Ways to avoid @pleasestop

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Ways to avoid @pleasestop

It's actually really easy to avoid me. Stop commenting, "great post" or "follow me" or anything like this.

I look for phrases the community has continued to reject as spam so all you have to do to avoid me is just write unique and thoughtful comments that add value and contribute to the conversation. And I only reply if you've used these phrases a lot.

If you want to let the author know you support their work, simply leave an upvote and that's enough. Commenting "great post" adds no value to the conversation and can be conveyed just as easily with a vote. The primary reason to comment on a post is to add to the discussion, so your comment should be directly related to the content of the post. The phrases I search for show a clear disregard for this point.

Bandwidth what now?

These comments are not just a distraction to readers, they also create bandwidth problems that harm the blockchain. Every comment written to the blockchain is forever stored and then must be maintained on every single server running the blockchain. Forever. There are a significant number of comments like these and if you've ever ran out of bandwidth then you've seen firsthand the impact of writing superfluous comments like this.

I'm taking a firm stand on comment spam to help sustain the blockchain. This is not lip service, the issues around bandwidth are very real and will only compound as we grow. If we ever plan to reach the scale of millions of active users, the entire blockchain would completely choke if the same percentage of users made these sorts of comments.

The major social media sites have clusters of geo-redundant databases with everything behind a CDN to make performance a top priority as users are fickle and will quickly abandon a broken site. Every comment you make is written to a block_log in a local file system, which is then served by an RPC node that basically abandons every best practice of web applications today and offers none of the scalability, redundancy, or performance boosts available with a traditional architecture.

The stability and longevity of the entire blockchain depends on the community flatly rejecting superfluous comments that add no value. The release of steem 0.19.3 was due to a spammer exploiting an obvious flaw that allowed adding tons of data to the blockchain. Every single thing posted must be stored forever, so it was just proven that adding tons of data to the blockchain will literally break things. The witness servers producing blocks, handling transactions, and feeding data to the sites on the blockchain were all affected and many went down. While that was a direct and intentional attack, there are so many users today showing up to say, "Beautiful pic, I like it" that these actual transactions have the same damaging impact on the blockchain.

Unnecessary comments harm the blockchain.

Let me say that again for full effect.

Unnecessary comments harm the blockchain.

The Steem Whitepaper sums it up clearly.

Blockchain technology currently depends upon transaction fees to prevent spam.

The whitepaper lays out the foundation for bandwidth, which was implemented to replace fees. One of the foundations of Steem is the idea that instead of using fees to manage transaction volume, we have implemented bandwidth. We are still proving out this theory and so far it is clear bandwidth is far from perfect.

The primary takeaway here is that bandwidth replaces fees, but if we find out bandwidth doesn't work we may see the Steem blockchain become like other blockchains and demand users pay a fee to post content. We need to post as if we are paying fees for every comment or we may be left with no choice but to actually start paying those fees. If users continue posting superfluous comments we may be forced to shift to transaction fees.

@pleasestop before that happens.

There's gotta be a better way?!

The correct approach is to simply engage with the community by writing specific comments that directly relate to the content of a post. More than that, there are many best practices to follow around here.

The Steemit FAQ offers this Steemit Etiquette Guide outlining better ways to engage with the community and gain the attention and followers you're looking for. Follow these tips and you're sure to find success here!

The larger story is that content creators must add value to the blockchain. Make sure everything you're posting will be warmly received by the entire community and is not just a complimentary remark seeking easy upvotes.

What's gonna happen if I don't stop?

Your reputation is at risk if you continue making comments like these. In more ways than one.

If I've replied to your comment, I will continue watching your account to see if these comments persist. If you continue making these comments I will ask the community to remove all pending rewards on any of these comments. If you're not getting rewards, there's no point to these comments, so let's avoid all that in the first place. Let me be clear, if I've replied to your comment, please expect that every pending reward on every single comment like this you've made is under consideration for removal.

After that, if these comments continue I'll ask the community to push your rep to zero to stop this behavior.

If I replied to your comment please take the time to learn the proper ways to engage with the community because you're on my list and I am persistent to a fault.

What kinda bully are you?

I am taking a somewhat hard line on spam here, but here's where the story gets a little more positive.

As I've mentioned once I reply to your comment I'll be watching you, but not just as an enforcer, I want to celebrate your growth and success on the platform so if you stop making comments like this I will offer my support to you, and not just with a simple upvote. I plan to showcase those accounts who take the time to learn, grow, and evolve to better engage with the community and earn our trust, respect, and support.

I'll write posts outlining these accounts and asking the community to send a few upvotes to the unpaid posts on these accounts. I want to make it valuable to properly engage with the community and make it well known and obvious that you are rewarded for good behavior. I hope this aspect of my work has the largest impact as I always believe a positive approach outweighs a negative.

Let's work together!

A lot of the accounts I see posting are very new and simply don't know any better. I hope to raise awareness and preemptively prevent users from posting like this. It is my hope that as a community we can circulate the message that comments like this are firmly rejected, but we still support and encourage real content.

Consider my a reply an opportunity to learn and grow along with the platform. I really hope to emphasize the curation and support side of things far more than the enforcement, so I'll leave you with this closing thought:

@pleasestop posting unwanted comments and you will receive far more upvotes


Your bot is misrepresenting, misleading, and wrong. Although I appreciate the idea. I think your bots message, algorithm, and comment frequency needs lots of work. In addition, the FAQ is outdated and only applies to user of the Steemit.com interface, not every interface built on the blockchain. Be mindful of policing comments where the app is not Steemit. Lastly, the Etiquette guide is also an outdated and irrelevant guide geared toward when Steem was once a centralized blogging platform. It is no longer that. And it impedes on the progress of other apps on the platform to force compliance with another apps standards.

I'm not your enemy (although right now, I'm annoyed, triggered, and unhappy about the bot posting so many comment copies on real people's pages.)

What's expressed here is a genuine concern: Potential Fees. However, I personally find that fees are a much more sound approach if the alternative is self-appointed cop-bots.

DO consider working on this bot some more before and consider a relaunch. Right now it's being a douchebag. :)

I've upvoted your comment to push it to the top and increase visibility!

Your feedback has become a new post on all your points. Thank you again for articulating your thoughts so clearly and sharing these great points.

Thank you @omitaylor exactly my point, the bot needs to be re-worked, right now it is spamming the community doing more harm than good.

How do you know if the comment adds value or not, I mean there are new people that like to be wellcome, or people that likes to read that their photo or post its good for someone... sometimes an upvote is not enough because sometimes its not even a cent... I think you should focus on bots and stop focusing on people that just want to embrace new stemmians to keep posting and make community, the real problem are the bots, those post the same thing over and over again and add no value to any post, there are so many cases when somebody new makes a post and does not receive any comment and then they just stop using the platform because they don't receive any feedback.

It's not an issue to occasionally make a friendly remark, I'm only replying to accounts making a significant number of these comments.

And I don't yet know if this is adding value, but I will validate that with any clear reduction in comments of this nature, or my true goal, to reduce comment volume universally so we are only recording those points that add specifically to the conversation.

Good to see you back. I was going to return to exclusively posting photos - but I couldn't help but analyse some of the comments you've identified. There are a few trends emerging.

That really is the interesting part, I think I'll learn a lot just by following my own comment trail.

So what do you have to say for many bots on steemit that automatically leave comments on posts. How about Bid bots? Almost every one of them leave a comment. Thousands of them every day.

I'm struggling with that one, but I obviously filter those out. Thankfully, over the past few months quite a few of these bid bots have stopped leaving comments so I'm thankful for that at least.

I'm interested to hear the community's thoughts on this. If there is a strong call against this we could share our concerns with those bot owners to ask them to stop commenting.

I think the bot comments should be in the same boat as these spam “Follow me” comments. But that’s just my opinion.
I do thank u for doing what u do! You stick to a strict policy of taking out obvious spam👍

Thanks for your support!

Please Stop

In your your last 100 comments you used 45 phrases considered to be spam and you made this exact same comment 1 times. You've received 0 flags and you may see more on comments like these. These comments are the reason why your Steem Sincerity API classification scores are Spam: 53.30% and Bot: 5.80%

Please stop making comments like this and read the ways to avoid @pleasestop and earn the support of the community.

I mean, did you do this intentionally? If nothing else, I appreciate the poetry in this.

I m new here pls
Help me in working together

Take a moment to read this post and the others linked herein and you will learn a lot of the key things you need to know to find success here.

I have a feeling that wasn't irony sadly lol....and keep up the great work. We need as many cleaners and warners as we can to stop the whole place being drowned in crap.

On the bad days it does feel like we're drowned in crap around here, but hopefully I can make an impact on this. Thanks for your support!

Saya mengucapkan thanks kepada @pleasestop yang telah menegur saya dan memberitahu saya bagaimana yang lebih baik,sangat berguna bagi saya @balianassar

I'm thankful this has been useful and that you're learning more to find even greater success here.

I dig it. Especially, the follow up action to motivate reform.

Do you use automation to figure when they have stopped or is it a manual check?

Errrr.. what I mean to say was. Nice post. :P

Haha, thanks for your continued support!

And I'm still writing (and rewriting!) that script so for now it's manually, but it is my plan to fully automate that as well.

This is great and most important post.
Actualy i wasn't know this.
This is my first post which is i know more important terms.

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