World Food Day Fundraiser for Cebu, the Philippines [Sndcastle Spotlight - @steemph.cebu]

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In this “Spotlight” we interviewed @steemph.cebu about their community initiatives in Cebu, the Philippines. (50% of the SBD earned from this post will go directly to the @steemph.cebu account.)

Take a look at their work and please consider making a SBD donation to @steemph.cebu for the support of their World Food Day project. Each 1 SBD donated will go towards a child in need of a meal and a pair of slippers. Fellow Steemians, let's put our best foot forward and support this great initiative!

About @steemph.cebu...

@steemph.cebu is a community account aimed to support native Steemian writers by discovering quality posts from Filipinos located primarily in Cebu and its neighboring towns. Along with @steemph.iligan and @steemph.davao, @steemph.cebu is a branch of @steemph to help provide a better community for Filipinos. This is also aimed to be a force multiplier which helps @bayanihan and @steemph in discovering and endorsing quality posts from Filipino writers situated in Cebu and its neighboring cities (Bohol, Negros, Leyte, etc.). In this way, it helps Filipino posts have an assurance to be covered all over the country.

@steemph.cebu’s mission :

Our mission is to provide a community unit for Steemit users in Cebu that motivates all users to be an aspirants leaders and all users to be aspiring leaders and be more dedicated members. Being committed to an environment that focuses on teamwork and where every member is being valued and respected.


How did it all start?

It all started when @jassennessaj was appointed to lead @steemph.cebu by @steemph, the national account for Steemit Philippines. He immediately formed a reliable core group members to help him lead the team. The team has currently 10 active members working diligently for the benefit of Cebu community. These leaders are : @themanualbot | @jassennessaj | @fernwehninja | @itinerantph | @queenjventurer | @mikekenlytungal | @rfece143 | @purepinay | @belvaj | @emonemolover.


What projects are @steemph.cebu working on right now?

Currently, @steemph.cebu is working on feeding 150 less fortunate children in line with the celebration of World-Food day. Also, this community account targets to provide 1 pair of slippers per children. The event will be this Sunday, October 15, 2017 (UTC + 8) and @steemph.cebu is still on search to make the targeted amount. (210 SBD for food + around 75 SBD for the pair of slippers). Currently we have 53 slippers on hand, still lacking 97 slippers per pair.


@steemph.cebu also features the best post per week by Cebu-based authors. One best post per category per week. Category are as follow :

  • Technology / Electronics / Science / Engineering
  • Photography / Travel
  • Poetry / Songs
  • Arts / Talents
  • Life / Inspirational / Motivational blogs
  • Homesteading
  • Cryptocurrencies / Bitcoin
  • Steemit Promotions / Campaigns

What are your long-term goals and big dreams?

Steemit-Hub in Cebu. This will be the 1st Steemit-Hub to be set up in the Philippines. This aims to provide a shelter for Cebuano people in a lot of ways. We aim to provide an enthusiastic support for the needs of the people here like orientations, a center place for Steemians, query office, and some services for Steemit user’s convenience.

Large Steemit Orientations / Conventions : We aim to unite Cebuanos for a better community thru hosting Steemit orietations and conventions. We believe physical intervention is the best tool to hook the in joining the platform.

Service Mission / Charity events : Steemit Cebu is not only focused for Steemit related deeds. As a community account, we aim to help the community by doing such activities.We want to inspire individuals that humanity is still present.

How can Steemit support your cause / project?

Upvotes : Funds are essential to implement our community programs. We aim this account to be fully funded by Steemit as much as possible. Our initiatives and programs will never happen without the community’s upvotes. @steemph.cebu assures everything will be transparent and is well documented.

Donations/Support : Through users / charitable institutions, this community account grasps its nutrients. Aside from post rewards, your donations and support will be a big help in implementing our programs. One of the things we’re currently pushing is the World Food Day celebration. The more support we get, the more children we feed.

Resteems + Be a volunteer : Share this initiative to let others informed and be inspired in replicating the harmony of sharing. Sharing our community programs thru post will be a big help in sharing the awareness to others. We also aim to inspire other communities to create one in their community. Be a volunteer! Join us in our activities by any means. The more the merrier.

If you wish to check @steemph.cebu’s Objectives, Mission, Vision and Core values : Click here.


Please consider sending @steemph.cebu 1 or 2 SBD. Each dollar goes toward a packed lunch or a pair of slippers for a child in need. Initiatives like this are what make Steemit a powerful resource for the world. Let's challenge ourselves to do more and use blockchain platforms to empower the communities around us.


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Thank you @sndbox! We're so happy to be part of the team and be featured on one of your posts.

We really appreciate it!

All the best,


Thanks to you and @themanualbot for the interview + hard work putting this initiative together! Also a shout out to the whole @steemph.cebu team :)

@fernwehninja @itinerantph @queenjventurer @mikekenlytungal @rfece143 @purepinay @belvaj @emonemolover


Thank you @sndbox for the all out support. For the love for the community. <3


Congratulation steemph.cebu. More power for the community.

Thank you so much for featuring @steemph.cebu. They are an amazing group of people already doing so much for their community. We are all really proud of them, who they are, what they stand for and all they have yet to achieve.

It is very exciting for us at @SteemPh to watch .Cebu's progress with @sndbox and hope to soon follow their lead into the sndbox :)


Thank you for the kind words @bearone! That means a lot coming from you :)

Wow guys, this is amazing. As a member of @steemph core, especially I'm assigned in design too, I approve of the graphics you made here. Ours uses official Philippine flag colors but I like the subtle colors you used and, how you made everything feel all @sndbox-y. I'm just waiting on @bearone's take on it cause she made all oir graphics, especially the logo.


Thanks so much @deveerei, we're glad you (and @bearone) approve of the design work! :D


You're welcome. They look good. Worthy of praise.


Great idea and good professionalism

Very cool... makes me wonder, maybe Steemit should institute an official policy sometime that 1% or more of inflation or growth or something is dedicated to charitable causes, that could be an interesting and hugely positive part of the Steemit community, etc. Things to ponder (-:


That would be fantastic. There's a strong appetite for charitable endeavors and support on Steemit... the platform really lends itself towards crowdfunding initiatives. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback @clumsysilverdad.


I agree with this.

What a great idea and project, I hope you have great success with it. Upvoted and resteemed.


Thanks for spreading the word @tarekadam!

This is an awesome initiative. I really admire the community spirit that Filipinos have. I will do what I can to support the @steemph.cebu account. Keep up the generous spirit and may God bless abundantly.


Many thanks for the kind words and support for the @steemph.cebu community!

It's a wonderful project! I'll make sure to check out @steemph.cebu and see what I can do to support the project.


Very grateful for your support and enthusiasm @bree1042! Definitely take a look at their page and check out the incredible work happening!

very nice information :D

soon to be the part of the team

Upvoted and RESTEEMED!


Thank you @katesmith :)

Wow great post thanks xxx 👌👌👌👌👌


Thank you!

очень хорошая информация

Another great initiative, I really like the way you are supporting this kind of projects, really colaborative. Keep it up this amazing work!


Thanks so much @angelgarz! :)

very nice information good thanks shearing


Thank you :D

It's a great idea to support everyone who is working on steemit. I truly congratulate you on your success.


Thanks for your support! Make sure to give @steemph.cebu some support as well :)

This appreciation for you @sndbox


How xan i join the team

Thank you for doing this! The first steps in an amazing journey.

Thank you so much for featuring this! I am from Cebu.
God bless you!


Thanks for your nice work

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i like reading your post @sndbox , keep it up!


Thank you! Check out @steemph.cebu for more

happy world food day.. reestem and upvote

all the best everyone believes me you guys will help the needy and be successful at your goals!
Great initiative

daily calorie intake, what is missing, how much more can I get .. is also to get balanced vitamin, protein, fat, carbohydrate ..
it is a condition to stay healthy .. it is the worship of body worshipers ..

OH that is really great, I mean we should also be thinking for the welfare of the people, great job.

Nice info. Thanks for ur sharing @sndbox

Congratulations @sndbox!
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Thank you so much @sndbox! Hoping to have more projects and events that will benefit not only us but for everyone who are in need.
A great initiative created by @steemph.cebu to help our community.
So excited for this.!
And it is such a great pleasure to be featured in your post. Many Thanks! ☺

Nice & new project that will keep the community growing.

Amazing work @sndbox!


Thanks so much for your support @firepower! :)

awee thanks for the mention @sndbox, we will do our very best to bring more people in steemit in the aim of helping each other :) More interesting ideas on the go and we are excited to reveal that in the future, thank you for undying support to @steemph.cebu. Moving onwards and upwards!!

Hello good post my name is Yudexis Jaume and I am from venezuela can you give a vote to my last post? @sndbox

I'm pleased to see wonderful initiatives like this in the blockchain helping fellow Filipinos! Donated, upvoted and followed the team!

Thanks for such a great assistance for the Filipino community. Hopefully, more to come for the steemph community.

Thank you so much @sndbox for helpin us here @steemph.cebu..

Thank you for making us inspire,your kindness will mark @steemph.cebu

GOD BLESS @sndbox and team!
Best Regards @bien

Thank you for the support for our projects @sndbox . More power to you and the community. I am whelmed to be featured by you. No words can describe how thankful and grateful @steemph.cebu to have you. POWER!

Good post i am support for your every thing post good luck

It's amazing. Good job and I deeply appreciate the hard work of this community. Of course this will be the best step for many Filipina. Good luck brother 😊 @sndbox and god bless for you all

So great to hear that

it's nice to know that there are people out there helping those who are in need. good job and continue your great work @sndbox

Really Helpfull for us