The Whistleblowers (Series): #12 - The Plutonium Files: US Government's Secret, Illegal Nuclear Experiments on Unknowing, Innocent Americans.

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Every one of the posts in this series is a major warning to humanity to notice now that those running our governments and major corporations are too often criminally minded and at worst absolutely psychopathic and a danger to all life everywhere. Some cases have more supporting evidence than others though and in the case in this post there is a wealth of official government papers and human testimony involved to show serious criminality.

The Plutonium Files: America's Secret Medical Experiments in the Cold War is a 1999 book by Eileen Welsome. It is a history of U.S. government-engineered radiation experiments on unwitting Americans, based on the Pulitzer Prize-winning series Welsome wrote for the Albuquerque Tribune.

The purpose of the experiments was to assess the effect of radioactivity on the human body. For example, between April 1945 and July 1947, 18 people were injected with plutonium by doctors associated with the Manhattan Project. None of these men, women, and children were told what was being done, and none gave informed consent. Most of the subjects, Welsome writes, "were the poor, the powerless, and the sick -- the very people who count most on the government to protect them".

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the plutonium files

Ongoing unlawful tests against non consenting innocents

There are numerous International and local Laws and guidelines which all professional scientists and doctors are made aware of regarding the ethics of scientific work that are meant to ensure the safety of human populations. Sadly though, just as with most other rules that these governments make and attempt to enforce on others, they rarely actually stick to them themselves - these governments are shown exactly for what they are, little more than facades designed to control the masses while providing a shield for what is often inhuman activity. In this case, it was uncovered that for at least 30 years tests were performed in secret to expose unknowing people to extremely dangerously radioactive material just to see what the health effects would be.

Test subjects involved pregnant women and also children. 57 developmentally disabled children were fed oatmeal lacd with radioactive tracers - the 'experiment' was SPONSERED by MIT and QUAKER OATS - None of the children were informed and thus none consented!

Yet more denials once the evil was exposed

In 1993 an investigation was undertaken by the US Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments which looked at the evidence uncovered by Eileen Welsome and in 1995 they admitted that 'wrongs were committed'. Despite this admittance of what could be described as evil behavior by those involved - perhaps equal to anything performed by Nazi Germans in World War 2, the government did not condemn anyone involved. The final report was released on the same day as the verdict in the O.J. Simpson trial was announced and thus was buried - never really surfacing again in the mainstream media.

Video Interview

Eileen gave a full interview to 'Democracy NOW' in 2011 - Yet the topic rarely get's mention anywhere else. It is arguably one of America's best covered up, yet publicly known secrets - along with the Trauma Based Mind Control Programs run by the CIA.

Got Comments?

What do you think of all this? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

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It is not widely known that after the above ground nuclear tests in America, incidence of lung cancer doubled every decade until the 1990s, even while smoking was decreasing.

Plutonium is perhaps the most toxic chemical known, and only a single atom is able to cause cancer. John Wayne filmed a movie downwind from one of the tests, and almost everyone on that set subsequently died of cancer, including John Wayne.

The entire edifice of peer reviewed science has been politicized in order to 'paper over' the damning evidence that millions of Americans have been killed as a result of plutonium pollution dispersed into the atmosphere, and our lungs, by the USG.


Synchronistically, I was informed that my neighbour here was on one of he air craft carriers that sat and watched one of the original detonations off of bikini Atoll. He is still Ok, I think - but yes, I take your point.