Sndbox @ The NYC Summer Streets Festival - Join Us This Saturday!

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Showcasing the Impact of Steemit :

Summer Streets is a yearly festival in New York City where the Department of Transportation invites artists, musicians and institutions to host public workshops. This year, they’ve closed down the midtown portion of Park Avenue to open up the street to cyclists, runners, sunshine-enjoyers and booths for groups like us, @sndbox!

We’re thrilled to have been invited by the NYC DOT to showcase the STEEM Park project and host a public workshop.

  • What : Our team will have a booth showcasing the STEEM Park project. We’ll be hosting an art workshop where New Yorkers (of all ages) can grab a marker and imagine what a Steem-powered park can become!
  • When : Saturday August 19th. 7:00am to 1:00pm
  • Where : E 52nd Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue


If you’re in the NYC area, join us!

Last week Sndbox co-founder @hansikhouse and member @mintvilla wrote about their experiences at Summer Streets here and here.

Spreading the Word

We’ll be sharing postcards from the STEEM Park project and talking all things Steemit! It should be a fun day in NYC. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by!

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Liked the 2nd to last photo that showed the ARRAY of Pictures the people made. This is kinda cool, as everyone gets to join in.

Would love to go to New York one day. See the shows, and just explore. So much humanity there.

Good on NYC DOT for inviting you ! Have a great one (and Fulfilling)

Perhaps you can come back & tell us how it was, afterward ☻☻

We absolutely will! And thank you for the great support, hopefully you can join use one day =)

wow, what an inspiration for Madrid, Spain

Glad you like it, we're excited to share photos from the event next week :)

I missed it! I had planned to vacation with friends this month in NYC but another reunion elsewhere was scheduled to I called off the trip!

You pics of the event in NYC are enough for me though! Thanks for posting!

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Thank you @nanogivers!

Wish I could of gone, family member flew in from out West. Hope you had a great day last week. Looking for to your updates on the event !

Sounds great! Too bad I'm going to be in Philly :(

Oh man, next time!! We're going to organize a STEEM Park picnic when the weather cools down a bit!

Great initiative. Keep it up. Will be supporting

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I upvoted and followed you!

Kindly do the same!

Thanks @mintvilla! We learn from the best ;)

How cool! Can't wait to see pics/hear about how it went!

Stay tuned! We'll be sure to share a ton of photos~

I already imagine the outcome, more talents are about to share great value in our community. Let invite more!

We will definitely try our best! Thanks @cloudspyder

Very cool!

Thanks Team!

Wonderful!! Love the hands on activities! The skyscrapers are so sweet. Perhaps they could be added to the subway decor as an art exhibit.

Hope this becomes a regular event!

Kudos to NYC DOT! Glad Steemit could be a part of it.

Hey thanks for the kind words and support @madlila :D Likewise, we hope this becomes a regular thing! We're excited to be a part of it this year.

good talent ....

sorry forcast rain and chemtrails

Excellent post, Amazing. Well done. I'll follow your account to see how you doing. Because i earnings as like you @yash0108

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Seems wonderful project. Hope steemit spread to general people.

We hope so too!

i like small baby picture its reaelly cute
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good post, thanks (:

Thank you!

Awesome I would love to stop over from Astoria to say hello and see the exhibit, where are you guys going to be in reference to the map or an intersection?

Great! We're going to be @ E 52nd Street between Park Avenue and Lexington Avenue.

Wow.. I want to join..... Please vote me to collect some money.....

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I will definitely try to come! yay how fun.

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nice pics

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Interesting post and interested my heart when he saw his greetings know my friends may we become friends.