Live-Blogging Steemit Workshop in NYC [Say Hello!]

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Live-Blogging in NYC!

Today we're saying hello from our first STEEM workshop in New York City. As we speak, @sndbox is giving a live-blogging tutorial to about a dozen creative professionals out of the co-working space 100 Bogart in Brooklyn.

Say hello in the comments below! Let's give these crypto-newcomers a warm Steemit welcome!



About "The Creative Blockchain" Meetup Group

We started The Creative Blockchain NYC Meetup group in early July as we were preparing for our STEEM Park project. Our goal was to create a more social environment where newcomers could not only learn about Steemit and the technicalities of joining, but also have an outlet to specifically interact with other creative professionals and organizations.

With @sndbox, we intend for on-and-offline Meetups to be the social foundation for our incubator. Our main mission is to integrate Steemit productively into existing and emerging professional practices. Meetups and in-person events helps us build trust with those who are new to and still new to cryptocurrency and the power of blockchain technology.

We Want Your Ideas

There will be many more productive and social events to come and we want to open it up to the Steemit community to both attend and offer ideas of bases to cover. What do you think will be most helpful for new users? How should creative and entrepreneurial professionals approach the platform? What do you think of this form of event?


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Looking good you all out there! What an excellent way to build reputation, brainstorm the platform and get visibility while becoming a major hub for the active communities out here. Thanks a lot for all you are doing, namaste :)


Thanks so much for the support and enthusiasm Eric! We had a lot of fun with a great group tonight.

Hello people and whose laptop got a steemit logo infront of that apple logo ? :D


STEEM > Apple



steem powered apple!

Thanks for sharing :D

Awesome, I am in NYC. Invite me next time ;)

Welcome! The best way to approach the platform is to post one good piece of content per day and not use upvote bots. The event looks awesome.


Though I am still a NooB I would have to agree.


Great advice @heymattsokol! Thanks for the warm welcome :)

Hi everyone!! Great to meet you all =)


glad to be here!

Welcome everyone! If you're with Sndbox, you'll get off to a good start in Steemit!
Have fun, everyone. :)

Cheers to all

So nice team in there! Lovely people by the way,,, :) Cheers to you!

Thank you for getting this out. @sndbox

Proof of concept! steem workshops are a thing!

This is great idea. Welcome everyone!

Hello to everyone, please can you extend the tutorials online as well so we could enjoy alongside it must not be a full page half is okay.

Thanks for sharing.

Hey there -Marcos here, editor of Digital.NYC. Let me know when your next meetup will be and I'll help get the word out. Also, if you'd like to meet (I'm in the Flatiron District) we have really adequate coffee I could offer to you.


Hi Marcos, thanks for reaching out! We're in the neighborhood. If you're free, it would be great to meet at our Happy Hour next Tuesday (link here). Looking forward to connecting.

I hope someday can join you all guys

Fun idea. You guys are so cool. Keep going.

nice looking forward to be in that meetup ;)

Really informative meeting, great meeting you all!!

Hello and Welcome to everyone! I hope you have a great time here, this is a great community ! There is a lot to learn about the platform and the crypto-world in general but definitely you are in good hands with @sndbox ;)

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Welcome and hello everyone! You guys are going to get so much from sndbox. These guys at sndbox help break down that ever steep learning curve on steemit


Thanks for the kind words @alvinauh :)

I live in NYC and interested in the events. Will the events be announced at Steemit?

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Keep it up!
All the best!

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You all look very cheerful and beautiful.
See you