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Leasing Delegated Steem Power is a godly move. It can push you from a tiny minnow to huge whale in the first few months on Steemit. Today I will talk about how it is done easily even your grandma could do it. Remember one thing, patience is the key and you can't move forward with no constant hustle. ✅ I will explain you the worth of STEEM POWER today in a self made case study. I hope you will learn something out of it. 🤑

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Image created on canva.com, logos taken from @minnowbooster and @blocktrades websites.


What Is Steem Power?

If you are on Steemit, then you need it - that too in abundance. It will put you to the mainstream. Whenever you "upvote" a comment or a post then you will get noticed. Your vote describes the amount of effort or money you have put in this platform. Check below the amount of Steem Power I possess and delegated to me by kind folks like @naver and @sugardash via @minnowbooster.


Snapshot taken on 27th FEB, 2018

Today my Voting Power is shown as 36.45% and my vote worth will be 0.30 SBD. In the last few days since I leased SP for the first time, I made a lot of votes to the content that I found helpful to the community. Obviously self-voting was also a part of it which is totally okay if you do not abuse the power. SP that I own is shown as 17.641 STEEM. Below that, there is a big number which is (+3,501.361 STEEM): This is the amount of SP which I leased from minnowbooster.

Once you reach 500+ STEEM as your SP, you will get a power to choose the percentage of Voting you want to make.
This slider will enable you to

  • Be fair in distributing the rewards
  • Save your voting strength & VP percentage

As promised, I will tell you the exact steps which I followed to get that much of STEEM POWER. It has been very profitable for me in terms of the following:


My first Lease request was filled on 19th FEB, 2018. Since then my followers got a huge boost by 40+ in number. It is also a combined effort with my constant commenting on worthy posts and contribution to the community through upvoting kickass content.

Snapshot taken on 27th FEB, 2018

No. of followers on 19th Feb were in the late 240s and now i.e. on 28 Feb 2018 they are exactly 291 in number.

Snapshot taken on 28th FEB, 2018


On 01st MAR, 2018 my SP is about 20.293 (+3,676.004 STEEM). On 28th my purchase of SP from @blocktrades was also filled gave me little boost in SP delegated to my. On 19th FEB, my SP was under 5 STEEM. So that's a 4x rise, not bad, right?

SP that I own looks small but do you notice the compounding effect. If I will increase my SP with 4x rise every 1 month, then I would reach to 80K STEEM under my SP in 6 months. Obviously that's an ideal scenario and I will have a varied raise in SP every month. That will totally depend upon my performance on STEEMIT. I can do a lot more or a lot less than that number. :-)


With 36.1% VP my vote's worth is $0.31 which is a lot. Now Imagine what would be my vote's worth with 100% VP.

Snapshot taken on 01st MAR, 2018

You don't need to imagine that because at STEEM WORLD you can simulate various scenarios for you. It has been built with love by @steemchiller. See the comparison between Current VP and VP at 100%


Vote's Worth With 3600+ SP. Snapshot taken on 01st MAR, 2018

Your vote's worth will be around $0.84 if you have 3600+ SP. Now let's see how much your vote is worth with 10K SP with 100% VP.


Vote's Worth With 10K SP. Snapshot taken on 01st MAR, 2018


LEASE STEEM POWER VIA @minnowbooster

If you are an active Steemit User and doesn't know what @minnowbooster is, you probably have been living under a rock with internet connection. MB is a preacher of STEEM Blockchain. It provides services offered to the STEEM God, that will help you generate more STEEM and SBD as an end result.

WHO IS @minnowbooster?

MB is a breakthrough project by @buildteam that enable Minnows to become dolphins and then whales. They are on a mission to innovate through Blockchain Technology and create Sidechain services. One of them is MB among several others. CHECK THEIR WEBSITE HERE.
STEEM Ninjas who are pillars of BuildTeam: @thecryptodrive (Witness) @cryptomancer and @reggaemuffin (Witness) backed up a superhuman team. And yes, one of them is BATMAN Too! Exciting, right? Visit their website to find out.

Well to be precise, there are 7 things you can do with it, that is flawlessly explained in detail by @ilyastarar in THIS POST. I couldn't find a better explanation of MB services anywhere else on Steemit. Ilyas is a gem of a person and a hardcore Steemit lover. I have gained most of my practical knowledge through his tutorials. He is my inspiration to create these guides. Definitely the the favorite teacher of Steemians as mentioned by him in his Steemit's "About" section.


1. Go to https://www.minnowbooster.net/ and click on Login. You will find this button link on the top right of the website as shown below:

Snapshot taken on 27th FEB, 2018

2. Once you are redirected to next page, Login via Steemconnect. Type your username and your posting key!

3. Navigation bar on the right will show up a list of services and other options in your MB profile. Click on "Lease Steem Power" as shown below:

4. A form will open, that's where most of you will get confused. I will try to explain this form in detail, but still if you get stuck somewhere, which you will, then you can re-read this guide or ask your questions in the comments or contact me on Steemit.Chat (UN- hungryhustle). If nothing works out for you, I can come on Skype as well. Haha!

Minnowbooster Lease SP.png

Username to delegate to:
Add your Username here without "@" sign. For ex - mine is "hungryhustle"
Steem Power Wanted:
This is the amount of Steem Power you want to lease. I would suggest you to go for at least 1000 if you want to lease for 4 weeks or 2500+ above if you want to lease SP for 1 or 2 weeks.
How Many Weeks:
Time period or duration of lease. In this case it is 4 weeks.
How Many SP per Steem per Week:
This is the amount you are ready to pay per Steem Per Week. This number will help @minnowbooster decide the APR and How much STEEM is required to be paid to the investor ahead of the approval of delegation request calculated on Weekly Pro rata basis. If this doesn't make any sense to you, don't worry. In the next section, I will show you how I made my first 3 lease request on Steemit and how they got approved. Also, if your lease request is not filled in 3 days, you will not lose your STEEM. They will be returned to your wallet safely.
Nett APR
The percentage profit the investor / Lessor will earn. This will be auto-calculated.
Total Steem Required:
This is the amount you pay to @minnowbooster. I would rather say, you would pay to the investor as a leasing fees. That's it! Not a single penny more or less.

As mentioned above, Nett APR and Total Steem Required will be auto-calculated by MB. Check the below formula and you will get the idea:


5. Click the "Lease" Button to make the lease request. You will be redirected to Steem Connect to approve the transfer of the amount. You need to use your active key to authorize the transaction

6. You can check your lease request in New Lease Requests.

7. You can also check your transaction history for two messages from minnowbooster as shown below:

8. Once your lease request is filled by a humble delegator, you will get a transaction from MB as shown below:


Below is the snapshot of the the three lease requests I made on MB. LR1 and LR3 was filled but LR4 was not.


Reason why LR2 was not filled

Because the price is not competitive enough for anyone or maybe at that time, there were better and more profitable lease request available. So it is a type of a gamble which you play but you can control the outcome or your win by providing a profitable rate to the investor and your potential lessor. The more STEEM you are going to pay, there will be a better chance that the outcome will be in your favor.

Important points to remember before and after making a lease request

  • 1 week is minimum time period of lease and 24 weeks is maximum
  • High APR = High Chances of your lease gets filled by an investor
  • Check the active by going to https://www.minnowbooster.net/delegations and make a lease request according to them
  • Renew your lease if you can because once a user delegated his SP to you, there is a better chance that he will do it again
  • Do not abuse your leased SP in upvoting your own posts all the time. This is not ethical or profitable in the long run
  • Make multiple lease requests with different values to all the parameters. You never know when you find a kind investor. Haha!
  • SP per Steem per Week is price as explained in the section above. The less SP you want per every Steem you pay, the more profitable it is for the investors to fill it

@minnowbooster is one of the cheapest and fastest way to attain a good amount of Steem Power and rock your Steemit #Life. I will keep on leasing more Steem Power till the time I reach 1000+ SP in my own account.

BUY STEEM POWER VIA @blocktrades

We all know about @blocktrades already because this is the no. one exchange we use to convert our STEEM into other cryptos and send to our respective wallets where we convert those cryptos finally to our native currency like USD. Other than conversion or trading services, BT provides us 3 more exclusively for STEEM as shown below:

Snapshot taken on 02nd MAR, 2018

I will talk about "Buy Steem Delegation" which is exactly like leasing SP from @blocktrades. The minimum and maximum lease period is 90 Days or 13 Weeks (approx.). This is not an open market like @minnowbooster where any investor can fill any lease request. Here, you will get SP power delegated to you by BT and you do not need to make a request rather you can simply buy and get SP delegated straightaway. BT takes a little time to delegate your SP once you place an order. I made my purchase on 24th Feb and got the SP from BT on 28th.

WHO IS @blocktrades?

https://blocktrades.us is a cryptocurrency exchange owned by BlockTrades International Ltd. founded by DAN NOTESTEIN in 2015.

This website enables users to rapidly and safely purchase cryptocurrencies without the hassles typically associated with purchasing through a centralized cryptocurrency exchange. Unlike a traditional exchange, you don't need to maintain a balance on our site. Instead, you simply send in the desired amount of cryptocurrency you wish to spend, and we transfer to your wallet an equivalent amount of the cryptocurrency you are buying. This protects you from possible losses that can occur when you hold your cryptocurrency on a exchange that is vulnerable to attacks by hackers.


1. Go to https://blocktrades.us/login and click on Login after entering your email id and password. If you do not have an account then make one by signing up on the website with your email id. It's easy and similar to any kind of sign up you do online.

2. Once you are inside, Click on the "STEEM" tab as shown in the below snapshot. You can find this tab on the top of the website. There you will see 3 services. Click on "Buy Steem Delegation"

3. You can purchase/exchange Steem Power Delegation (90 Days) with many cryptocurrency options available within the platform. I would choose Steem for now to exchange. Once you input the amount of Steem you want to spend to purchase SP delegation, you will be able to see how much SP you will get if you make the order. Enter your receive address as shown below, this would be your Steemit Account Name. Now click "Deposit Address" as shown in below snapshot

4. You will be redirected to below screen, where you can complete your transaction via Steemconnect which is quite easier. Other option is manual where you have to manually send the required amount of STEEM to be sent to @blocktrades with the memo as mentioned in the below screen.

5. Your transaction to @blocktrades will be shown as below in your account and Steemit wallet respectively.

6. Once @blocktrades fills your purchase, it will be shown like this in your Steemit Wallet. It took them around 4 days to fill my purchase.

Try the above two methods to increase your SP and enjoy the delegation. I am hoping that this case-study cum guide will help you guys in your hunt for the ultimate power. Please support me by upvoting and resteeming this post if you feel that I have provided value to the community. Feel free to ask any kind of questions related to Leasing or Buying SP in the comments. Also, give me your suggestions and feedback on how I can improve myself in preparing such material that is going to help all the STEEMians out there looking to make a difference. Cheers!

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This is an incredible guide. I loved how you shared your personal experience with people. I do that often. Thank you for mentioning me in kind words as well. It is nice of you to do that. I think MB market is a smart choice for SP lease. Requests are hard to get filled lately but I would still prefer MB.

Resteemed this one. I would like to say that you may wish to allow your readers to vote on your posts in the 20-30 minutes bracket before self voting or using a bot. It will allow them to earn good curation rewards from your content. This post is worth an upvote and I will do that in my preferred timeframe.


Wow! I got a comment directly from @ilyastarar. What a day to be alive! Thank you so much for inspiring me constantly through your knowledge sharing and helping spree on Steemit. Even I think MB market is a smart choice because you get more in exchange of less plus the flexibility to choose the time period of lease.

I would like to say that you may wish to allow your readers to vote on your posts in the 20-30 minutes bracket before self voting or using a bot. It will allow them to earn good curation rewards from your content.

This is one great suggestion from your side. I will follow this diligently from the next post onwards. Thanks a lot for your comment, reesteem and future upvote. :-) Hope to see you in person one day.


Keep doing the good work! Doing that will ensure more organic growth. Likewise, it would be a pleasure to meet. Also, I shared a personal insight on how I manage my voting power and how I use it. It might help you.


Already checked that and saved. I think I need to re-read it several times. Cannot imbibe everything at once. Haha :'-)

What a nice case study! Good to see an explanation of Minnowbooster and Blocktrades side by side. Steemians have many good productivity boosting tools to choose from! Thanks for your great efforts to educate the community.


Thank you so much @cryptomancer for the appreciation and encouragement from your side. We all very grateful to you and your fellow team members for creating such beautiful applications to help the Steemians out there. Cheers!

I also leased from BT. Thanks for the great advice and the upvote.

I must say that you are racing towards the goal you've set that you mentioned in your previous post.
The way you shared your hands-on experience is really amazing as we can see hows and whats and whens of leasing.
Thanks a lot for sharing such an informative post and I have always found the delegation costs over blocktrades a bit higher than MB.


Thanks a lot brother! You are absolutely right, to be honest @blocktrades seems costlier but you get delegation for a longer period and no hit and trial like MB. Both of them have plus and minus points.

Final Verdict - Go @minnowbooster :'D

Great post! And I am also quite the fan of @ilyastarar, so glad to see you give him a shoutout. I am definitely going to resteem this post.

What is your preference between method 1 or 2, minnowbooster or blocktrades for leasing? It seems you got more for less with MB, but you aren't guaranteed to get it at all and spend 3 days waiting to see while you can't do anything else with that STEEM. Is that your experience?


Thanks @indigoocean for your comment. As mentioned by @ilyastarar in his comment on his post, my preference would be the same i.e. @minnowbooster. Even if you have to spend 3 days for your request to get filled, you definitely have a great chance to get more with less. Plus the felxibility to try different parameters which can improve your chances to lease gets filled by the investors.

Before filling, many investors might check and scan your profile too and if they find you worthy enough, they might fill your lease for a lesser APR as well. (This is totally my thought if I were an investor, it could be untrue as well)

Final Verdict - I would suggest you to spend major part of STEEM to lease from MB and minor part to buy from BT. As an investor, you should not put all your eggs in one basket :-)


But the egg is SP and the basket is our wallet. Haha!

I'd go for MB and with multiple requests spaced such that they don't appear one after the other. I think it is better to get more with less because it is more profitable.


I have little STEEM, so I'm afraid I have to do one offer at a time now, since I don't think I can offer the same STEEM more than once and just cancel the others once one is filled. But for the long run I think this approach you suggest is ideal. Split the available STEEM into 3 offers that are spaced one day apart, and have slightly different APRs available in each one.

This is so fun!


Thank you for your reply. I hadn't considered how investors might take different APR based on if they like your writing. That's good to consider!

Thank you so much for such information because there is almost no information on this website on the Internet, for example, what to do correctly. And you explained everything well here. Thank you again, I will follow you please. Continue to make such content


Voted you for writing a decent comment even though it's not my comment box. Keep doing that.


Thanks for your kind comment @smockergirl. I hope you will follow the steps and get benefited from it.
I will keep on making such guides in the future to help my fellow Steemians out there. More power to you and everyone else out there. Cheers! :-)

This is awesome! I included this in my What’s Up Steemit digest here: https://steemit.com/steemit/@scottcbusiness/the-what-s-up-steemit-digest-3
To get included in the future you can use #whatsupsteemit or submit a post in the comments of a digest :)


Awesome. Thanks a lot @scottbusiness for considering my guides to be mentioned in your digests. I see that you are a part of Steepshot team and I am writing a case-study the app. Might publish in a few hours depending upon the time it takes to finish. :') Cheers!


Awesome I'll check for it right now / tag me and I'll definitely check it out :) I'm always supporting content supporting them and encouraging people to share on Twitter and Facebook using @Steepshot and #Steepshot

I help manage their social channels and promote that content :)

Excellent work. The best guide I came up with so far. I have been trying to get some info about leasing SP. Finally you solved every problem I had so far with leasing SP.

Thanks @hungryhustle 😄
Upvoted | Resteemed | Followed
Steem on 🤙


I know you! Haha!

How are you doing?


Hey Ilyas 😄
I'm doing great. How are you?
Have to say in this opportunity you are my tutor in steemit platform. Even though you might not know it, I have gone through most of the tutorials of you. And got so much help from it brother.😋
Thank you 😊


Thanks, man! I remeber you because of your unique way of asking questions. Do I owe you some Steem or SBD? 😀


No brother. I am in debt for your help. Someday I will return it with much greater help.
P.S : You should be challenging the witness soon. I will surely give my vote. Hope to see you in witness soon


Awesome. Thanks a lot @mike54. Very happy to help! Wish you more and more Steem Power. Cheers!


Anytime @hungryhustle
*correction to your comment in tagging my user name, its @mike50 not @mike54
Once again thanks brother 😄


Oops. So sorry! Dyslexia took over and I mixed up the number in your username and your reputation. Haha. You are most welcome :-)

Thanks @hungryhustle for this wonderful post, it's very informative I must say. But I still find the buying of delegated steem power confusing. Because I thought that after buying the steem power it will take 13-weeks to be delegated to you.

Moreover I read a Steemit blog recently which states that 1/13 of the delegated steem power you ordered for will be delegated to you weekly until the thirteen week is completed. Please can you enlighten me more on this?

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Have a nice day and sincerely yours,

Thank you for making this post, now i know what i have to do woth my steemit acc. Great post, followed you


Awesome @aslimboy. Cheers brother! and Happy Steeming. Make sure that you share your experience with your followers and with all of us.