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If you have not been living under a stone then you would have heard about the #EOS Launch. What was particularly remarkable for me was the Go-No-Go live stream which I watched via Ivan on Tech's connection to the event.

Ivan on Tech's Live Stream

It was a glimpse of what is possible. I never in my wildest imagination expected there to be a 100% vote for the mainnet to start. That to me was simply fantastic for the following reasons:

  • Here were people who had vested interest to vote "No" in hope that it got to them, instead they put aside personal interest for the good of the community
  • It showed what a decentralized team looked like. It was really awesome to hear various languages being spoken yet all people working together - language was no barrier
  • Personal sacrifice. The time of the meeting was really awkward for some (3am) and probably worse for others yet the attendance was great.
  • The amount of intellgent people all working to validate each other work can only mean one thing -excellent end product.

The next step was to get the required 15% votes from the token holder. Sadly I did not participate because i saw not about to figure out how to compile the code for the job so I waited for the next stage. I figured soon there would be an easy solution for me to vote.
To learn more about #EOS start with a dependable Block Producer and start there.

I Did Not Want To Compile Any Codes


EOS - What Next?

In the course of my EOS journey I have made note of the Block Producer candidates that have added value to the community and aimed to vote for them. Finally I found what I was looking for. Thanks to @LukeStokes one of the witnesses here on #Steemit I can count who constantly pushes for improvement it was a no brainer when Iearnt he was on the #EOSDac team that they would be having one of my votes.
If you have read anything I have written previously you would know I like technology especially when its easy to use and that is why I really like #SmartCash and write a lot about them. Today its about EOS Block Producers I have found helpful in my quest for "What Next."

EOS - Get Voting

I found out about a tool created by @greymass GreyMass EOS Voter from this article: https://steemit.com/eos/@eosdac/the-road-to-150mm-greymass-eos-voter-tool-endorsement . The EOS Voter is a a light wallet and a voting tool in one. I quickly downloaded it and and installed on my MacBook. It's intuitive and easy to use. To use this tool I had to know my EOS account name and that reminded me of the UK Block Producer also on my list who created a tool to let you know your EOS account name. EOS Authority. Armed with my EOS name and EOS Private keys I was able to view the EOS Blockchain and see my tokens for the first time. It gave me great pleasure to vote for all the Block Producers who have made the journey easier. I have only cast 6 votes, I have my work cut out for me - to learn about other Block Providers and vote for the benefit of the EOS community.

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