The Whistleblowers (Series): #19 - George Bush Jr's Own Chief Economist - 911 Was An Inside Job by The George Bush Government For Power Gain and Evil Intentions.

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Despite attempts to ridicule anyone pointing to the glaring evidence that 9/11 was an event at least in part or totally orchestrated by treasounous members of the US government, some high profile people continue to speak out. One of the few members of US Gov. to step forward and publicly cut through the denial surrounding 9/11 is Professor Morgan O. Reynolds.

Professor Morgan Reynolds' Background

Professor Morgan O. Reynolds was a professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Centre at the National Centre for Policy Analysis headquarters in Dallas, TX. He also holds three U.W-Madison degrees.

He served as chief economist for the United States Department of Labor during 2001-2002, George W. Bush's first term.


morgan on fox

In 2005, he gained public attention as the first prominent government official to publicly claim that 9/11 was an inside job, and is a member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. He statest that initially during the 911 events he did not suspect in any way that the US government was involved with the events of 911 - but once they invaded Iraq on obviously false evidence he begain to reassess the situation. He became aware quickly that the government was lying about the motivations for invading Iraq and thus started to investigate the events of 911 - soon meeting up with other professionals that were already exposing the criminal inside job.

He has been interviewed on national news stations and given presentations and interviews in the years following 911 in which he has often focused on the obvious demolition of World Trade Center Building 7 - which was not hit by any planes or significant debris, yet which came down at near freefall speeds into it's own footprint. Numerous demolitions experts and 1000s of architects and engineers have publicly stated that it is impossible for such a tower as WTC7 to collapse in the way that was seen unless it was pre-rigged with demolitions charges of some kind.


wtc 7

Morgan is clear that WTC7 was a controlled demolition and thus is clear that this means that the rest of the 911 events were also a fraudulent 'inside job'. He initially attracted some ridicule by claiming that there were no 'real planes' that hit the twin towers, inferring that there was either some kind of complicity in the mass media corporations on the day to air manipulated footage or that some other kind of exotic technology was used to give the impression that planes flew into the towers, when they did not. He makes the point that the planes that are alleged to have hit the towers were not recorded correctly in official manifests and that there are numerous other anomolies, not least that engineers commonly state that such planes could not just cut directly through the buildings on impact, leaving a 'cartoon like' outline of their forms in the outside of the towers. The planes, being aluminium were far too weak to pierce the steel structure like a hot knife through butter - even at high speeds.

Despite his version of events being easily ridiculed by those who rely on shock value and are light on actual engineering facts, his position remains strong in many ways due to the massive weight of evidence supporting a controlled demolition of WTC7 and also the other towers.

Video Testimony

Direct Interview:

Morgan Interviews founding member of 'Pilots for 911 truth' - John Lear (Expert Pilot and Son of the Founder of the Famous Lear Jet Company. Note: Although John is mentioned on the Wikipedia page for his Father, he - like many other whistleblower is conspicuously missing from Wikipedia):

Got Comments?

What do you think of this testimony? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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You continue to make some of the most important posts on Steemit. Thanks!

I distinctly recall watching 9/11 in progress, and when the collapse of the first tower began, I immediately realized I was watching a controlled demolition. There simply isn't any other possibility.

I have been amazed at various propaganda from NIST, Popular Science, and many, many others that have been recruited to hide this most important fact regarding 9/11.

It's utterly amazing to me that there remains such denial. I dunno, I guess I am simply incapable of it, and so can't relate.

It's good that you realised so quickly - I was making software for a company that supplied investment banks at the time and was doing everything I could to leave the area in London in case we were targetted too. It took me quite a long time to look more closely at the events of the day and to realise the scale of the scam of it all.

We all have denials inside of us, usually we deny our emotions out of 'politeness' and maybe tell some 'white lies'.. Some though are beyond the 50% point where more then 50% of themselves have been denied - this makes all manner of dysfunction and destruction inevitable for them unless they go to big lengths to reverse the situation. :/

It still amazes me that people still believe the official story. It reminds me of of Sgt Shcoltz from Hogan's Heroes. I See nothing, I see nothing.

It is denial that makes that possible, yes. The same denial that causes nearly every other problem on Earth.

This deserves some attention. Upvoted and resteemed :]

Yes! Thanks for your support.

Some TL;DR summary coming soon? ;) Seriously I love this stuff but can't keep up. There seems to be a bot @tldr but it seems abandoned.

Thanks for your feedback, I can slow down a bit - that's fine. I have plenty else to post about!

Nah, maybe you'll make ebook from it? Hear about SteemitShelves? There is interest in curation beyond the 7 days time window here in Steemit. It's on my blog

Thanks for the idea. I'm not sure about the copyright practicalities of making an Ebook that primarily contains other people's messages - but I'll bare it in mind. looks a bit overpriced and uncared for, but the idea is a decent one.

Could be, just learned about it. But I do know that I want to know how to track assets. It does sound Orwellian but with every tech, it has a good and bad side? Like the sword cuts both sides? Did you notice? I mean I was so against tracking and now I am suggesting it. Mostly because I see how curation works here on Steemit? I really like the split, author rewards vs curators rewards. This could be recursive. I post something while using some art from you for example, you'd get earnings from my post.

Yes, all technology can be used to harm or help - it is the intention that makes the difference. That said, we must be cautious of technology that might overpower us and which is so powerful in it's effects that just one misuse of it could result in repairable damage.
The main issue I see with your idea is that there would need to be a way of proving who is the rightful owner of content and that requires human input and thus a 'central authority'.
Having a real human connection by way of directly communicating with authors and supporting them to have a high profile, so people know that content is from them is probably my preferred solution for all this - as problematic as it can be.

The main issue I see with your idea is that there would need to be a way of proving who is the rightful owner of content and that requires human input and thus a 'central authority'.

I don't think so, digital fingerprinting can also be a partial match if a certain % of the hashes are equal.

I think it could be even better than human through machine learning. Or you can check how PhotoDNA works.

It should be in my post!

I am aware of such fingerprinting technology works, yes - as I explored it about 10 years ago while working on a social network for content creators.
What I am pointing to is that just because someone provides a piece of media to a fingerprinting system for the first time, it does not automatically mean that they are the right owners. Therefore, it is not enough to simply assume that the first uploader is the rightful owner of the copyright and thus there will be a continual need to resolve conflicts arising as a result.

This post has received a 17.72 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @ura-soul.

It's quite logically simple to analyze who benefits from a crime. Did Islam benefit in any way from this? Hardly. And that isn't an endorsement of real violence perpetrated by that backward religion.
Israel benefitted the most from this as the middle east was destabilized to Israel's benefit. The MIC benefitted from what is now non-stop illegal wars of aggression. There are many people who got enormously rich off of this event-- Islam isn't one of them.
And yes, I watched the towers fall live and the spirit instantly voiced, 'controlled demolition'......
But we are dealing with killers who are incredibly cunning and intelligent! They give us the PGA Tour and The Acadamy Awards, and million dollar homes which inflate by doing nothing.......Unmerited wealth: just like their usurious​​ fiat currency....

Evil requires the space to operate and that space is opened by the many who are in denial and whose own heartlessness leads them towards destruction, while claiming to be righteous!

VERY SHORT summary of some of Dr. Judy Woods study of ignored media from 911 including witness testimonies

Look at her own presentation on this page

Her book, NO THEORIES, is a phenomenal work

My presentation in Copenhagen to a packed hall of scientists.

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