The Whistleblowers (Series): #10 - US Gov. 'Economic Hitman': We Assassinate World Leaders & Use Corrupt Methods to Steal Resources Globally. America As World's Leading Terrorist State.

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John Perkins claims he was a professional, covert criminal on behalf of the American Government, World Bank and others - whose primary function was to subvert foreign countries, for the purpose of political and economic control. By sewing the seeds of economic instability and in some cases through outright violence, American interests secured natural resources of countries without many people fully realising what had occurred. He went public about this in 2004 with his book 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'.

john perkins

'Economic Hitman'

After graduating with a degree in business administration from Boston, USA - John claims he was hired by agents from the NSA and was put to work in a role intended to result in developing countries borrowing large amounts of money which they could not pay back. The loans would ultimately be paid to American Corporations for services that they may not even need - resulting in an artificial dependency being created upon American and European groups, such that those groups could control the countries remotely via financial and covert methods.

His book and documentary detail quite extensively, the methods and agenda used in secret to silence leaders of developing nations and to intimidate them into signing away their own country's future. The methods include direct threats of assassination, based on actual assassinations previously carried out - through to threats of sanctions and outright military invasion. In short, he describes a reality where the NSA and US government acts more like a huge mafia style crime gang than anything remotely approaching an honest wing of a government in a civilized society.

Here is a short, animated version of his story:

"We cannot have homeland security, unless we understand that the whole planet is our homeland"

John has since gone on to study spiritual principles of balance and works with tribal groups to attempt to rectify the problems he says he helped to cause. His message is of balancing the masculine and feminine energies of our planet and healing with our hearts (A message I 100% respect and advocate).

In a 2006 statement, a State Department release claims that much of the book "appears to be a total fabrication....the National Security Agency is a cryptological (codemaking and codebreaking) organization, not an economic organization... Neither of [its] missions anything remotely resembling
placing economists at private companies in order to increase the debt of foreign countries." Perkins responds that Wikileaks and Edward Snowden
documents clearly demonstrated that the NSA is involved in a wide range of activities that have nothing to do with codemaking and codebreaking
and that often serve to undermine other countries and their leaders. (The National Security Administration has several missions, including
but not limited to cryptography).The State Department also claims that Perkins has alleged U.S. Government complicity in "the assassinations of
President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr., former Beatle John Lennon, and several unnamed U.S. senators who had died in plane crashes." Questioned in a recorded interview about the State Department claims on the assassinations, Perkins replied, "No, I've never alleged that. I probably opened a question as to whether it might have been that way". There is no mention in any of his books about U.S. Government complicity in these assassinations. Perkins, however, does allege that two of his clients, President Jaime Roldós Aguilera of Ecuador and Omar Torrijos of Panama, had been assassinated and the US government had been involved, adding "I know. I was there."

source: Wikipedia

You can watch the full length film made about his life below - "Apologies of an Economic Hitman":

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What do you think of this testimony? Do you have any relevant evidence to add? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Ura, read the series, great piece of work, needed to be done. I’m glad I was already aware of most of this info, certainly the core of it, before reading it, because the cognitive dissonance will be palpable for many, and it will be dismissed, denied, and all the other usual temporary tricks of psychological self-soothing. The solution is what you’re doing, what I’m doing in my own little way, and what increasing numbers are doing – awareness, awareness, awareness. The ground is shifting, I’m sure you feel it, an extraordinary time to live through. (And ha, of course we’re here – where else would we be!). Light on you brother, Db

:) Thanks for your focus!

Yes, awareness is the first step and it must go hand in hand with power reclamation and change too. A 'master' is only one who climbs the mast to see beyond the mysts of the mysterious seas - so the journey can continue safely.. Then the exodus begins :)

In case you didn't realise, the whistleblower series is now up to post #31 and I still have more to add when I get time. I'm not ignoring your post btw, I just follow too many people so the chances of me seeing anyone's posts in particular is small.. I will thin it down soon. cheers!

hehe, right back at you, thanks for yours. And quite - the first step. In a world full of crawling pre-toddlers this is a momentous moment, and will take a lot of coaxing. I'll catch up with whistleblower, shouldn't miss any now that I've refollowed. And don't worry, know all about the following posts problem and never take it personally, I've only just started here and intend to put a lot more time in the next few months, so you may find it hard to avoid my sorry ass. Db

I saw this animated video that first year when released. It was very interesting and i watched several times back then. Today i saw your post, watched again and i droped some tears for the first time watching it. I realized nothing has changed in all those years. And im not even that emotional, just when i saw that family and boy with blood i couldn't control myself.

Actually, stopping emotional control is one of the best ways to help the Earth and humanity to evolve. It is emotional control that allows the psychopathy that plagues us to continue. Thankyou for being real!

I think that is what going on in the Philippines with the cia sending in isis.
Duterte starting running his country for the peoples benefit and now must be removed.
good post upvoted and following,

Maybe so, yes - I haven't followed the Philipines closely enough to know.

I saw John give some talks at Envision Festival in Costa Rica this year :) I was already familiar with his work so I was very excited to see him and he did not disappoint, he was a very kind and heart-centered soul for certain.

ah, great - I am glad. :)
I would like to visit Costa Rica at some point and am considering creating a physical community there - costa ureka ;)

I did contact John once via his website but never got a reply.

Great post, @ura-soul! It's an endlessly fascinating subject.

Thanks! Thankfully there is only so much to know - then the challenge is how to fix the heartlessness!

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