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Just kidding.

But most people don't read past headlines. This right here proves that. In the past, I've written things that people have taken out of context. Psychologically, we have been so polluted, geoengineered, that we begin to fall for anything when we begin to stand for nothing. I've been online since about 1998. So, for twenty plus years, like Alex Jones, I've written so much. I've made all kinds of videos. Oh, YouTube destroyed thousands of my videos. Facebook deleted hundreds of my posts, articles, photos, videos, paragraphs, etc, as they would terminated my accounts, pages, profiles, groups, over the years. Twitter did the same thing.

laura loomer

Other websites have done it.

I'm not the only one that has been censored. And being censored could be worse than death in some ways. I've said all kinds of things in order to raise awareness of global issues. This article is an example of how I do it. I create a shocking headline that may or may not be true. But that is only the hook for those who continue reading. A lot of good writers do this. They do this in movies as well. This is how you tell a story. By the way, when Blake Webb died, I felt like it was my fault because I didn't check on him that Sunday morning, the second, the 2nd, of May, 2010. I'm ok now, but I originally felt all kinds of emotions. I do miss Blakey as Amber calls him. I miss my other Salvation Army friends too. I kind of feel like they do not like me or something. That might be partly true but I do miss Jeff Walters as well. That last Saturday night, we were talking about my younger sister, Crystal Ann Arnold. We talked many things over the years. One time, Blake said that there are many fishes, as in more fish in the sea in regards to dating. Blake believed in giving. He gave money to a beggar one time when we were at like a mall or cafe or something in Portland, OR. Many great memories. That is why I talk about Blake Webb, Tiffany Rochell Cumbo, Woof Jimmy Gene Williams, Dick Richard Morehead, etc. Because it is better that way. We should remember. We should not forget the good and the bad. We can learn so much from reflection and especially application.


I was sleeping on the couch.

He was in his room. We were going to wake up & finish playing in the Basketball Tournament at our church, the Moore Street Corps in Portland, Oregon, USA. I waited for Blake to wake up. I just sat there on the couch. Blake was the youth pastor of our church. I was the unofficial youth pastor assistant from 2009-2010 alongside Blake. I helped out all the time. Blake was born on the 9th of October, of maybe 1988, in maybe California. Blake played football in high school. I met Blake at Camp Kuratli in 2007. We both worked in Hawaii. We attended a vocational missionary training school called Revolution Hawaii from 2007-2008. In 2009, Blake moved to Portland to be the youth pastor. He rented a room in a house of a church friend. So, the home owner came down to check on Blake. But he was not breathing around 09:00 AM PST or maybe 11 AM. In my blog, I wrote 1 PM PST, but it was probably a few hours earlier. I lost track of time as that was a pretty long day and a lot of waiting and a lot of uncertainty and confusion that day in regards to everything. So, we found Blake dead that morning. He told me to try CPR on him or to check on him or something. So, I tried CPR on Blake's bed. I probably should have dragged him off the bed to do the mouth to mouth resuscitation.

walking dead negan gone with the wind

He called 911.

The ambulance came and tried to save him. We were there for a few hours as the ambulance was there. The police talked to us. We went to the church. People cried. I didn't cried. I was frozen. Mike Kurtz wondered about that about how I wasn't like crying enough or crying in the same way as the other people were or something. Jackie Campbell let me & David Sheppard stay at their house for the month of May. Jackie called some people and got me a job at Camp Redwood Glen. In June, I went to my Alder Housing apartment, got all my stuff, said goodbye to people, including the manager of the building, moved out, left for good. Moved my things to the church to store in a basement. Jackie got me an Amtrack train to San Jose, California, to work at that camp as a Relief Counselor. I'm very thankful for so many people in life including Blake, Jackie, and many others. Sadly, the globalists are murdering us right now through geoengineering and 5G and so many different things. We should be telling people to plant more gardens. We should stay away from Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, etc. The list goes on. I've written a lot over the years. I've even written about Blake. Here is some of what I wrote about Blake dying from Thursday, the 13th of May, 2010, from my Joey Omnia Blogspot blog, as follows:

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Friday, May 31, 2013

2010-05-13 - Thursday - I Killed Blake Webb
2013-05-31 - Friday - I Killed Blake Webb

Friday, May 31, 2013
Joey Arnold Murdered Blake Webb in 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010
Why Blake Webb

Originally titled "I killed my best friend, Blake Webb."

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold.

Around 1PM, that first Sunday, May 2nd, 2010, I found my best friend dead on his bed.



"I was

The last one ever

To see Blake Webb alive ever and


The first one ever

To see Blake Webb dead forever on his bed partly red and blue."


Says Joey Arnold.

That's what she said.



That's what I said.

Blake Webb Legacy

I started CPR but that bunk bed (the springs) were so bouncy.

I first had to pull him off his side and onto his back.

I almost gave up on the pulling.

But I wouldn't want my friends to give up on me.

Think about it.

Never let go.



Never Let Go.

Just put yourself in that situation.
You'd want me to save your life if you were dying and I too the same likewise.

I pulled Blake Edwards Webb onto his back so I could do chest compressions which starts hearts.

I then moved to mouth to mouth.

I never thought I'd ever kiss a guy.

Am I gay or something now?
Never mind that.

It was life or death.

I was trying to save him but I forgot to plug his nose while doing mouth to mouth but it was still partly working.

He had no pulse at all.

His heart was not beating.

He was not breathing.

He was still warm.

He was cooling and turning a little blue.

But I was blowing so much air into him.

I could feel the air going into his body.

Eventually the paramedics came to take it from there where I left off but that's beside the point to this exact emphasis to this exact story and message and direction.


This story was shocking to you but not as shocking to me because I saw it coming for months or years in some kind of subconscious way.

But then that Sunday morning came out of nowhere.

I was awaken by the owner to the house.

Since September 2009, Blake has been living in the owner's basement since Blake was good friends with the owner's now grownup kids.

Blake was so close to getting his own place to stay at this young age of 23 since he was born October 9th, 1986.

Blake Webb Soldier

Blake was also very good friends with me.

I met Blake Webb in 2007 during Camp Kuratli, Revolution Hawaii and then I was just hanging with him almost daily those last eight months, this past 2009-2010 school year as he became a Youth Pastor for one of The Salvation Army's churches in Portland, Oregon, a church called Moore Street Corps.

I was so scared when the owner came home back from his family reunion.

He was not exactly sure who I was.

This was still around 1PM that Sunday and I was hoping Blake didn't leave without me to church.

Because we were suppose to be up by 8AM and we were suppose to be out to our Salvation Army Moore Street Corps church by 10AM sharp for that Sunday morning chapel just like we were doing the last two days (since Blake always wakes to his cell-phone alarm clock) for this basketball tournament that weekend which we were playing in, which Blake Webb actually designed the T-Shirts to.

Blake was telling me to turn it from that Star Wars Episode II movie back to NBA Basketball or to SNL Saturday Night Live since it was around midnight when we got back to his place (that owner's house) after losing all of our three basketball games at the tournament Friday and Saturday.

We were also talking about girls too that night as always. This was the first time I ever got to stay the night at his house, Friday and Saturday.

I was watching the part in Star Wars II Attack of the Clones where Darth Vader or Annikin Skywalker's mother is found dead, which lead to Darth Vader killing everybody in that village where she died from some kind of trafficking thing as a slave.

I was telling Blake that.

But several hours later it was not Darth Vader's Mom who was then found dead that Sunday morning just several hours later but rather Oatmeal's Mom, Joey Arnold's Mom, in other words, my Mom.

Just Kidding.

Blake Webb is not and was never my Mom.

But I can seriously get Darth Vader mad or Lebron James or Kobe Bryant or Satan hopping or evil-like mad and go off and do Darth Vader killing.

I was telling Blake about a sad story while being somewhat unaware of the real sad story that was about to take place.

I told Blake about a love one who died right before we all end up losing a love one, Blake Webb. How ironic is that? How Ironic Mystic is that?

I got more to say on that.

But more on that later: to be continued.....

Blake Webb Dynasty


That Saturday night, he accidentally fell asleep while on his laptop while I was laying on the couching watching TV. He was on a smaller couch right next to me.

Around 1AM or 2AM, Blake woke back up, got up, turn off the lights, I eventually turned off the TV even through I was barely awake either, but Blake went back to his room that last night I ever saw him alive in.

But I really heard he was having trouble breathing that night.

I was scared about that.

I heard it from my own ears.

Don't say there was nothing I could have done.

I heard it back during Youth Councils 2010 just two or three weeks before that last weekend.

I knew it.

I knew better.

I am so guilty.

How could I not care enough about my friend?

Why did I not try to save my friend?

I had months or years to save Blake Webb.


Now I actually pray God keeps me alive.

When the paramedics were on Blake, I was praying:

"Bring Blake back."

"I learned my lesson I think God."

"Now bring Blake back now or else please."

The whole morning I was praying that.

Even before I woke up that day.

I was praying before I even knew.

I was then praying for you guys.

Before I knew why, I was praying.

By the way, the paramedics didn't even try zapping him back to life.

They did CPR and drugs and needles and air pumping and everything else all twice to revive Blake but no CLEAR zapping him back to life.

On the heart beating graph was still a small heart beating flow.

So did they lie to us about Blake being dead?

It was not just a dead line.

The machine was not making that "you're dead" noise either.

Blake didn't even look totally dead.

I still am not sure.

But the beat was going up and down evenly.

Obviously it was not suppose to look like that, evenly, but still.

The owner woke me up that morning. I slowly stumbled to Blake's room which is also in that basement right next to the living room and couch and TV where I was just sleeping in.

I was only knocking on Blake's door to appear normal. I noticed the owner not too closely behind me, so I opened the door and found Blake shirtless, laying on his side.

I told the owner and he shined a flashlight on Blake and frantically went to call 911 demanding that I'd start CPR.

I cannot believe that I was calm.

I cannot believe that I started CPR.

But that's why I killed him.

Because I cannot believe I didn't even bother to awake him five hours earlier since I was up around 9AM that same morning just waiting for Blake to awake.

I was trying to teach Blake a lesson that Sunday.

Don't sleep in.

Wake up Blake.

Even I got up without an alarm clock.

I got up for a banana and toast.


Went back to sleep.

Didn't even bother to awake my best friend.

How could I not wake him up?

Do I not care?

Why was I so stuck up?

Then the dog was nagging at me for the next five or so hours non-stop.

Did the dog want me to wake up to save Blake?

Did God want me to save Blake?

I feel so guilty right now.

Don't say there was nothing I could have done.

How dare you.

You were not even there.

I was having crazy dreams the whole time.

Crazy dreams.

It was the longest couple of hours of my life.

It was the hardest morning to my life.

That Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 at the Crowell's.


I am still not sure if it was real or not.

I am still so confused about it.

I am still so doubtful about it.

Is Blake Webb really dead right now?



I really knew.

But I really knew it before Blake Webb died.

Before Blake awoke from his accidental slumber that last night, while we were stilling in the basement living room, I was partly daydreaming and partly dreaming while watching TV about Blake Webb's funeral and I was not even sure I why I was thinking about that.

I tried really hard disregarding those thoughts.

My thoughts are always so mixed concerning such things.

Apart from the possibly somewhat healthy sushi, Blake always wanted to take me out to Taco Bell.

I was always talking to him about being healthy.

I even gave him a health book which came from my older sister, Katie Jean Arnold.

That last Saturday I rejected his healthy idea of walking out to lunch on him somewhere and I then turned down his hotdog offer.

He was talking about walking that last day.

Since walking is healthy.

I just kind of laughed.

Kind of.

I was kind of rude come to think of it.


I really didn't want to walk to the store with Blake.

Didn't want to be healthy with Blake.

How ironic huh, right?

I didn't want to take Blake's money either?

But then.

I ran off that last Saturday to the mall with my TVC friends without inviting Blake.

Then I ran off and played with the kids in the playground.

I almost totally avoided Blake that whole last day.

If me and Blake were a couple then we were obviously not together that day or I was simply cheating on him or worse.


Having an affair.

Or I really did kill Blake Webb.

After that.

After all he did for me.


I didn't actually kill Blake Edwards Webb.

But I should have at least tried to wake him up for church that Sunday morning.

Why was I holding a grudge against him?

Why was I trying to teach him a lesson that morning?

Why was I letting him sleep in? Why was the dog trying to wake me up that morning?

Why was I so sad the day before Blake died, that whole Saturday?

Why was he overly sweaty and red and tired and all from playing so many more minutes than I was playing?

There are so many questions.

I am stilling being haunted by these questions.

I still feel very responsible for Blake Webb's death.

Everything is still very confusing.

But I don't think God exactly killed Blake, in my opinion of course, I believe.

But God does allow things to happen and there are such things as consequences concerning so many factors in this world so stenches with the curse and the fall of the human race.

But God allow things to happen.

That's Romans 8:28.


Is that not just fantastic?

Pray I can get past the details to Blake's death.

Seriously, we should learn from this at least, still.

I cannot stress that enough.

I should just lose all of my hair in saying just that.

So you can see my bald head to see me stressing.

We got to learn things.

I really want to tell you more about that but maybe later.

More on that later, to be continued.....

But at the same time.

We got to get past Blake Webb's death at the same time.

We got to grab up those good memories of Blake Webb and take it as our own for God's glory so that Blake Webb's death is not in vain.

Steal it and use it.

Take that.


Is that not great?

That's a Blake Webb question.

There's still much we can learn from this Blake Webb.

I learned so much from Blake Webb.


  1. Get off Facebook and live real life.

  2. If you're friendship with a girl never progresses within a year then don't expect marrying that girl ever. Move on because there are plenty of fish in the sea.

  3. Peanutbutter rocks.

  4. Taco Bell rocks.

  5. If I ever come back as a ghost to haunt you then it would only be Casper the friendly ghost.

  6. Always enjoy ice cream.

  7. Please know the difference between East Coast music and beats and West Coast music and beats.

  8. Too much of anything can be bad except for Jesus.

  9. Jesus is alive. He actually stole that from Jess Franklin.

  10. Always try looking good. "(Joey Arnold) You never seem to care about your appearances." You should.

  11. "If I have something to give that I don't need then I'm going to give it to that person."

  12. If you just want to be spontaneous and decide to go see a Blazer's game on the spur or the moment or if you ever just want to call me and ask me if you want to hang out like right now then let's do that then because life is short right?

  13. Easter candy rocks.

  14. Youth Pastors are the coolest people in the world with the coolest jobs in the world so treat them with respect forever ok.



More on that later.

To be continued as always......

But please send in your stories.

Please send in your pictures, videos, anything.



Lets keep the Blake Webb Legacy alive.

Got it?


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