Five Reasons That Will Make You Join A.D.S.A.C.T.L.Y Today! - An Autonomous, Decentralized & Cooperative Society On The Blockchain.

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Many of you must have been wondering who is @adsactly and how can anyone join! Most of you are parts of various communities on Steem.Chat, Discord and Telegram that are related to Steem Blockchain and other cool projects. ADSactly community is without a doubt, one of the most famous, engaging and helping community on Steem Blockchain that is adding value everyday. I am sure you must have seen them in the trending page on Steemit. During my initial days on Steem, I started seeing @adsactly and @velimir on the trending page and since then I have been following them. I joined their Discord Server recently and interacted with a few people like @bigtom13, @vishire, @morkrock and @princessmewmew. It's a great community filled with awesome talented people. Everyone has something to offer and that's how people grow there by helping each other.


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Autonomous Decentralized Society Acting Cooperatively to Leverage You! ADSactly is an Decentralized Open Value Economic System that is built up by various Individuals, Organizations and Decentralized communities that have agreed to join forces to help YOU find exactly what you are looking for when you need it most! This is all powered by Blockchain Technology. You can offer to help anyone and get help in return. One can also explore about great investment schemes and portfolio building tips around cryptocurrencies. For detailed explanation and information, please read the whole series "ADSactly on ADSactly". I am mentioning the last part because it contains all the previous links in series.

Adsactly community is involved with "N" number of projects and philanthropists activities. The powerful@steem-plus extension created by@stoodkev is powered by @adsactly. Many ADSactly members are contributing to @SchoolForSDG4 (An initiative by a great human being @azizbd) which is providing facilities to about 60 underprivileged children in Bangladesh by giving free education. The charity school is fully funded by steemit community.

Now I will talk about 5 reasons why you should join adsactly today. I will leave all the details at the end. You can choose to contribute and offer help by voting for @adsactly-witness as well.

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I know these reasons are enough to convince anyone to join the clan of titans. Grow your digital wealth, life and business by becoming an active and integral member of the community!

Vote @adsactly-witness for Steem witness!

Directly Through SteemConnect: Cast Your Vote


Go To and vote manually!
In the bottom of the page type: adsactly-witness and press vote.

Witness proposal is here:

Witness Proposal
Witness Proposal Update

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Thank you very much for your great article about ADSactly and also mentioning me and @SchoolForSDG4.


@azizbd brother, you are doing exceptional work in Bangladesh! Making education accessible to those little kids is a godly move. I wish you all the best in your social welfare cause. Will contribute to it very soon. I will create one dedicated post for @SchoolForSDG4 next week for sure. Please spare sometime, like 10-15 mins, this weekend to discuss about it on discord. :-) Hope you are okay with this. \m/


Great, let's chat. Thanks for your amazing offer commitment to support the school. It is nice of you. You can read more about school from the blog too. will be happy to chat about it.


Awesome. I will research on my own first and if I have any doubts, I will ping you. Thanks brother!


This will be best, most welcome brother.

very useful

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This is spam buddy! @pleasestop.

Really this is awesome from you boss @hungryhustle..

wow I had never heard them, this information is very interesting. I think I'm going to join

Haha Prashant - you should have sent me THIS link earlier. :) Voted, following, learning... :)