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in #immigration5 years ago (edited)

fall rome

Internal Combustion?

Have you been to California lately? There's literal & figurative fire, all over. Have you seen all the homeless Rough-u-gees? Do you see how minimum wages has stimulated black market expansion? Do you know that millions of illegal immigrants are coming over through Mexico and into the United States of America (USA) right now? Yeah, only a few hundred like this month, lately, especially after Thanksgiving 2018. But it's building up as the waves of caravans increases in frequency & in size. So, why are we letting them invade our country while American Veterans are dying in the streets? Did you see the homeless American children in the Appalachian mountains? Do you see the black people that need help? Do you see poor people of all colors starving to death? Why are we letting more people into our country, our nation, even as our own citizens die? Why not tell people about this? Why not? What?

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