The Whistleblowers (Series): #6 - A 2nd CIA Agent Describes Clinton/Bush Cocaine Smuggling Operation During the Iran Contra Affair

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In the previous post in this series we heard a detailed testimony from a CIA Special Operations Pilot who got caught up in CIA Cocaine/Heroin/Weapons smuggling during the Iran-Contra Affair in the 1980s. In this post we will continue this thread by listening to a second CIA Agent testifying to exactly the same crimes - Terry Reed.

Terry Reed

Terry's Background

Terry fought in the Vietnam war for eight years and was placed as an asset of the CIA. He went on to set up a machine tools front company in Mexico for the CIA connected to the production of weapons without serial numbers for distribution to the Contras in Nicaragua. He was also involved with training Nicaraguan pilots and was recruited by the well known 'Oliver North'.

Discovering Drugs in his Warehouse

When he discovered massive amounts of Cocaine being transported by the CIA via his warehouse he quit his job and went on the run. His CIA handlers attempted to frame him and his wife as being dangerous fugitives and after 30 months in the US court system, they were found innocent and released.


Terry named George Bush, Bill Clinton and numerous other well known characters as being at the top of the pyramid of the weapons and drug smuggling operations - just as Chip Tatum did and also some other.s

Terry went on to Co-Author the book 'Compromised: Clinton, Bush And the CIA' and also created the Documentary 'The Mena Connection' - which appears below in full. In 'The Mena Connection' numerous witnesses testify to the heavy cocaine use of the Clintons as well as the possible murder of some boys who strayed too close to a cocaine drop - It is a must see video.

Interview with Terry Reed:

Alex Jones interviews Terry Reed:

The Mena Connection - Full Documentary:

Got Comments?

What do you think of this testimony? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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The Mena Connection - Updated video:

Awesome post not a lot of people know this information :)
Terry Reed, Barry Seal, Michael Ruppert and Garry Webb all good sources for information regarding CIA drug smuggling.

Yes, indeed, as I recall Barry Seal is shown in the Mena Connection - though he is now dead.

Post number 7 is now online here

Awesome series @ura-soul, some extraordinary content too... loving it.

Thanks for your support :)
Plenty more still to come!

I second that. I'm following now as well @ura-soul.

Thanks for posting and please continue doing so.

Post number 7 is now online here

Post number 7 is now online here

amazing series thanks for sharing

you are welcome!

Post number 7 is now online here

What more can you say . . .

Post number 7 is now online here

Great story. Its mad how it is now so out in the open yet people still refuse to register its legitimacy!

Yes, exactly - there are major moves to discredit the main channels who support this information, such as alex jones - which is not very difficult to do since he often acts so goofy.
For years I was the only person I knew, even online, who was aware of all these various whistleblowers and was regularly talking about it. Even the alleged 'alternative' media voices online just somehow 'overlooked' all these testimonies.

Post number 7 is now online here

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Resharing @phibetaiota
Very useful report. Also impressed with your other stories.
Keep up the good work. Will follow your posts.

~The Management


Post number 7 is now online here

Great! Thanks - more to come soon.

upvoted, resteemed, and followed. Great post!

For more ancillary information read John Stockwell (former Chief of Station CIA in Angola) "In Search of Enemies". It helps to tie together the geopolitical why behind programs like Iran/Contra.

Something I'd love to see more of is how the money was laundered, and the relationships between banksters, companies like Dyncorp, and the national and international agencies that create opportunities for the profits raked in by war profiteers.


Thanks! And thanks for the tip - probably the best data I have currently on the banking side of things relates to the financial transactions surrounding 911 - I'll be covering that in this series soon.

Post number 7 is now online here

I didn't know any of those person veey interesting reading again keep it on!

Post number 7 is now online here