Master Toolkit: Steemit + Sndbox Resources [Update 5]

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Sndbox’s Master Toolkit is a compiled resource of all previous toolkit posts created to get new users more familiar with the Steemit platform as well as Sndbox’s growth and development. The Master Toolkit will be updated every two weeks.

Sndbox and Creative Impact

Introducing Sndbox: Steemit’s Creative Incubator

  • An Introduction to Sndbox and its mission for Steemit.

Introduction to Steemit for Creatives

  • A reference post to share with potential Sndbox memebers and Steemit users. Contains the basics of blockchain technology, the Steemit platform, and the implications on creative fields.

Art & Cryptocurrency - A New Stage for Craft in the 21st Century

  • An article on the impact of blockchain media on the creative world

Share your Steemit Content on (Other) Social-Media!

  • An introduction to Sndbox media activities that promote Steemit impact on other platforms


Steemit 101

Blog Post Description
171005_Masterpost_Icons-01.pngWhat is Crypto & Blockchain? - The most digestible guide for newcomers to the technology.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-02.pngBasics of Steemit’s Interface - What everything means when you land on the Steemit website.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-03.pngMarkdown and Submit a Post - Explanation of the markdown system and simple strategies for post structure.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-04.pngSteemit Post Best Practices - A basic rubric for high-quality Steemit posts for Sndbox members.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-05.pngSteemit Wallet - The ins and outs of the Steemit Wallet, its various categories, and how to interact with it.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-09.pngHow Payouts Work on Steemit - How payout choices and redeeming functions operate.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-06.pngWhat is a Steemit Witness? - The role and responsibilities of a witness explained.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-07.pngWhat NOT to do on Steemit - Key and misc. pointers for new Steemians.
171005_Masterpost_Icons-08.pngEarn STEEM by Upvoting - A Guide to Curation Rewards - A guide to curation rewards based on upvote timing.
171019_Masterpost_Icons-12.pngWhat is a Steemit Reputation Score? - What your rating number means.
171019_Masterpost_Icons-13.pngHow to Convert SBD to STEEM Power - A guide to powering up.
171019_Masterpost_Icons-18.pngLearning From the Steemit Carrot - Exploring drop-down icons on Steemit.

Sndbox Projects, Events, and Accelerators


  • Livestreamed videos of Sndbox’s presentation in Lisbon

STEEM Park Documentary Film Release

  • Unveiling of Sndbox’s STEEM Park Documentary

Summer Streets Festival

  • Sndbox's interactive and promotional workshop during the Department of Transportation's Summer Streets Festival.

Incubation Workshop 8/23/17

  • Our first public workshop for existing and potential Steemians.

Live-Blogging Steemit Workshop in NYC

  • Sndbox’s first intensive workshop at 100 Bogart

Sndcastle Projects

  • Sndcastle Projects are a new collaborative initiative of Sndbox, working with Steemit community leaders around the world to foster social, creative, and community impact. Our aim is to support and promote Steemit accelerator hubs, encouraging meetups, onboarding, and local hotspots.

Sndcastle & Steemit Community Growth

  • Sndbox’s plan for real-world community growth with Steemit

Recruiting New Steemians in NYC Coworking Centers

  • Sndbox’s first workshop at a creative coworking center in NYC

Translating Our Steemit Resources and Strengthening New Communities

  • International resources and an invitation to translate

World Food Day Fundraiser for Cebu, the Philippines [Sndcastle Spotlight - @steemph.cebu]

Steemit Accelerator + Blogging Workshops in Malaysia [Sndcastle Spotlight - @myach]

  • Spotlight on @myach’s growth in Malaysia

Multilingual Resource

Multilingual Steemit Resources + Tutorials UPDATE 2

  • With all of the Sndbox toolkit posts posted above, we invite international Steemians to add to the list with their own translations. This link compiles all the translations as a multilingual resource and updates each month.

Supporting Sndbox and Engaging

Delegation Plan and Delegator Rewards

  • Two posts dedicated to our delegation plan and reward system for Steemians who support Sndbox

How to Become a Sndbox Fellow

  • Interested in joining?

State of the Sndbox

State of the Sndbox is a weekly newsletter that provides the latest in Sndbox activities, introduces the newest members and projects, and provides the best resources in creative empowerment for the Steemit community.

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For any suggestions on potential tutorials or resources, please let us know in the comments below. Be sure to follow for all of our daily posts and weekly newsletter.

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Great! I will be translating more of your toolkit posts since I am going to bring new people to steemit and your guides are explained in a wonderful way.

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hi! it was a pleasure to meet you in Lisbon :) As I mentioned I'd like to translate the Steemit 101 into Japanese to help grow our community. May I also translate some of the visuals?