The Whistleblowers (Series): #18 - Top Drug Company Sales Rep: I Was Trained to Mislead Doctors And The Public. 'Legal' Drugs Are Inherently Toxic & Dangerous.

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Ex Pharmaceutical Sales Rep. Gwen Olsen's niece became addicted to prescription painkillers following a car crash and after being taken to hospital due to additionally taking a stimulant drug, she was wrongfully diagnosed with a mental disorder and prescribed yet more heavy drugs. She was forced into a mental hospital against her will and eventually committed suicide.

This tragic story is the beginning for Gwen's transition away from selling drugs as a top performing sales agent and into exposing the pharmaceutical industry for the criminal organisation that, in truth, it has become. She is the author of the book 'Confessions of an RX Drug Pusher' and has given speaking presentations for several years around the world to awaken us to the crimes and lies perpetuated by the pharmaceutical industry.

gwen olsen

Gwen Olsen's Background

She began her career in pharmaceuticals in 1985 as a sales representative dealing in specialty fields. She worked in the field for 15 years, for 4 different manufacturers and came to realise that the industry in general operated with a viewpoint that humans are a kind of commodity.

She noted that she was regularly being given misleading information and led to mislead others, including Doctors, in order to sell more drugs. She was encouraged to mis-represent the 'side effects' to Doctors and others, with a focus instead on magnifying the benefits. Gwen describes how the pharmaceutical industry specifically trained the sales reps to carefully word their answers to enquiring doctors, to attempt to negate any deep searching questions that may be asked.


Gwen has confirmed what many cases have exposed already, namely that many of the 'scientific' studies produced in support of pharmaceutical products are fraudulent and the 'scientists' involved are knowingly involved in mis-representating the facts at best - and outright fraud, medical negligence and potentially accessory to murder at worst. She openly states that the majority of pharmaceutical activity, including the US's FDA is simply aimed towards making more and more money, with very little or nothing involved that is intended to actually heal humans.

Video Testimony

Gwen Olsen has given numerous public presentations and has also appeared on the Alex Jones show:

Got Comments?

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Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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It is absolutely a racket! The pharma industry in the United States. My step son was put on an ADD drug (can't recall the name at the moment) and it was $360 a month after the insurance. It made him depressed (he's 7 years old) so we took him off of it and after several other meds (all some form of speed) we decided to just leave him off that crap as it's expensive and didn't help his behavior any.

20 years ago ADD meds were very cheap and now a month prescription even after insurance often costs $100 or more.

My wife and I take meds for sleep and our doctor has begun to hassle us about it so we've ordered from overseas and they're a bit cheaper that way especially since I have a high deductible health plan and every time we go to the doctor even if it's just to get a script written it costs $120.

Anyway, getting to my point...Upon looking up what other meds are offered on that website, I found the original ADD meds that my kid was on the first month (the one that was $360 for a month supply) and it's only $20 for a months supply from overseas. Talk about price gouging. We're not ordering that crap but I was shocked at the price difference.

What a bunch of crooks.


I have trouble thinking of anything that they do that isn't ultimately based on a lie or half truth. Generally, exercise, fresh air, detox, organic nutrition, self love, emotional expression, sunlight and excitement are the only health care we need!