MinnowBooster Community Whitelist Is Online - An Update Through Infographics!

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If you are an active Steem user and don't know about @minnowbooster then that's totally okay. It is a @buildteam initiative by @thecryptodrive (witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (witness). I did a brief introduction about them in my first case study on How To Lease Steem Power from MB. You can also have a look to @ilyastarar's detailed guide on 7 MinnowBooster Services You Should Know About!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Baby Boy!.png

Source: Created by @beekart and special thanks to @furious-one for the pointers.

Coming back to the title of this post, 2 days ago, @minnowbooster released an update on its latest initiative to fight spam and provide privileges to its elite members. You can checkout the post here narrated by their wonderful core developer @raycoms. I have seen him being a little active on their discord but I guess he is mostly busy in development activities and driving development in the background. Kudos to him and rest of the @minnowbooster team for presenting us the first ever community driven white-list.

Now, half of my post will be the similar to the update given by @raycoms in the post mentioned above but in the form of #Infographics I created. And rest of the post will be answering some of the questions that were actually addressed in the comments of the post. So all in all, I will try to cover everything in detail but in a much compact manner which can easily be scanned by everyone!


What Is The Community Whitelist?

This is the list curated by community members i.e. Steemians that contains the names of high quality content creators and curators present on the blockchain. Users in this whitelist are deemed to be experts at what they do. They are adding value to the blockchain continuously with their efforts in and they have shown a track record of doing the same in the past! Now if you are part of this list then you will get some perks! This goes without saying ;) Find out what and how!


Three Reasons To Get Whitelisted

No, you will not get candies. But you will get these:



How To Get On The Whitelist?

There are two ways by which it is possible for you to be on the whitelist:

  • You are already selected as a member of whitelist by MB team which consisted of 80 members since the time Whitelist got online. I am one of those lucky ones :')

  • Somebody invites you to be on the whitelist and your application will get through the approval process.


The Approval & Rejection Process

To get approved on the whitelist, an existing whitelisted member has to invite you through minnowbooster's website. Every whitelisted member will get two invites and 5 votes. They can invite anyone the want to but to make sure that you invite only and only worthy content creators because if the person you invited gets rejected then you lose your invite and won't get a bonus. On the other hand if the person you invite gets accepted then you will get your original invite back plus one more bonus invite. Similar case happens with your votes. If you have voted a person and they get accepted, then you will receive your original upvote chance plus one more bonus upvote. Confused? Check how this works through these three Infographics I prepared just to show that. It took me almost the whole day even though I replicated the same thing from MB's update post.

Update Suggested by @zaku and confirmed by @reggaemuffin: Whitelist now requires 5 user reviews instead of 3 apart from Invite and Admin Review

Successful White List Invitation Part #1.png

Successful White List Invitation Part #1

Successful White List Invitation Part #2.png

Successful White List Invitation Part #2

Rejected White List Invitation.png

Rejected White List Invitation


Steps With Screenshots

  • Once you login into https://www.minnowbooster.net/ via Steemconnect, you will be able to see, "Invite To Whitelist" as an option under "My Account" tab.


  • This is where you can use your 2 initial invites to get a beautiful Steemian into the checklist. It's pretty simple. Make sure that you do not invite someone just because they are your friend or family. If they get rejected because of low quality content they produce, you will lose your invite.


  • Now to give votes to people invited by other white-listed members, just click on the white-list on the navigation menu on the left hand side. You will be able to see your current votes left. Mine is showing 29 because I have got bonuses several times now :-D But everyone will start with 5 votes. :-)


  • Click on "Evaluate" and you will be taken to the next screen where you can analyze the blog and "Accept" or "Reject" the application based on it. You need to mention a reason in both the cases as well.


Note: Your votes matter a lot and only vote for people who are truly deserve to be in the list. This will give you extra bonus as well as mentioned in the above section. Also, it will help other users to get the chance to take benefit of the perks @Minnowbooster is offering to its white-listed members!


I hope this comprehensive update will help you to understand how @minnowbooster's current functionality works. Please make sure that you check and see if you are in the whitelist. I have consumed both my invites and I guess I will have to wait a little more till those people get approved and I get my bonus invites. Till then, upvote this post if you really liked it and resteem so that it could reach more and more people who are interested in @minnowbooster's service. Cheers :-)

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On behalf of the @minnowbooster team, thanks for putting together this detailed post about our service.

I would like to re-iterate what you mentioned in your post as well - whitelist is exclusively for users who produce exemplary content and with everyone's help we hope to get much more of that on the frontpage of steem.

And if you are already selling your vote via minnowbooster, you can set it to 'whitelist-only' mode to support true content creators.


You are most welcome @upheaver and thank you so much for your comment. I would be honest with you, the reason I did not try selling votes through MB that much was because I could not track my votes if they were going to high quality content creators or not. Now thanks to white-list and this feature, I do not need to worry about that. Now I will freely use "Vote-Selling" service with "Whitelist-only" mode ON. ;)

There is still one thing that I could not figure out - Where can I track the applications of people I invited? This would help me to know where they are getting stuck!


Yea can on your user page see your whitelist history. Your personal page only you can view is: https://www.minnowbooster.net/users/hungryhustle/whitelist_activity_list


Thanks for the pointers @reggaemuffin. I see the history now. Thumbs Up


That's really awesome @upheaver! I was nominated and I'm still waiting to see if I'm approved or rejected. At present, how long is it taking on average for nominees to know if they were rejected or accepted? I think it's fascinating to hear about the whitelist model for vote selling. That's a major concern of mine that my vote would curate low effort content. Very interested in seeing what comes of this campaign.


You have just one more vote to go. From what I can tell so far it takes 2-3 days for someone to be reviewed by community and get approved, I think this should not change even with more people on the list.


Hey upheaver your downvote reason.


Why you downvote me in everypost. Tell me


What's your problem why you downvote me.

nowadays voting bot is trending and useful one od steemit community and its make steem price up.

Can anyone check if I am whitelested? Thank you.


@cryptopie, I just checked, you are already on the whitelist buddy! Cheers. :-D


Thank you Sir.


You are most welcome @cryptopie. Please do not call me sir. My name is Prashant :-)

You do deserve it, because yes... you do produce very high quality posts man. Informative, wellsourced and very inviting for users to scroll to.

A fresh breath to read every now and then. Be proud with this poat and with what you have achieved so far!

(Ps if you ever feel the need to drop an invite on me, you are always allowed okay 😇)


Thank you so much @karinxxl. It feels really great to reach this far.

And yes, I am just waiting for my invitations to come back. Will def invite you next as you are also creating awesome content. Cheers :-)

Damn, Prashant, you are ROCKING IT!! Awesome post! And I LOVE the whitelist idea!! Incredible post and thoroughly deserving of the support it has received so far! Kudos to you!


Thank you so much @artemislives. Cheers :')


Correction here: Whitelist now requires 5 user reviews instead of 3


Hey @zaku. Thanks for your comment but I think 5 user reviews are done by:

  1. Person who invites someone using their invite.
  2. Three Users who will vote.
  3. Admin.

So that makes 5 people in the whole approval chain. I might be wrong but this is what I have understood. Maybe @reggaemuffin or @upheaver can confirm this.


Actually we increased the limit to invite + 5 reviews + admin :)


Awesome. Even better!

@zaku, you are absolutely right! :-D I have updated my post. Will update the Infographics tomorrow as first thing in the morning.

Wow. First time I've ever heard about this. Thank you for the information, @hungryhustle. :) Was very pleasant to read and learn from it

Its very awesome to see a whitelist with minnowbooster! This is just going to make something that was already the best in it's class of services here on Steemit even better. I am thankful for the returns with Minnowbooster! This is a brilliant way to encourage the continuation of quality content being added on Steemit while weeding out the posters that put zero effort in.

Oh perfect. I didn't realize being whitelisted was a good thing. Hahaha. Haven't been using minnowbooster for a while now so I just found out about it now. :D

Currently voting on some now. Oh there's not a whole lot of people in the list. I'll have to check those I know and don't know who are on the list. :D


Go ahead and use it @artgirl. It has some amazing services which can change your game on Steem :-)


Yep I know right? Haha. Will start with voting/accepting some of those in the whitelist first... I got 8 more votes to go.

Thanks @reggaemuffin! :D I should drop by the #general channel more often so I'll get in the loop. Hahaha.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz: pixabay.com
Nice, you got a 33.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @reggaemuffin
Want a boost? Minnowbooster's got your back!


Woooaaahhh!!! @reggaemuffin. This probably changed my life! And I am very much serious when I say this. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Yesterday I was cribbing in front of my wife that I have been trying so hard and producing quality content on Steemit everyday since 3rd April. I have been getting mild success and had a feeling that I was not getting the recognition I deserved. I always try to put my heart & soul into my creations and believe me, this one took me the whole day!

Thanks for this upgoat and recognizing my effort. I will not forget this. EVER! ^_^

Gives me more motivation to produce kickass content daily. :-D

download (1).jpg


The effort you put in shows. The whole team was impressed!

Keep doing good stuff :)


Thanks again! And definitely, I will not settle for less. Working on my video creation skills. :'D Hopefully I will make video tutorials as well in the future.

excellent publication!
I hope someone gives me a vote to be part of the white list hehe :)


Hehe. Thanks @simnrodrguez. You will definitely get it. :-) Just wait for a little while!
I am sure people will vote in your favor! Cheers.


Hehe! thanks friend!

Whitelist is such an cool feature to add.It really rewards good quality content creators that are so dramatically needed in our community.Nice that you precisely explained the system.🤗

this is a very helpful post thank you but aren't bots decrease the sincerity of ones personality and the quality of their posts


Thanks for your comment @allbums. If you use bots only to get your voice heard, that's fine. But if you start abusing them to promote non-quality posts then that is not acceptable at all. One should use their own discretion before using such services! Abuse of power is not a good move on the blockchain. :-)


thank you for your sincere reply :)


You are most welcome buddy. Cheers! :-)

On my firstday of using steemit, @reggaemuffin is my first choice to be my witness in steemit. But i never get whitelisted in Minnowbooster. Hope it can help minnow like me to grow