STEEM PARK : Digital Currency, Real Design [Official Documentary Film Release] — Steemit

STEEM PARK : Digital Currency, Real Design [Official Documentary Film Release]

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This film was sponsored by Steemit Inc. through a Crowdsourced Marketing Initiative designed to empower community oriented projects and ideas surrounding the Steem blockchain. The physical construction of planters, furniture and installation of the STEEM Park project was funded entirely through cryptocurrency earned on Steemit.

What is STEEM Park?

STEEM Park is a public garden designed and funded exclusively through, a social media website that rewards impactful content with digital currency (STEEM). This garden within Herbert von King Park represents an entirely new way to empower community projects and celebrate special places within our neighborhoods. The project was created and executed by designers Kirk Finkel ( @voronoi ) and Michael Lee ( @hansikhouse ), co-founders of the Steemit Incubator @sndbox.

  • When? : STEEM Park opened July 16th, 2017
  • Where? : Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, New York.

Why is STEEM Park important?

STEEM Park is the first public design project fully funded by cryptocurrency. The physical components of the project were financed 100% by blogging rewards and engaging with the Steemit community; no private USD donations or municipal support was provided. In short, it is the first public-interest project supported completely by public interest. STEEM Park is a proof-of-concept that local community projects can be initiated and sustained through a global attention economy.

Upvotes = STEEM, the digital currency tied to With the rewards of each blog post, the @sndbox design team was able to purchase materials, fabricate furniture and assemble STEEM Park.

The @sndbox team raised money through blog posts and cryptocurrency donations. This strategy funded the design, prototyping, fabrication, installation and collateral production of the project. The site for STEEM Park is Herbert Von King Park in Brooklyn, NY. Over the course of 30 blog posts, @sndbox wrote about the history and story of the neighborhood, local community leaders, design process and final installation. Using the narrative of place, the team raised an equivalent of $10,000 USD.


Furniture and planters in STEEM Park all have sponsors (those who donated Steem or Steem Dollars directly). The STEEM Park project was a success due to an outpouring of support from "Steemians" all across the globe (listed below). Their upvotes and direct donations translated directly to funding for furniture, events, park maintenance, beautification and restoration for a neighborhood in need.

@steemitblog @andrarchy @surfermarly @fulltimegeek @dylanhobalart @gardenlady @good-karma @virtualgrowth @clayop @thejohalfiles @natureofbeing @steemed @abdullar @prufarchy @hansikhouse @voronoi @heymattsokol @orenshani7 @meesterboom @yogi.artist @madlenfox @da-dawn @kanedizzle08 @vip @lighthil @inphiknit @airmatti @velimir @leesongyi @preparedwombat @dwolfe @cassidyandfranks @lovejoy

What is Steemit and STEEM?

Steemit is the social media website supported by the STEEM blockchain. The website allows content creators and curators to earn STEEM (a digital "crypto" currency) through blogging and curating content. Learn more -

What is Sndbox?

@sndbox is a Steemit incubator that utilizes blockchain technology to empower impactful and creative projects worldwide. Learn more -

Special Thanks

  • Steemit Inc. - ( @ned ) and the Crowdsourced Marketing Initiative
  • Andrew Levine - ( @andrarchy ) Steemit Community Liaison
  • Wayne Devonish - Founder of the Herbert Von King Conservancy
  • TTG FILMS (The Timelapse Group) - Shiseido Ruiz, Noel Cordero, Garrett Bates
  • Ryu Kim - ( @mintvilla ) Von King Park Development Associate
  • Brian Chu and Conor Coghlan - Principals of A05 Studio
  • Gabriela Trueba - Founder of WOMP 3D Fabrication Studio

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What’s next for STEEM Park? @mintvilla is currently designing wayfinding signage for the Park and will be using blogging rewards to continue beautification initiatives. Stay tuned for more updates on the Park and a director’s commentary of the film and process of creating it. Thank you to the whole Steemit Community for your continued enthusiasm and support in making this concept a reality.


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I'm in the half of the documentary and it is too exciting IMDB 10/10 !


Good stuff
I'm gonna watch now


Thanks @steeminator3000! I guess once you're all the way through it'll be 20/10?! ;)


LOL, really good wotk guys! This is so neat!!


I agree, I have been wanting to use steemit for the same. I am so pleased it worked out amazing. The only way is up :)

Great film and GREAT WORK!


Thanks so much for your support throughout the entire process @gardenlady! We're thrilled you approve :)


Well, it's just a great story about the power of digital currency! And, you all did it for the community! - really powerful :-)

some day I'll have to get my old self over there to see in person!


Let us know :) we'd be happy to give you a tour!

Inspiring. The world would be a much better place to live if we (humans) would do more often stuff like this

So damn awesome; I really think this will get a lot of people thinking; well if cryptocurrency can do this, maybe I should check out this Steemit thingy! :-)

Real props to you @voronoi!



Exactly @cryptogee! We believe that this film can help educate people on the true nature of cryptocurrency. The introduction sequence is a good illustration of this... drawing people into the film through clips of what they hear most. "Bitcoin" and "blockchain" on the news. We transitioned those clips from the big umbrella of "Bitcoin" > to "not just money" > "connecting people" ... conversations that were more digestible and contextual.

We hope this film becomes an asset in articulating what Steem can do in the real world!

@Sndbox, I just watched the video and I think the impact that you Sndbox is making on Steemit is absolutely immense and amazing. Your contribution to legitimizing Steemit as a platform as it is now, in such an early stage is bringing massive positive strides to Steemit itself. @Sndbox has been the biggest motivators for me in going all-in with Steemit as a full time effort.

Watching this video right now has just given me the boost I needed as I was having slow day, to bring even more value to Steemit today and take massive action TODAY. The design aspect that Sndbox has definitely played a huge role in how I create my own content for Steemit too, as I learn from the amazing illustrations that Sndbox creates, I take as many cues as possible and translate it into my own content.

Sndbox is by far, the most inspiring movement on Steemit and I definitely want to support Sndbox as much as possible and will be here to engage with every post Sndbox has!

I hope to have the opportunity to visit Steem park one day, a trip paid for in Steem maybe?

God Speed Brethren.


Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply and supportive feedback. We're working hard to get Steem the visibility it deserves and that it is capable of. This is a big team effort on Steemit, let's push it forward together.

This is what makes Steemit a dream land for the creative commons. STACH is excited to be in partnership with Sndbox to making the offline feel the Steem!


We're excited to collaborate with you @stach. Let's empower the creative commons together. Steem on!

How about landscaping too in view of STEEM LOGO ?

It is already a long time ago I read about Steem Park. How cool a project you guys brought to life! The video is also great! Perfect way of promoting Steem and Steemit with the right line "nobody puts in his or her own money, but the community decides how the newly created coins are distributed on a daily bases". I regard this video the best I've seen so far to promote Steemit and with that also Steem.


Thank you for your support all the way through @edje! :)

This is a really great accomplishment. I wish something like this can be done over here, for people to see the power of cryptocurrency.


The power of crypto is becoming more and more visible every day!

This is such a nice project visualized in the best and most professional way possible. Great job, guys! Love this video.

PS: Can't wait to meet some of you personally in Lisbon :-)


Thank you @surfermarly! We're super excited for STEEM Fest. See you in Lisbon very soon :D


See you there :-)

When you guys mentioned there is a documentary in the works, I was waiting excitedly to see it and now that I have seen it, it is giving me pointers on how best to make STACH more community focused and driven.
Thanks for all the work you guys do.


We're thrilled that you enjoyed it @ejemai! Likewise, thank you for all the hard work you're doing with STACH and for your enthusiasm and support all the way :D

Congrats to all who made this project a reality. It's a powerful demonstration of what's possible now. Light the way, Sndbox! Onward!


Thank you @kenfinkel!

Glad to know that Steem park is funded by completely by Steem crypto currency.

Didn't know about this till now. Awesome 👍 Upvoted indeed

Really amazing video. You guys have done a great job.

The making of steem park was so cool. Finally our upvotes to previous steempark posts paid off. Steem park looks so good and it will definitely attract people towards this block chain based social media platform, Steemit.

It will also make people aware about the potential this platform have. Great job @voronoi, @hanskihouse and the whole @sndbox team and SteemPark team. 😊


We hope this video can become a resource for others to describe what Steemit is about. There are so many incredible projects happening on this platform, STEEM Park is just a sample of a much larger ecosystem of community impact.


Yeah, this video definitely a great resource to understand what steemit is and what it can do. :)

It will also encourage people to carry out similar projects by connecting with people of the community. 😊

Nice video!

yayyaya... great job .. great community... great work... great social media... wkwkwkkw..


Thank you :D

The results are fantastic! The Whole team impressed me. Huge admiration and my thanks! I'm ready yet to take part in this amazing project. My plan is someday to come and visit our Park. Thank you!


Thanks for the support @madlenfox! :)

very nice to see that some concrete local project financed by steemit community.


Yes absolutely! We're designers, so we like concrete things :) thanks @seanx

Like your post


Wow. This is great.

Amazing! I guess I can use this video if I have to explain about Steemit to others. You guys have done a great stuff by reaching out to people offline and creating awareness about cryptocurrency and Steem.


Thank you very much @lifecruiser, absolutely, our goal was to create a film that would showcase the impact of Steemit on the real world. Cryptocurrency is so new, but it's already leaving a powerful footprint. Steem is at the forefront.

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Did the vendors who sold dirt and plants and fabricated planters and signs, and whatever else went into the project, accept Steem or SBD as currency? Or did you have to sell it for USD to make purchases? I assume the latter, but the former would be especially cool.


A great question, our vendors ultimately took USD. (Though at first we offered straight up Steem). It would have been amazing to have each vendor accept pure-crypto as payment. Still, 100% of their payments came through blogging and donations. Zero native-USD was spent on the fabrication of this project. Perhaps for the next project :)

That is so awesome! I really like to visit and see the Park, maybe next year.


Thanks so much Tarek! Let us know if you swing through Brooklyn


good park

Good job steem park...


Thank you @bang.rabok!

Good job guys, you are showing the world just what can be done through the use of cryptocurrency and human cooperation.


Thank you for the kind words and support @thesteemster, crypto cooperation is key!

Steemit go green.. i like it


Thank you :)


Hii...@sndbox This is such a nice project visualized in the best.Great job, guys! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Thanks for watching! :D


Wow ....
Awasome great post


Thank you!

Thank you so much for writing about it. It just makes joining steemit worthwhile. All the best to projects. Steemit team is a great source of inspiration to the society.


Absolutely @sayee, steemit is a tremendous resource that can empower a lot of good around the world.

Woow amazing
Thank you for sharing
If there is time to visit my blog



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Keep going..where is it happened..looking forward to see more in California

Great post ...
I like it

Like Like Like ! ;)


Thanks so much @free999enigma :)

Wow! Thank you so much for the great video showing how you guys pulled this off! You've inspired me to talk to my team and get us all on Steemit to tell our story and to get our Resource Based DAO off the ground. Love what you guys are doing what a way to show the world the power of public interest mixed with the fluidity of cryptocurrency. Well done!


That's fantastic, thanks for the kind words @greenmanaz. Keep us posted on your Resource Based DAO initiative!

Really great idea! You've done a great job!
Can't wait for visiting this place and meet part of Stemmit's family:)))


it feels great that steemit doing this park, i wish if i can go there.


Thank you @waresh we hope the documentary gives you a feel of what it's like in person :)


welcome @steempark but thank you deserve to you for your post.

I would like to walk in this park!


Swing by Brooklyn! :)

Wow~ Fantastic ! Thank you^^


Thanks for watching!

During the time I am in @sndbox, I understood something very well. @hansikhouse and @voronoi you guys are a great chance for all steemit community. You are doing great things and you also teach us how to do it. and I know that these projects are just the beginning... also this video is really cool and exciting...👍🏽


Steem on @myego13! This is just the beginning :D

This is amazing! This is a huge step for crypto currencies. People have the wrong idea about them because of the dark web, but because of this people will see the real world applications of crypto currencies. Keep up your amazing work guys!

wow! wonderful and very nice information. it seem to me that steem has been around for years and good to know that steem has a lot of extensions and great development. good one


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ok, thanks for the tips and keep up the good work


Thank you for watching the film, lots of development happening! :)


you are most welcome. it's nice film and keep up the good work

Great documentary! Anything to promote steem is helpful.


Congratulations to your success there guys! Hope to see more of it! :)

All the best



Thanks Jass!

Good post, I am a photographer, it passes for my blog and sees my content, I hope that it should be of your taste, you have my vote :D greetings

Yey ! More films for steemit !


Film is a great resource to tell a story! Thanks @vitruvianman :D

wow, thank you for information :)

thanks for sharing

Great Work and Great film @sndbox

wow nice park

wow nice

I'm very much excited

I didn't know there was a short film being made about Steem Park, way to go with keeping everyone informed about the steps and details of the whole project. Hopefully this will be the first of many Steem funded projects. Love what sndbox does!


Thank you for the support @cryptowolf!

wonderfull day

@sndbox thanks and up voted :) hope you will do the same

This is an extremely amazing project. Wish I had heard of it before. So all that's left for me is to thank you for bringing the idea to the people outside of the virtual world. You were not only planting flowers, but planting seeds for the growing awareness of the unlimited opportunities of this technology. I simply love it!


Thank you for the support @laylahsophia!

great post

Wow this revolutionary. Nice video. Worth visit to this park.

Film was awesome guys! Congratulations. Cheers for future!


Thanks Mono!

Great short-docu :-)
This is just the beginning!
Big hug
Steemitri The Mannequin

Wow! This is very impressive. Great work guys!

wow,,its nice

I luv your Awesum Post!! Thnx for Sharing!!

LOVE iT!!!! AMAZING idea just shows you how much steemit is capable of doing , ALSO loving the new steemit desighn looks slick STEEM is definitely the future


Congratulations to all concerned with the project, and two thumbs up on the wonderful documentary. Excellently done!

good luck

This is awesome!! I want to visit Steem Park!

Oh ya i was waiting in this.

Can't wait to sit down and watch the doc w some free time, stuff likethis is great material to share with friends who could benefit from Steemit as a place to do projects!

Really inspiring to see how Steemit can scale to the real world and not just be an internet thing. Excited to work with sndbox even more in the future.

This is so cool. Especially since I was considering a trip up to NJ this week. Gonna have to add in a stop-off at the park now.

I must be the lucky guy seeing the history above that everyone knows in the upcoming future!

It's beautiful to see the whole story told like this, start to finish... this isn't merely a great example of what you can do with a decentralized collaboration... it's also a superb marketing piece to show skeptics of Steemit and blockchain technology in general. Well done @sndbox!

Congratulations @sndbox!
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Aw seriously? A steem park? Woooow. Great project. Amazing effort you guys are awesome!

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My wish is to have an earnings like you :( Can you tell me how? 😐 Anyway, nice post! Dont forget to follow me @annenolte

Wow fantastic

very good 👍👍👍👍


Thank you!

Great work. It's a very exciting time to live. It's also very interesting to see how the world will be changed through crypto currency.
@sndbox: you are just what i'm looking for. Thanks for your dedication. I would like to start similar projects in germany. Maybe there is a way to come together and start a project NY to Germany? :).

Thanks for your good information

I love to see real world applications of Steem!

good fon

good and niche steem park

good and niche steem park

Congratulations!! You did it!! Awesome project and nice video talking about steemit and crypto world!

Thanks for sharing this boss, nice post


Many thanks for your support :)

Such an amazing project to help improve the local park & the film is great! Congratulations on all of this!

This is better than the average movie LOL love it! <3

Muy buen trabajo

Nice Post man i really appreciate this kind of work. Very nice keep it going.

This is interesting. Thank You for sharing valuable information...

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