The Whistleblowers (Series) #33: US Police/Marine Fled To Russia After Exposing Systemic Crime Within Palm Beach Police Dept. | Mark Dougan

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The massive amount of crime committed by police in the USA has been exposed many times through video evidence in countless cases - but it is quite rare for a police agent to blow the whistle on the situation.. Here we have on such, important case.

Mark Dougan was in the Military prior to joining the Police force and he states that he was essentially bored with any kind of office work. He quickly learned that many of his fellow officers, along with government/council agents and court agents were corrupt and involved in many kinds of crime that would have ended in non police spending years in jail.

Mark describes and names key officers, court and council agents who were involved in, for example:

  • Running a gang who attacked and assaulted dark skinned people who had not committed crimes. Then posted photos on Facebook with captions such as 'he fell down some stairs'. One cop wore a hat with 'Punishment' written on while on duty!
  • The head of 'internal affairs', along with others being filmed on a golf course with naked, cocaine snorting prostitute.
  • Drug gangs being protected from other drug gangs instead of arrested.
  • Regular abuse of the public through violence and extortion.

These kinds of crimes are nothing new to those who follow the work of @tftproject and others who monitor police crimes in America and who publicise them online. It will also not be a surprise to those who have monitored the types of subjects I have covered in previous whistleblower posts in this series, such as the CIA agents who exposed the Clinton involvement in Cocaine smuggling and gun running during the 80s/90s and other CIA agent testimonies on other related subjects.

Mark created a website that, similar to wikileaks, allowed police and other people to provide testimony anonymously as to the crimes committed by police in their area. This caused the corrupt police to become aggressive and to go on the attack. Mark was threatened and eventually, like Edward Snowden, Mark's whistleblowing was literally forced to feel to Russia for safety.

I highly recommend watching the following documentary for key insights into this case. The moment where he used a voice manipulation program to make his voice sound like a female and managed to get one of the investigators who was investigating him to admit on a phonecall the extent to which they were tracking Mark, even in Russia - is priceless. Also in that recording is this police agent stating that when they catch him they will put him in a jail that they control and make sure he is put in with dangerous people who will rape and probably kill him.

Welcome to America!

Full Length Video Documentary By RT

Got Comments?

What do you think of this testimony? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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I run a social network too!


I enjoy your posts @ura-soul

Whistleblowers and Potgrowers have very similar stories.
I know Marks pain; I was not a Cop but did volunteer with Search & Rescue for many years.

But, Growing for a compassion club in the 90's for sick people cost me my son, family and most of my friends.

I understand Mark when he says "Someone"(why am I always that someone?) has to do stand and do the right thing.

I know If I could turn back the clock I would not have sacrificed everything I loved so dearly.

I denouced my Canadian Citizenship because of of the NO-JUSTICE SYSTEM I became aware of.


Absolutely, yes - anyone who support the natural self will meet their opposition soon enough - this itself not a natural situation, rather it is the result of an ancient dysfunction within the heart of the self and creation that has effected life ever since. We need to heal now.

It is a sad reality that what passes for 'normal' in 'western' society (and others) is essentially bordering on evil and psychotic. By focusing on balancing ourselves before proceeding into the outer world to make bold moves, we can minimise the potential for suffering - unfortunately, this is a totally foreign concept to most of us. May we all know peace. <3

Proud of the brave..including you. We must pray always. I will go back and check out the other posts. Thanks for the links. Upvoted. Resteemed.
Gives a clue about that one bad apple story.
Thanks for sharing @ura-soul

You are welcome - thanks for your kind words and support. If the world studied many of these testimonies, life would be quite different!

Lol. We would have nothing to learn and nothing to teach. Raise your frequency...know everyone (that matters) knows by ether waves of con ected conciousness...then go from there.
You will start to be surrounded by loving people who know what matters. Sadly some will remain asleep or in the background. I will pray tonite that you can see some frpuits of your labour for inspration. May our Father bless you and your work. Keep joy always matter what.

Thanks for sharing this! To fight corruption you must expose it to the public and continuously share it among society.

You are welcome, yes - SHARING! <3

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It's interesting that many whistleblowers deflect to Russia

It's interesting
That many whistleblowers
Deflect to Russia

                 - programmingvalue

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

That's amazing and Thank you so much for this documentary it increased my motivation for posting more things on steemit.
You are awesome.

This guy is an American Hero just like Edward Snowden......

Thanks for sharing this...its really important...i like your post since January 2018

You know, western media has painted such a good image of their countries that we always think the grass is greener on t free other side. Rather we think the other side is less corrupted. But I guess you are bound to have it no matter where you are and it's thanks to people like Mark Dougan who are brave enough to whistleblow on these people. Thanks for sharing!

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