The Whistleblowers (Series): #1 - Pharmaceutical Professionals Expose the Massive Criminality of the Medical Industry

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In this new series for Steemit I will be sharing important and mostly unknown cases of whistleblowers who have come forward to expose criminality and wrongdoing in most areas of society.

Most of us are familiar with Edward Snowden to some extent as he exposed the unconstitutional lies and spy programs of the NSA in America - however, many other speakers have shared their stories with the world too and in some cases their message is even more important... Yet media has blacked them out and so I will do my best to get them the exposure we all need them to receive.


Pharmaceutical Industry Scientists and sales people

This first post is a very worthy one, since we will see some great testimony from professionals within the pharmaceutical industry that will blow the mind of many patients and 'customers' of the medical systems. It is well known by many researchers that the largest corporations in the medical/pharmaceutical industry are totally hell bent on profit, at the expense of their alleged patients.. but even I was shocked when I heard these testimonies!

Pharmaceutical companies that have standard policies of paying for illegal drugs and prostitutes for medical doctors as bribes to get them to use the companies products and prescribe them to patients? No Problem!


Shelving scientific studies that disagree with their marketing strategy? No Problem!

Viewing a long list of effects of a drug and then picking them individually and marketing the drug just for that one effect on the body, ignoring the others and calling them 'side effects' - but then the next day maybe rebranding the same drug as being a treatment for a different problem that fits the long list of effects... Still resulting in an unavoidable list of side effects? No Problem!

And on and on..

I guarantee you there is a better way to heal humans than this!

money in the middle

Posts in this Series

  1. The Whistleblowers (Series): #1 - Pharmacuetical Professionals Expose the Massive Criminality of the Medical Industry
  2. The Whistleblowers (Series): #2 - German Doctor Admits Being Trained And Paid To Lie in Mass Media by CIA - Says Most Major Journalists Are the Same

Got comments?

If you have any thoughts, feedback or inspired ideas on how to change the situation for the better then let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

Posts in this Series

  1. The Whistleblowers (Series): #1 - Pharmacuetical Professionals Expose the Massive Criminality of the Medical Industry
  2. The Whistleblowers (Series): #2 - German Doctor Admits Being Trained And Paid To Lie in Mass Media by CIA - Says Most Major Journalists Are the Same
  3. The Whistleblowers (Series): #3 - Exposing 911 as an Inside Job - Susan Lindauer, CIA Asset, Imprisoned & Drugged By US Gov/Mil. to Silence Her
  4. The Whistleblowers (Series): #4 - Eyewitness to Dutch 'Royals', Politicians & George Soros Engaging in Ritual Child Sacrifice?
  5. The Whistleblowers (Series): #5 - CIA Pilot Duped Who Flew Cocaine Smuggling Flights During Iran Contra Affair for The CLINTON Crime Syndicate
  6. The Whistleblowers (Series): #6 - A 2nd CIA Agent Describes Clinton/Bush Cocaine Smuggling Operation During the Iran Contra Affair

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Big . They make a lot of money and are very powerful. Medications however, are making a lot of people sick. The side effects are many. The medication treats the symptom but does not really cure the cause of the disease. The people suffer but there's too much money to make and the people in power are not going to give it up easily.

Exactly, yes - They only have so long before we all learn this! :)

Interesting series, looking forward to seeing more.

Thanks, I have quite a long list!

Thank you :-)

I agree that the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of issues, many of which you point out here. Many of the drugs produced do truly save live and help patients. I personally come down with a bad illness not too long ago. I did some online research, and the sites were all pointing to it is a life long condition where I could only manage the symptoms. I went to see a Doctor, he said they just approved a new treatment for it, and it was a course of 10 days of pills. I was shocked to learn about it, but after 10 days, I was good. Luckily no side effects, other than a mildly upset stomach. For lack of a better term, I am cured. For all its flaws, it does good too. How can we improve the system, how can we take the corruption out of the system, are the questions I think we need to ask.

Enjoyed the post, keep up the good work sir.

Thanks! I have studied this topic for over 10 years and I have been fortunate to learn the ways that can ultimately lead to a level of health that has been elusive on earth and which will lead to a total end on reliance of others and medicine etc.
remedial medicine is not really healing, it is mostly just the banishing of symptoms.
may we learn, heal, balance and evolve!

agreed, we treat the symptoms and not the cause too often. Let food be thi medicine.

exactly! and sun, love, meditation, exercise and detox :)

The level to which we entrust our lives to a dr that on most days spends under 3 minutes with a patient before the RX pad comes out for a long list of chemical drugs to treat some symptoms while creating others for more pills to be pushed and the cycle goes on till they succeed in burying the patient. Food is medicine, herbs are medicine, take the power back to yourself to heal yourself, after all you live in that body and know it better than anyone... Sharing for others to learn!

good good good.. lets speak the truth about this! thank u

Interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

I am with you on this brother! Big Pharma does not want us healed, just addicted to the next placebo! Keep putting out this good info brother. We have got to wake up the masses!

Exactly right, yes - success is ongoing! :)

I think there are still things that cause the sock, what come soon out .

Nice post sir i love Pharmacuetical Professionals bcoz they are the backbone of medicine. i appreciate your efforts in this field.

You are welcome. Some of them can be respected, many though are criminals and the enemy of humanity.

You might enjoy this post by a man who i consider to be one of the best allopathic and holistic doctors ive ever met!

Great topic! :)