The Whistleblowers (Series): #13 - 'Representative Democracy Is A Con Game Designed By A Hidden Network of Oligarchs' - A Highly Respected Ivy League Historian Spills The Beans!

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When we look at the behaviour of major governments it is hard to deny that they rarely appear to change direction much and rarely act on the real wishes of the people. I initially thought that this was due to a combination of greed and ignorance on their part - however, as I have dug deeper I have come to know for certain that none of this is by accident or due to common human failings such as greed. One of the more significant sources of evidence to back up the idea that our governments are run by an intelligent and organised secret and criminal group is a book that few have heard of and yet which makes very clear, in high detail many of the real causes for the events in our history and how the versions taught in the mainstream are little more than propaganda at best.

carroll quiqley

The important book in question was published in 1966 and is huge in size and scope - it's name is 'Tragery & Hope - A History Of The World in Our Time' and it's author was a man named Carroll Quiqley, who was at that time a very respected Historian at both Harvard and Princeton Universities in America.

tragedy and hope

Although much of the book is a dry recounting of historical events, around 5% of the book specifically details the ways in which a covert network of wealthy individuals has for a long time successfully designed major world changing events from behind the scenes - that led to entire nations being shaped and the lives of billions of us being altered and shaped for their own agenda and not ours!

The book is so vast and imposing that another author, Joe Plummer released his own version of it called 'Tragedy & Hope 101' which is a much smaller book which shares the most important parts from the original book that makes clear that we have been lied to on a huge scale for a very long time regarding the true nature of our alleged democracies. You can read the full book from Joe Plummer for free on his website, here.

Quigley reveals that real power operates behind the scenes, in secrecy, and with little to fear from so-called democratic elections. He proves that conspiracies, secret societies, and small, powerful networks of individuals are not only real; they’re extremely effective at creating or destroying entire
nations and shaping the world as a whole. We learn that “representative government” is, at best, a carefully managed con game.


Carroll Quigley states that he was given access to the archives of a secret group that call themselves 'the Network' and the intention was that he would create for them a book that documents their own history, for their own use - the book was not intended to be published publicly, but he did so in 1966 and not long after the Publishers "ran out of stock" and getting hold of a copy was made very difficult indeed.

Quigley admits that he worked with 'The Network' in some senses and was note even entirely against their machinations and covert control of governments and also public opinion - apparently falling into the trap of thinking that most people are not very intelligent and need 'guidance from above' - which he and his cronies were more than happy to nominate themselves to provide.

Origins of 'The Network'

During the 1800s, the British Empire fought for control of much of the planet's land and famously almost succeeded - including control of India and much of Africa. Massive fortunes were created through the enslavement of the local people and the exploitation of the natural resources, in particular the diamond from Africa which made Cecil Rhodes amazingly wealthy on a scale rarely matched even today. He was so powerful at that time that the country 'Rhodesia' was named after him and even today we have the famous "Rhodes' Scholars" who are picked for key roles and put through England's Oxford University from funds originating in Rhodes' activities all that time ago.


As it turns out, Rhodes was obsessed with the empire building mindset that said that 'English men are the most superior humans on Earth' and therefore every action must be taken to ensure that the world is totally controlled by English men. This is very similar to the image held of Adolf Hitler with regards his idea of the 'Master Race' and how Germany must go on to effectively carry out Rhodes' vision from 100 years earlier. At Rhodes' death in 1896, a MASSIVE amount of money was set aside from his estate to create 'The Network' which would be the ultra secret societal group that would manifest his vision for an anglo-saxon dominated world through whatever means necessary.

More than 100 Years of Covert Tyranny

With an almost unlimited budget and access to the corridors of power around the world, 'the network' was able to manipulate and control huge amounts of human history and the minds of vast numbers of humans in the process. Quigley demonstrates how, just as occurs today, journalists, politicians and just about every other significant level/role in society were covertly bought of or otherwise manipulated to ensure that their message was one that suited the oligarchy in the network - effectively deceiving humanity into selling itself into slavery!

From France to Japan, to India and probably everywhere else, similar patterns of what would now be called 'full spectrum dominance' involving information warfare, psychological operations and all manner of other methods were used to dominate and overpower nations and their regional power structures. So effective were the methods that it is only now, with our massive access to information sharing and through the diligent research of many among us, such as Joe Plummer, that we have been able to piece the puzzle together and understand exactly why we have been stuck for so long with little more than tragedy and pointless hope.

Video Interview

One of the best introductory interviews for this material is the following one from 2016 where James Corbett interviews Joe Plummer and asks pertinent questions that make the material accessible even to those among us who find this kind of thing typically tedious. As someone who has studied History to some degree up to university level, I can say that it is not so much that history is boring, but that the VERSION of history that we have been taught academically is so bogus, that all the life and excitement has been sucked out of it and we are left feeling disempowered and disillusioned just thinking about how idiotic much of human history has been.. But, it seems that this too was by design!

Got Comments?

What do you think of all this? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Thanks for this post and the links. I'd never even heard of this book (even though I read lots on topics such as this one. I've bookmarked Plummer's book and will devour it soon.

You are welcome - I now have two of Quigley's full books here but I won't be reading them quickly - they are vast!

I'm sad I missed that post. I would have vote 100%.

This interview by Joe Plummer is one of the best thing I've ever hear. I listened to it sooner this year.

I've read the 101 book and also the beginning of the actual Tragedy and Hope book.

I love in the interview when he said the world would be very different it people would have read his 101 book which is very truth which is why those shadow organizations need to control the education system.

Edit: I need to correct myself. The interview you posted is not the one I saw. This is the one I watched.

Excellent! It's probably one of the top 10 most important books I know of. I haven't brought myself to read the whole original book though as the 101 version is enough for me at the moment. Thanks for the interview, I'm watching it now.
Btw, you can support old posts by just upvoting comments - although I don't think that will gain the post any more exposure in the community.

I actually just bought the original tragedy and hope book - plus the anglo american book.. A lot to add to my already large book reading inbox ;)

I love reading your posts.. Its very educative. History aint boring at all. Resteemed

Thanks for your support :)

Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

I like James Corbett and often watch his vids. I like to call him "the sane Alex Jones". That's where I first heard of Quiqley and his book. I haven't got around to reading it yet but it's on my to-do list.

hehe - a decent description! Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

VERY VERY TRUE. This is the essence of everything.

It's a big piece of the puzzle, for sure.

Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

This post got a 5.00 % upvote thanks to @ura-soul - Hail Eris !

You made me curious to read Tragery & Hope ! I'll check to see if it is available to by in Romania.

You can find it in a PDF version, free to download.

There is a free version online which I intended to link, but I saw on joe plummer's website that he is making the point about how to find an uncensored version of the book and since I don't know if the one that's online is censored or not, it is worth checking his website first.

Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

Nice ! I just downloaded the book Tragery & Hope !

There is a free version online which I intended to link, but I saw on joe plummer's website that he is making the point about how to find an uncensored version of the book and since I don't know if the one that's online is censored or not, it is worth checking his website first.

Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

Hey @ura-soul !
Great post and will be following your journey!
Upvoted and followed!

I have literally just started my blog yesterday and posted my introduction post!

Keep up the good work and upvote my first blog post if you’ve enjoyed it and like my work!

Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

great work as always :)

Post #14 is now online regarding the criminal activity of US/UK Governments Falsely Starting the Iraq War.

I think it's really ironic that Quigley thought that the people he was writing about were great and that what they were doing was awesome but than he published the book and it was only read by people who thought those people were evil. :D

hehe - he was obviously caught up in the intellectual, non empathic version of 'reality' - but at least he did realise some of the serious issues involved rather than just going along with all of it in every sense.

This post has received a 11.61 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @ura-soul.