The Whistleblowers (Series): #7 - UK MI5 Microwave Weapons Scientist - Illegal Microwave Weapons Tests on American & British Populations inc. Service People & Kids | Birth Defects, Cancer, Mental Illness | Crimes Against Humanity | MKUltra & More

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Barrie Trower is an expert in Microwave technology and claims to have worked for British secret services for many years, as well as having been a teacher and adviser for many world leaders and 'royal families'. He gives extensive information to expose the horrific reality behind the covert agendas involved with the secret capabilities and functions of the microwave networks that now span our planet.

Barrie Trower

Barrie's Background

Barrie Trower claims:

"In the 1960s I trained at the Government Microwave Warfare Establishment. I worked with the Underwater Bomb disposal unit which used microwaves within its unit. In the 1970s one of my tasks over an eleven year period was to de-brief spies involved in microwave warfare. The location and process that I used I cannot go into as it is still considered secret. I have two Degrees, and a Diploma and in my retirement I now teach Advanced Level Physics, some Mathematics and some Human Physiology at South Dartmoor College. In September 2001 I was commissioned by the Police Federation to write 'The Tetra Report'."

He says he has acted as an expert witness in many court cases and has been an adviser to over 40 kings/queens around the planet on the topic of Microwave technology.

Whistleblowing claims

During his career he says he came into contact with secret research into specific microwave frequencies which can cause specific symptoms of illnesses, ranging from heart attacks and paralysis, through to specific mental illnesses that will fool professional psychologists.

He describes how he is in possession of documents which prove that at least 500,000 innocent people were targetted for covert, non-consensual testing of microwave weapons over a 40 year period by the Canadian, US and British Secret Services. This means that many cases of serious illness and mental imbalance that have been experienced in America and Britain in living memory may have been deliberately caused as a result of secret government weapons testing and thus also an agenda of social engineering and control. The groups being targetted include:

  • The poor
  • Religious groups - including muslims and catholics
  • Service People - Military / Police Etc.
  • Children over the age of 4
  • Pregnant women
  • Psychiatric patients

Tetra, Wifi & Cell phones

He states that health risks regarding cell phones, Wifi and the Tetra systems used by service personnel have been deliberately buried and denied because of the massive profits involved and that the governments want to be able to spy on everyone constantly. He says is was determined that the benefits to those running governments were considered higher than the cost of having 40% of the population seriously ill or dying as a result.

Microwave Tower Networks Used for Tracking moving objects

It has been public knowledge that police forces covertly use technology to use WIFI routers as a form of Radar to track moving objects within structures. Barrie states that Cellphone towers around the world are being used for the same purpose, meaning that the system operators have a kind of realtime 3D monitoring system of all moving objects across the land.


Barrie states that the 'MK' part of the well known (and evil) 'Trauma Based Mind Control' Programs run by the American Government often related to 'Microwave' and that there were many other programs that related to these series of projects that also used Microwave Technology (note: Others have stated that MK stands for Mind Kontrol).

Child Abuse in Government

Barrie has also worked to expose the child abuse gangs that operate in British Government and elsehwere.

Microwave towers used as a way to take control of lands in other countries

He states that he has spoken with leaders in countries who describe what may be an attempt to use Microwave technology to spread empire. Imbalances in the natural world of plants and insects, which may have been caused by modern technology, were used by western governments to offer sales of drugs and products as 'remedies' in exchange for land for military bases and mining rights. So there is no need to invade a country with guns when weaponised microwave towers can do the same job with less bloodshed.

Synthetic Telepathy & Mind Control

It is well documented in many patents and has already been demonstrated publicly that it is possible to transmit spoken voices into people's heads remotely. Barrie sates that this has been used, in conjunction with microwave frequencies that trigger specific brain chemicals to cause people to trust the voice they are hearing and thus operates as a highly effective form of remote mind control. He states this includes people thinking they are hearing the voice of God, Angels or other figures that they trusted already, before the brainwashing began.

Attempts to expose the situation result in serious problems

Barrie states that Medical Doctors and others have attempted to research the subject and to help victims, but have been threatened immediately with losing their job if they continue the research.

Crimes against humanity

Clearly Barrie's claims, if proven to be true, mean that many government agents and politicians could be charged with crimes against humanity and potentially - according to the laws that they themselves enforce - executed! Since many of those he is pointing the finger of blame at are also those who have been previously identified by so many others as being responsible for crimes of equal magnitude, it behoves us all to take notice and do what we can to find the ultimate truth and take action.

Many more detailed topics are covered

Barrie is very knowledgeable about many topics, including chemistry, biology, anatomy and obviously microwave technology - so he has a lot to say on so many topics that it is best for you to simply listen to his own words. Two interviews are provided below which are a few years old now, but which contain a wealth if information for all to consider.


Barrie talks with Victims of Non-Consensual Microwave and EMF Experimentation and Testing:

Full interview with Richard D. Hall going into more specifics about ElectroMagnetic waves, body implants, cellphones and spying:

Dangerous radiation everywhere:

Got Comments?

What do you think of this testimony? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Another great post @ura-soul .. thanks for sharing. I believe there was a synthetic telepathy moment in the iraq war where Allah spoke to the Iraqi troops and told them to lay down their weapons, they all obliged. I think you know I'm certainly not a spammer and support all your hardwork 100% but in the context of this conversation I thought you my find may two posts on a similar subject of interest (best to read them in order): 1)


Thanks, I have no problem with relevant links being posted under my posts. Yes, I am aware of that Psy-Op use of V2K in Iraq and the results - they also used various advanced, secret 'ufo' type aerial vehicles there too to do some of this stuff I think.
I will share a post later with some important evidence and data regarding 5G.

Thanks @ ura-soul that's greatly appreciated my friend, it's the free exchange of ideas that will help change this world. Really looking forward to catching up on your 5G work, they're a hair's breadth away from encasing us all in an electronic prison and still the majority don't notice. That's why your work is so important, thanks for sharing.

You are welcome, yes - if we do what we feel we can do, then that is enough.. Ignoring the feeling to act is the biggest problem. I made the post about 5G and mentioned you in there.

Another good one. This is a "treasure trove" of topics and I hope you keep up with exposing more. Funny (ha-ha) how all these "conspiracy theories" of yore keep rising up from their graves as today's conspiracy truths. I'm upgrading my tinfoil hat to silver after THIS revelation, and upvoting & resteeming this post as well! Thanks @ura-soul!

haha - well, you would need to travel back to times of yore to find tinfoil anyway - even the cool kids are stuck with aluminium foil now ;)
yes, I have plenty more to continue on with, sadly.. thanks for your support!

I was just pointed to this interview with lady who is a Physics Phd holder from Oxford university, England who claims to have been targetted for harassment using microwave / EMF weapons. Her ability to assess the situation somewhat scientifically is one I had not heard before in this context:

Wow another legend coming forward to expose the bull shit! I will be jumping to your pharma post now! I did a small chemo post regarding food, it's nothing major but outlines some guests I cook for and the way they eat as she is on chemo the evil toxic rubbish! Great post mate very informative keep up the fantastic work your such an asset to steemit and the planet

Thanks for your kind words - we all need to what we can :)

I recall reading that we are bathed in a field of 200MM times the background level of radio radiation today.

I'm amazed (if that is true) that we aren't debilitated by it.

I do know that Dr. Jose Delgado was able to stop a charging bull in midstride in 1969 with a chip implanted in it's head, controlled wirelessly. What they can do today with the technology that came from that research is practically unimaginable.

Edit: amongst the things that can cause our neurons to act are microwaves, pulses of light, and sound. All of these are wireless.

i'd say we are debilitated by it, but that the debilitation is on a micro level that manifests in ways that are slow to be noticed and hard to trace. :/

All of this has been publicly said many times , and I guessmost of it could be true, the only thing I didn't like was this "So there is no need to invade a country with guns when weaponised microwave towers can do the same job with less bloodshed." Why would these powers be worried about more or less bloodshed? In fact I'd suspect the more people killed the better off they would feel.

As is stated in the first interview, there are numerous 'benefits' to using technology to remotely control a nation, not least the fact that no-one is going to try to stop you because they don't even know you did it.

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This post has received a 15.92 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @ura-soul.

Thanks for putting this out there, hopefully more people will wake up.

You are welcome. I sometimes listen to the 'marketers' since they are so intently focused on inspiring change in people's thought process. They claim there is a rule of 7s, whereby it takes 7 exposures to information for many people to act.. So, persistence pays off!