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Broadcasting Steemit to the World

Have you ever shared your Steemit experiences with a broader audience? Perhaps to people who have not yet joined the Steemit social network? What medium have you used to reach out? Have you considered how your experiences here might change the way your profession works or community functions?

Today we’ll look at a few cases that illustrate movement from Steemit outwards in order to grow the influence of what we do here within the STEEM blockchain. With the recent success and incredible attention around @andrewmcmillan’s article in WIRED, we’ve been thinking more and more of how to cultivate outward-facing impact with the @sndbox community.

The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money / Illustration by Lauren Cierzan.

We implicitly grow and impact the Steemit community with our outside experiences (professional, social, cultural, creative, etc.) Simultaneously, we should also seek to impact the outside world leveraging our experiences in Steemit. For example with STEEM Park, a strong motivator was to prove to the New York and design communities that blockchain technology can be a revolutionary resource for imagining and building things.

Reaching Across the Aisle

Simple moves can orchestrate big impact. Sharing your Steemit blog post through other social media can help this new online community grow. @somethingburger is a hardworking Steemian who is actively broadcasting his work beyond the ecosystem.

@somethingburger is a scientist and a student. He's new to Steemit and still doesn't have a large following. However, he knows that the articles he writes may have value for others elsewhere. You can see the effect of his articles being shared on Reddit and Facebook (among other venues). While he may only receive a handful of upvotes, his articles reach hundreds of eyeballs all over the world.


Only 28 upvotes but 538 views!

Here's @somethingburger's post found on Reddit. (Below)

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 1.03.23 PM.png

Another recent article by @somethingburger "Sleep Deprivation Does Not Treat Depression" received over 400 views (below). This is an exciting thing to see and a strong sign of growth to come.


Sharing Valuable Information

Cross-platform exchanges are critical for growth and the decimation of information. This broadcasting also helps transition users into Steemit with less of a premise of “Blog, Get Paid” and more of an understanding that Steemit is a viable social-media tool with an engaged audience and supportive platform. It also links specific professional and interest-groups (for example those that form in sub-reddits) with a direct community in Steemit.

Sndbox’s Plans

Beyond the resources, tutorials, and curation posts each week - we’re planning on launching other forms and outlets of media to cultivate Steemit impact. Most recently, we launched our Sndbox twitter account. It’s proving to be a valuable tool to connect with other crypto enthusiasts and those just getting into blockchain technology but have not yet heard of Steemit.

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 10.58.55 AM.png

Follow us on Twitter / @sndbox_daily

Heading into 2018, we plan to experiment with various video platforms as well to provide audio and video support for Sndbox content. Other prominent Steemians have tried their hand at podcasts, live-streamed upvoting, vlogs, and other multimedia-based forms that strengthen Steemit’s outreach to the world. If you have any thoughts, let us know your ideas below!


Want to support Steemit authors like these? Consider joining our curation trail! You can learn more about the @sndbox incubator mission here.

Interested in becoming a @sndbox member? Learn more about our nomination process here.



Thanks for the shoutouts, @sndbox! Sharing to other communities has been a great experience. While I doubt it does much for payout, it's an easy way to increase the viewership of my posts (and of the Steemit platform). After all, I don't write things just for me to read!

So nice to see that multimedia and streaming content is going to be in the head for 2018 according to @sndbox experiments.., we can see that example and the growing of that communication side evolving. Just as an example with the @acidyo streaming in twitch we are having so much fun and he is doing in real time lovely things in curation and reward just to give an example. I'm really engaged with multimedia too and starting to develope some works, programs and trainnings to Steemit community by the way. I really think that Streaming and video will be the more shareable way in next years. My love to all the steemians reading this! Peace ;V

We're definitely inspired by @acidyo's streaming and we will try out something with video soon as well.

Those are good news!

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Its a really good idea. More people need to know about Steemit. Its a great platform

That it is =)

I'm really waiting for plugin solutions to post on other platforms. Having "Discus-like" comment sections powered by steem on any website would be the best.

Anyway, what does it implies to be part of the sndbox community ?
Maybe you already posted about it ?

All the problems of the world could be settled easily if men were only willing to think. The trouble is that men very often resort to all sorts of devices in order not to think, because thinking is such hard work.

Thanks for the great quote by Nicholas Murray Butler as seen here!

It sounds very interesting count me in!

nice indeed @sndbox, I've been on steemit for a somewhat long while now, and this is basically my main mission, to show Africans that steemit is here, its now and its available for all to grow and better their lives! I've been pushing on Facebook and twitter, these are the places where Africans are most concentrated on when it comes to social media.

I'm not waiting for the day when Africans can finally leave the government shackles, I'm actively creating the said day itself.

I'm also starting to broadcast steemit to my facebook account and some of my friends are interested and they want to have an account

Hi there. Thanks for sharing great content. I'm always behind your posts.
How can I do to talk to you guys? I would like to start organising Steemit meet-ups in Venezuela and I will need support. I've been doing all I can but I need to get in touch with you.

Saturno Mangieri - Asesor de Tecnologías Blockchain
. .

icons from

Hi @theghost1980, you can reach out to us in (@hansikhouse and @voronoi). Looking forward to talking with you!

Thanks @sndbox I will write you an email. Lovely website by the way.

You'll find them there...lovely people by the way!

Hey, nice to meet you @sndbox. I find your member concept really impressive, you make Steemit a great piece more valuable! I'd like to be one of your members. I post daily about the thoughts I had during the day. Every week I try to write articles about my work in the nursing home for the elderly. I would like my content to appear valuable on SteemIt. That's why I want to develop myself further. Since I write my contributions in German, I could translate some of your posts into German.

And to this post: I look forward to your video and podcast content in 2018.

yes,,,, I'm also starting to broadcast steemit to my facebook account and some of my friends are interested and they want to have an account.
please bro vote me!!

Very good idea..but steemit should grow to an extent so that other social media users should post their content in steemit

good information

For years I have blogged at and found that without the boost of social media (in my case Facebook and Twitter) my readership was limited. Now, my regular followers on those other platforms follow my links to Steemit, too. It seems there's no down side to having an interconnected media footprint.

Nyc post plz upvote and follow me then i also upvote and follow you

I'm telling as many people as I can about Steemit. Its an awesome platform,

Thi is great! really good...

Sharing is caring. If we do not show what we have, our identity will diminish one day. Sharing to other media platforms is the best exercise everyone should do here on steemit and it will increase our reach and visibility also.

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