Roger - About eight-and-a-half years total now. I’ve been a purple belt for the last four-and-a-half years, but my training pace has slowed down as I became so busy with Bitcoin things.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of injuries over the last two years as well, but hope to stay healthy, win some big tournaments, and get my brown belt in 2017.

Most people don’t know it, but there are actually more Jiu Jitsu videos of me on Youtube than Bitcoin videos.

Aside from Bitcoin, BJJ is truly one of my passions in life.

9 - What is the biggest difference between living in Japan and America?

Roger - I think the quality of the food, the attention to detail, and the quality of customer service are all much higher in Japan than in the USA.

The weather was certainly much better in California where I grew up, though.

10 - What was the price of the first Bitcoin that you owned?

Roger - I received my first portion of a Bitcoin from Gavin Andresen’s faucet. At the time I’m sure it was well under a dollar per Bitcoin.

I would guess it was in the $0.25 to $0.50 range at that time. I bought my first Bitcoins when they were about $1 each.

Sadly, this is another example of just how little business sense the current development team have.

The vast majority of Bitcoin users previously received their first Bitcoin from a faucet. I remember receiving mine that way and feeling the excitement of the technological magic that had just happened before my eyes. Imagine how many other people could experience that joy of using Bitcoin for the first time if Bitcoin had been allowed to scale.

Today, with transaction fees consistently about $0.10 and often much more, Bitcoin faucets are no longer feasible, and the Bitcoin community is missing out on this amazing tool to recruit new Bitcoin users.

11 - Do you think censorship of minority opinions will affect Steemit.com the same way it is affecting Reddit?

Roger - I haven’t used Steemit myself yet, so I don’t know enough about how it works to have an opinion.

I do know that the disallowing of any dissenting opinions by Theymos on /r/Bitcoin has turned what was previously a heated discussion online, into an entire Bitcoin ecosystem that is now filled with anger, vitriol, and personal attacks. This is a direct result of Theymos’ actions, and he should be ashamed.

All of us should be speaking out against his policy, and apply social pressure to the owners of Reddit to appoint a moderator who actually allows people to discuss Bitcoin.

Theymos can then go find a new job with the propaganda ministry of some government. He would fit right in.

12 - What do you think about Steemit’s concept?

Roger - I’ll need to read more about it since I know almost nothing.

13 - Do you believe we will solve the block size issue in 2016? What will happen if we don’t?

Roger - I’m less and less confident of this. In my entire involvement with Bitcoin, I’ve never sold a single one due to not being optimistic about the future.

After talking with many of the Bitcoin miners from China over the last few days, and hearing that they currently are not willing to do the smart thing and allow Bitcoin to scale in a timely manner, I’m on the very verge of selling some of my Bitcoins. Perhaps one day very soon I will be devoting all of my attention to a hard fork of Bitcoin that actually allows scaling in a timely manner.

The underlying economic code of Bitcoin is just as important to its success as the software code. You need both to be correct, or the whole thing is broken.

The current path that the small blockers are taking has the wrong economic code and will likely end in failure if Bitcoin isn’t allowed to scale soon.

14 - What’s your biggest Pet Peeve?

Roger - No shoes allowed inside the house!

15 - Who is your favorite author?

Roger - Without a doubt, Murray Rothbard. I remember reading his books in my youth and feeling afraid to continue because of the irrefutable logic being laid out that would forever change the way I viewed the individual’s relationship to governments.

War is mass murder.

The draft is the moral equivalent of kidnapping and slavery.

Taxation is theft on a grand scale.

I implore anyone who wants to understand the world more clearly to read his books.

16 - Do you get hassled when travelling through U.S. airports?

Roger - Everyone gets hassled in the USA, on the way in, and way out.

As I type this, I’m on a flight from NYC to HK.

On the way into the USA, the first person I met was a stranger with a gun on their hip, threatening myself and everyone else to show them ID. If you aren’t convinced that they are threatening you, the next time you see them, try ignoring them and walking through to your destination and the threat will become very clear.

To depart the USA this morning, I had to deal with numerous security checks. I had to strip off a substantial portion of my clothing, and most invasively of all, there were strangers with guns waiting on the boarding ramp to the airplane threatening everyone to show them their ID, and tell them how much money they had with them.

Most people don’t travel internationally so they don’t know, but the USA is one of the very few countries where the customs agents are so militarized that they actually carry guns with them.

In Japan for example, the customs agents wear little white gloves, and use the most polite Japanese they know when dealing with the people traversing the border.

It’s extremely rare that any of my belongings are searched when entering the country, but on one occasion the customs agent girl asked if she could search my bag.

In response, I asked her if I could search her first. With genuine sincerity in her voice, she explained to me that she didn’t have a bag with her that I could search, and I felt like a bit of a jerk for asking.

I can only imagine how rude a customs agent in the USA would be if I asked them the same question.

Another example is Hong Kong. If you enter more than three times in a single year, you can apply for a frequent visitor sticker in your passport. Once you have that, you can go in and out of the country via a fully automated system without ever having to deal with another human. America may claim to be the land of the free, but in practice, that is no longer the case.

17 - Did you ever hear back from the Bernie Sanders team regarding your patriotism debate challenge?

Roger - Nope. I’m still waiting. If he was sincere about all the things he said, you would think $250,000 USD to help the charity of his choice for two hours of his time would be something he would scramble to do right away.

Perhaps he hasn’t accepted because he knows that Adam Kokesh would easily point out that government programs aren’t compassion, they are death threats. Everything governments do is ultimately backed up at the point of a gun, and they will gladly kill you for disobeying. Anything that you personally wouldn’t be willing to kill another human being over shouldn’t be a law.

18 - What led you to the discovery of voluntaryism?

Roger - I started out believing in the religion of statism just like everyone else around me. I said the pledge of allegiance every single day in school for somewhere around a decade.

I thought Americans should only drive American cars, should only buy American made products, that the minimum wage actually helped poor people, and that government was actually a great thing for society.

Then I started to study economics. I began reading Adam Smith, Ludwig Von Mises, Milton Friedman, Henry Hazlitt, Leonard Reed, Murray Rothbard, and more. I learned how free trade, combined with comparative advantage, and the division of labor, indisputably make the world a better place. I learned that the minimum wage doesn’t guarantee that low-skilled workers will have a job, it simply guarantees that anyone with skills worth less than the minimum wage won’t have any job at all. I began to feel embarrassed for the economically ignorant policies I had been in favor of previously. The more economics I studied, the more I realized that peaceful human interaction, free of the coercion of the state, is the best way to achieve the desired economic prosperity. These utilitarian arguments are what brought me most of the way to being a voluntaryist. Around this same time I also started studying some of the philosophical ideas related to individual rights.

I was persuaded by many of the arguments put forth by John Locke explaining that each man owns his own labor, and when he mixes his labor with something in nature that was previously unowned, that product becomes his own property.

Chattel slavery is wrong because you are stealing another man’s labor. Theft of physical property is wrong because you are stealing another man’s labor. They are actually two sides of the same coin.

Much much later in my life, I came across the ideas of Michael Huemer and Larken Rose. They pointed out ever so clearly that “authority” of the political kind, does not, and can not exist. It is just imagined by the majority of society. The guns, police, buildings, and violence are all real, but the authority itself is just imagined. For example, none of us individually have the right to lock our neighbor in a cage for smoking a plant, or tell someone else who he can or can’t do business with, so how can we as individuals delegate rights that none of us have to our “representatives” in government? How could a “representative” possibly have more authority than those he “represents”? The whole thing is madness if one takes the time to think about it.

19 - Do you believe BTC will become the world’s default currency?

Roger - My thoughts went something like this:

2011: I thought there was a small chance of this, but had to try.

2012: I thought there was a better chance of this, so I had to try even harder.

2013: It’s happening! It’s time to really pick up the pace!

2014: This is amazing! The whole world is starting to notice Bitcoin!

2015: Wow! So many people are using Bitcoin that the blocks are starting to get very full! We better do what any sensible businessman would do, and what Satoshi recommended. Expand Bitcoin to continue to provide a good level of service to people who want to use it.

2016: Oh no! A bunch of people with no business sense have taken control of the current Bitcoin software implementation and are forcing every major business who would have been interested in Bitcoin to look for other solutions. Oh no! All the people who are mining Bitcoin don’t have any long-term vision for the goal of Bitcoin and aren’t doing the sensible thing at the moment. I suppose I should:

Do something to allow Bitcoin to scale to allow new users.

Mining pool to influence the debate.

Set up a competing development team and make sure they have people who understand economics and business to help guide them.

Fork Bitcoin to allow it to accept new users.

Look for a competing cryptocurrency that actually has better properties than Bitcoin to be used as money. Z.cash is one that is very high on my list of things to keep an eye on.

20 - What’s one thing very few people know about you?

Roger - I'm not sure how many people know it or not, but I have a few:

  • I didn’t choose the name Bitcoin Jesus for myself, other people started calling me that because of my efforts to spread the good word of Bitcoin. I’m not a fan of the name myself.

  • Some people on the Internet try to dismiss me as some fool who got lucky by buying bitcoin early. In reality, I was a semi-retired self-made millionaire, who had built a substantial business long before Bitcoin had ever been invented. When I became the first person in the world to start funding Bitcoin startups, almost all of that money was earned by my previous tech business, not from the price of Bitcoin increasing.

  • I actually don’t enjoy traveling, dealing with crowds, or public speaking. I would much rather spend time home alone with my computer or a book. Bitcoin is exciting and important enough that it motivates me to do the former.

A sincere thank-you to Roger Ver for taking the time to be part of my "20 questions" interview series.

Also, a huge thank-you to all of you for taking the time to read.

Who would you like to see me throw 20 questions at? Drop me a comment below and I'll work on setting up the interview.

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Here are my top four takeaways from this: (1) Bitcoin has as much a chance of failure as Steem, (2) i should get into zchash, (3) i bet Roger joins Steemit within the week, (4) once Roger joins the dam will break and Steem will explode.

Great interview. I just followed you @wadepaterson.

Thanks, @freedomengineer - I appreciate you taking the time to read!

Interesting takeaways/predictions!

👍great post Mr. @wadepaterson

Pip @dollarvigilante and see if you can do 20 questions with Milo Yiannopoulos. :D

Steem will explode

I'd repeat what I have pointed out many times before. Dont confuse Steem with Bitcoin. They're fundamentally different. Unlike Steem, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency. But, Bitcoin and Steem together is a Deadly Combination.

Unlike Steem, Bitcoin is a deflationary currency.

This claim is quite misleading - the opposite is true. You are confusing limited supply with inflation - these features are not mutually exclusive. Bitcoin has a limit of total supply and has been highly inflationary. The rate of inflation is gradually decreasing but it's still substantial.

Steem with Bitcoin are fundamentally different.

Again, I'd say the opposite is true. Steem with Bitcoin are fundamentally similar and actually this similarity is what gives Steem a lot of credibility. The main difference is that Bitcoin spends newly created tokens on burning electricity, whereas Steem - on rewarding content creation & curation.

My takeaway is Bitcoin will thrive and Steemit can thrive too as long as the developers are looking out for the best interests of the platform.

I bet Roger joins Steemit within the week.

This looks quite likely indeed. The following words are very encouraging in this respect, as Steem is the perfect answer to Roger's main concerns:

Imagine how many other people could experience that joy of using Bitcoin for the first time if Bitcoin had been allowed to scale.

Today, with transaction fees consistently about $0.10 and often much more, Bitcoin faucets are no longer feasible, and the Bitcoin community is missing out on this amazing tool to recruit new Bitcoin users.

And what if Steem will ahead of Bitcoin

would be excellent if you are correct.

I found this 'interview' very depressing as a whole - but I'm assuming jetlag etc... He has to be tired of fighting the fight of the life long politicians who will NOT give up their grip on the 'status Quo' . Closing the central bank? Not going to happen in their world..

I just wish i could upvote this to gice credit where it is due. Unfortunate that Steemit only allows upvotes for 7 days.

For anyone who doesn't know Roger Ver he publicly claimed on Youtube in August of 2011 when BTC was only $10 that it would one day surpass the price of gold at least one point in time and increase in value by more than 100X. or 10,000%.

He was right.

Now, venture capitalist Tim Draper predicts Bitcoin price will be 10,000 USD by 2018. We'll see if he's right...

For my sake, I hope Tim is right. But he's also pretty kooky. But maybe that's a good thing. I don't know what to believe.

Just in case anyone needs to verify this interview...


Nice verification

sooooo i just followed THIS guy https://steemit.com/@rogerver

should i be backing up the truck to buy more Steem?

Can anybody confirm when the account was opened?

I can confirm the account @rogerver does not belong to this Roger Ver.

yeah sorry. my error. @rogerver was registered 18 days ago. https://steemd.com/@rogerver I kinda dislike it when people homestead famous people's names. Perhaps it was just saved for the real Roger Ver. Someone who wants to recruit the man i will now try to refrain from calling 'the Bitcoin Jesus'.

at least @bitcoinjesus is still open for Roger LMFAO!!!

He may sell that username for good money to Roger.

Perhaps the owner of @rogerver would be willing to let the real Roger Ver take control?

I don't know that this account is verified. In my interview with Roger, he said he was not yet on Steemit...

His obsession with Bitcoin Core devs and "scaling" is absurd. Bitcoin is just fine.

If my group of like-minded supporters do hard fork Bitcoin, we will also likely
change the proof of work to something that is most suited to general purpose
CPUs rather than GPUs or ASICs.

This seems ill-advised. One of the biggest advantages bitcoin currently has is that it has a very high hashrate making it robust from external manipulation. Changing the mining algorithm would invalidate all current mining hardware investment and result in a much weaker cryptocurrency.

The result would be simply an altcoin which retains bitcoin's history and economic strategy.

Completely agree with this. I like Roger and I know he means well, but I really hope he doesn't push for a HF like this... it's only gonna cause uncertainty.

And I have to agree with that dev he was complaining about. Bitcoin is NOT convenient for shopping at this moment. Even Andreas agrees with this. Right now most of the value comes from speculation and it has plenty of utility in other ways than being a credit card replacement.

Roger Ver might want to learn about AltCoins a bit before he tries making one. CPU? Terrible choice, about the worst choice that could be made. Sort of like Bitcoin Classic and the rest of the nonsense from people that can't reach consensus.

Once Roger gets a load of #Dash He will forget all about Bitcoin. Dash voted and scaled up within a day or two. BitcoinJesus Is the worlds most famous Bitcoin Maximalist, and It's easy to understand why, when he's worked so hard for Bitcoin since it was the only kid on the Block. But now with Dash, ETH and NXT, Bitcoin is the more famous worst performing currency of the bunch.

Dash already has a 'Jesus', his name is @taoofsatoshi, but we will let Roger Ver be Dash 'dalai lama'.

Wade, you've outdone yourself! :) You told me to keep an eye for Thursday and you were right!

This is my favorite so far!

@wadepaterson thank you so much for adding this outstanding content to Steemit.com!! It will be through the efforts of clever legitimate content producers like yourself that steemit.com will propel this new concept into the mainstreem. Keep it coming!

If Mr ver is looking for a CPU cryptocurrency replacement for Bitcoin then he should be taking a look at Gridcoin. Hard science problems that can only run on standard computer hardware, that actually aid humanity rather than wasting energy.

very good stuff @wadepaterson !
love to see someday Roger here on steemit 8]

Roger has been getting some slack for his ideas with regards to bitcoin scaling, and I must admit, I don't understand why? He only wants to follow Satoshis white paper, which we all should with regards to bitcoin.
I tweeted him a while ago simply asking, "if one wanted to increase the block size on bitcoin, how would they do it". It looks like he's answering my question by investing in a dev team and a mining pool. Thats great. I love it when people see an issue they feel they can fix and just work towards fixing it.

I have been following Roger for a while, and I must admit, he is an inspiration and was my entry into bitcoin. There is a great clip on a documentary he's on where he talks about undermining the power of government (by taking power away from the banks), citing a 60 minutes interview with Madelaine Albright commenting about how thousands of Iraqi children lives lost due to the invasion where nothing more than collateral damage. His passion in that clip has stayed with me. Join Steemit.com Roger! You'd be a valued participant!

getting some slack

FYI, "slack" means "loose" or "relief", which is the opposite of what I think you mean. I think the phrase you're looking for is "taking some flak".

and you know, when I typed that I sensed that it was wrong. Thank you for confirming my senses!

Nice job on the interview. I learned some interesting facts not known before. Saved his reading list, will be check these books out.

Up voted and following!

Thanks, @james 212 - I also made a note to check out the books Roger mentioned in his interview. I appreciate the follow!

Nice interview. I don't tolerate strangers with guns, and I don't do airports any longer.

I am just thinking where I will be a decade from now...it's always a step ahead...it is interesting for me to read this.

Very interesting read!

Nice post, now I know about Roger Ver

More here, in case you are genuinely interested: https://rogerver.com

did you tell roger you made 3k off this post? - nice work

Hey @kingjohal

Yes - I told him he should join the Steemit community as well!

Thanks for having the time to finding ways to interviewing roger. Great job

Wow this is excellent, good work.

Followed. Great post, thank you.

...the future for Bitcoin is bleak.

I never thought I'd her Bitcoin Jesus say something like that. Yes, he gave a caveat, but it's still quite a strong statement for such a long-term supporter.

I'm glad he mentioned the early faucets. Steemit is the greatest faucet every created, IMO, giving away something for free while at the same time convincing people it has value. Brilliant.

I hope he fails in hardforking Bitcoin

now if we can figure out how to get the people being profiled in articles compensated automatically via blockchain. Ie roger getting a cut of earnings, this would solve a lot of the copyright issues out there today

SegWit is already being tested and due to come out soon.
That will increase Bitcoin's capacity for sometime.
The a hard fork will follow to expand more.
I understand Roger 's frustration for things moving slow, he should be a bit more patient.
Hard forks are SERIOUS actions! Look what happened with ETH
We do not want that to happen to Bitcoin
As Andreas A . says : the scaling issue will always be present as long as there is growth.

Thank you for the post! This helped me a lot.

Great post, best interview.

Clif High, the creator of the Webbot Predictive Linguistics says another spike in Bitcoin coming this weekend, as the "ChinaPop" gets another scare as they did in mid June causing btc to run from mid 500s to mid 600s!

Good one! Roger: "I’m someone who believes that all human interactions should be on a consensual basis, or not at all" that is powerful, if only people would apply that everyday on all we do...

Great post and good to get more insight from Roger the Bitcoin Jesus. Hope Roger is also considering a look at #yocoin

excellent job, up voted.

thanks for the great interview , followed look forward to more in this series

bitcoin has not moved much lately

I need a phone that works and then maybe i can start me some bitcoin. This is a brave new world.

I really enjoyed hearing his perspective. Thank you.

Good stuff, excited for our interview :)

Great interview... thanks!

Johnny Appleseed -- Roger Walletseed :D Nice Zcash reference! I wrote a brief Zcash introduction: https://steemit.com/crypto/@voluntary/zcash-a-new-crypto-currency-with-actual-security-and-privacy-of-transactions

But I've got to ask... Why not Dash? Dash - Digital Cash https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAzD2v9Yx4a4iS2_-unODkA

Every time someone wants to tell me that opportunity in this world is dead, I want to shake them. Are you living in the same world I live in? I my lifetime, I've seen so many new industries born, more millionaires made than in all of previous history combined and new ideas like decentralized standard currencies coming into being.
I think what we need is more imagination and less complaining. This is an amazing life that would not have even been possible based on this idea, 30 years ago. Think of it, what will be next? The future is now and we can either embrace it, or like the Luddites of old, throw our hands up because Donald and Hillary.
Here's the thing, in life, roadblocks and boundaries are always finite and definable, while opportunity is always boundless and infinite. There are so many more things yet to be tried than we have ever begun to imagine, but we want to believe that success is limited to a few "career" paths preordained for our success. Good on you! Nice Post!

My favorite line 'It is only a matter of time until machine intelligence exceeds human intelligence' - this is what I think think the problem with government is - If we can get the Gov out of the way then we as a 'world' can prosper. I'm a Stateside' resident and watching the news everyday is depressing me. It's time to get to the next level of a currency that is value to all - no more games..

I just want to say that was one of the best interviews I've read in a very long time. Kept my attention from start to finish.

Great article. Especially advise on hackers which everyone should be really cautious about dealing with Cryptocurrencies and the future of BTC. Hope someone will take the lead to ensure the future of BTC is great. I will be looking out at Z.cash as well as Yocoin for me. :-)

A well done interview! Kudos to @wadepaterson!

thank you

great, good joob...

Please do a 20 questions interview with Gavin Andresen, and ask him if he is interested in joining Roger's new dev team.

Very interesting. Future interview requests: Vitalik Buterin, Joe Lubin, Vinay Gupta, Barry Silbert, Ryan Selkis, Balaji Srinivasan, Chris Larsen, Ben Lawsky...

I love Roger because he was one of the first to give bitcoin a boost.
I just wonder if he is getting a little bored with it but other than that I hope he
continues innovating so we can see what catches his eye next.

Hard to believe you never broached the whole Mt. Gox debacle with him. How can this guy be taken seriously, even if he has some valid points? Let's not forget that Ver carried Karpeles' water something fierce, just look at how robotic and strange Ver seems when he dispenses this "Gox is totes fine" nonsense:

Question #21 for Roger: How many BTC did you withdraw from Gox around the time of making the above testimonial?

great post, even 9 months later! thanks for that! just wondered that there is no mentioning of monero? he is actually a big fan of it. does anyone have info on that?

Great 20 questions. Thanks to you and Roger for intetacting and bringing us forth the results.
I would like to see 20 questions asked to Australian Philosopher and Princeton University Professor Peter Singer.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the suggestion! I'll work on it :)

This was a very informative interview with Roger Ver. Thank you for this article.

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