Team Australia new recruits 12/05/18 and I'm off to Europe again!

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Hi everyone, I've purposely delayed this weekly update so I could include any last minute stragglers before I head off to Europe in a couple of hours. I will be in Vienna for a few days and then in Greece for two weeks. I won't be doing any recruitment updates while I'm away since I'm not taking my laptop. I'll be back in Panama on 27 May so they will recommence after that.

Feature photo

Today's photo was taken by @kieranstone and is of Southern Cross Station in Melbourne. If you like it, please upvote it here.

Karaoke results

@jackmiller's ANZAC Day karaoke results are in. Thanks to his efforts, 123.872 SBD and 21.634 steem were raised for the Team Australia account. Post here.

Movement May

Do you feel like you spend too much time sitting on your arse in front of the tv/ computer/ other-time-sucking-device? Do you want to get fit? Do you just like beating other people? Well, I've got the challenge for you. @aussieninja is hosting Movement May, which is already 25% through but don't worry about that. Basically, you pledge however many kilometres you want to run, cycle, swim, whatever, and then you go out and do it (this is the most important part). If you like, you can make a post to keep yourself accountable and send Ninj the link so he can include it in the weekly updates. Also, the fabulously named @RunBurgundy—which is one of the best names I've seen on steemit—might follow and upvote you.



Credit: @quochuy

Last Saturday a bunch of Sydneysiders got together in Paramatta, for what looked like an awesome time. As expected, @rustle did not behave himself and drank his weight in overpriced German beers before passing out.

Credit: @bearone

Most participants wrote up the day so here are the posts.
@quochuy's post, @bearone's post 1 and post 2, @travelgirl's post, @phamished's post, @ratticus' post and @chrisdavidphoto's post.


@datascience is trying to organise the next Melbourne meet-up for what looks like the Sunday 20 May. See his post for details.

RandomDrinks is also back. The next one will be at the Melbourne Good Food and Wine Show on Saturday 2nd June. Details here.

Team Australia Christmas party

I know! We haven't even got to that stupid 'Christmas in July' yet, and here we are talking about actual Christmas. It seems the enthusiasm generated by the Sydney meet-up got @bearone thinking and so we will have our first Team Australia Christmas party this year.

Initially, it was going to be in Sydney but the good places are booked out already or too expensive. So current thoughts are the Blue Mountains. It looks like several of Mallsballers are keen on making the trip over in @holoz0r's steem mobile, and I am keen on attending as well.

Proposed dates: 14-17 December. Check out this post and this post and have your say.

It's highly likely there will be some fundraising done over the next few months to subsidise the cost, and our Minister for Finance @ausbitbank said he will also kick in some money.

The usual community notices

You should follow @mrsquiggle, who is doing a great job recognising Aussie creativity by curating quality content.

Check out @anzub, the Australian and New Zealand upvote bot in the Australia-New Zealand Discord server. You need to register to receive upvotes and delegations are welcome. Speak to @jackmiller if you have questions.

Check out the awesome Minnow Support Project (MSP). Details on how to join are here. Come say hi in the #teamaustralia chat room in PAL-Discord. It's fun and you will make new friends.

You should consider voting for the MSP witnesses, particularly @ausbitbank and @aggroed, who've a done a great job in getting the MSP project off the ground.

Lastly, if you're feeling generous, you can delegate SP to the Team Australia upvote bots @centerlink, @mrsquiggle and/or @anzub (or any other bot you like) using Vessel. You can delegate to any of the MSP bots using this link.

Candidate 1

Name and bio

@kenikat is from Sydney. Among other things, she's into urban exploring and Japanese cars. She has experience in building drift cars, fibreglassing, spray painting and panel beating.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I'm into cars, computers and cats."
I think you just became the coolest girl I know.

Candidate 2

Name and bio

@henrywilson is a journalist from Adelaide. He is also an advocate for mental health and an ambassador for Headspace. He also uses comedy to combat anxiety and depression.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I'm a stand-up comedian."
Nice. Looking through some of your posts, you appear to be quite funny too, which is good.

Candidate 3

Name and bio

@lifeobserver is from Sydney. He works in IT and spends most of his time staring at two monitors. However, more recently he's got lost in the woods on a camping trip and surrounded by dingoes while out running. (Hmm, perhaps you should stay indoors.)

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I am pretty resistant to jokes, if I wanted to I can hold my laughter from any joke, many friends and colleagues have tried but I have never failed."
Interesting. Maybe you and @henrywilson should get together and see how you go.

Candidate 4

Name and bio

@jason.che is a self-confessed introvert from Sydney. He is also less than three years away from being child free, which he seems quite pleased out.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"Just like Facebook, Instagram, etc., my kid wants no association with me here on Discord."
Ha! Kids. So ungrateful and unappreciative. Don't worry, they'll come good when they turn 30. That's what my friend's dad said about her and her brother. Seems like a long time to wait for a payoff though.

Candidate 5

Name and bio

@almigo is @andrewsmodels' mate and a radio announcer from the Gold Coast. He's also been a part-time blogger for years and last year he published a book. Since then he's written three more. He's also into home brewing.

Intro post here.

Fun fact

"I once had to pour boxes of live cockroaches over a screaming wetsuit-wearing woman in a bathtub for a radio stunt. I wish I was joking."
This sounds like something off "I'm a celebrity get me out of here". Also, I feel like this would lose something on the radio compared to tv. Then again, screams are screams.

Congratulations everyone, you're now part of Team Australia.

The rules for joining Team Australia

If you’re not yet a member and want to be, this is what you need to do:

  1. Vote here for our resident steemit witness and our Minister for Welfare @ausbitbank.
  2. Send me your introduction post so I can find out a bit about you. If you’re new to steemit you'll have to write one so use the introduceyourself and teamaustralia tags to help boost your following. Use this handy guide by @teamsteem if you don't know what to write.
  3. If it’s not mentioned in your introductory post, tell me which city and country you’re in, cos let's face it, a lot of us live in Australia's fourth largest city—London. You need to have a connection to Australia to join.
  4. Tell me a fun fact about yourself. This can be anything. For example, maybe you have eight kids and three dogs, or you rode your bike across America, or you won the blue ribbon for javelin throwing at sports day back in high school, or Toadie came into the pub you work at one day and you served him a beer, or, maybe you can fit 55 maltesers in your mouth like Ed Sheeran can. It doesn’t matter what it is, I want a fun fact about you! The more fun, the better.
  5. Regularly check the Team Australia and Australia tags and upvote/follow the content you like. You can show your support by following the centerlink curation trail in steemauto. Instructions are here.
  6. Comment below or DM me in PAL-Discord that you want to join.

Once I receive this information I will try my best to write a good introductory paragraph about you for the official Team Australia membership updates. So the better your information is, the better I can make you sound. Where relevant, please use the teamaustralia and australia tags to promote your work. I will try and post weekly updates.

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Team Australia footer by @bearone
Page divider by @kristyglas

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Welcome new team members. We look forward to seeing your posts in our feed.



cheers again!


Hi guys. Im BRAND new to the steem. Still getting the hang of it. Hopefully will see some of you in Melbourne on Sunday.


Glad to be part of the team ^^

All new members are registered for @centerlink payments now :)
Welcome to the team !

Welcome team!

TeamAustralia is easily the funnest and nicest and most entertaining group around on Steem! If you ever have any questions about this blockchainy platform, feel free to ask any one of us or hit the Discord. It's pretty ace.

Welcome all to this awesome community!

Hi @choogirl I've been meaning to do this for a while now. @mattclarke recommended it way back last December, so here's my introductory post to be considered for entry into the wonderful #teamaustralia.

I can't remember if it's in there or not, so location: Adelaide, and fun fact: um... I have double-jointed thumbs.

Thanks heaps.

A big hello from the @footytips crew to all the new members!

Hello Steemians from Straya!!!

And a WARM (OMG I thinking and praying for Summer now) Welcome to

@kenikat - jap cars the older the are out of this world lady... I love jap sports cars like the Nissan Skyline or Mitsubishi 3000GT but my wife will kill me, so just gonna stick with my 2 Mazdas for now

@henrywilson - welcome mate... a funny journalist that's a good combo. let's take-out all those very serious ones :)

@lifeobserver - here's my fav of all time Eddie Murphy in Delirious, let me know if it cracks you up

@jason.che - welcome mate... I'm an extroverted introvert if that makes sense. I had to work on it, and it can be. I'm a Coach and Trainer now. :) Do write a bit more mate... we'd like to know more about you. Like this article

@almigo - love the Nissan SR20 you should connect with @kenikat who loves jap cars.

WELCOME to each of you!!!

I did my MOVEMENT MAY -- woo-hoo almost died but proud to say I completed my first 21.1km @aussieninja, see the link here

Thanks again @choogirl and have a SUPER Holiday to Europe, you deserve it. :)

Catch you guys later... Keep Warm and Be Well.



Thanks Coach! Although mines an RB motor like @kenkats wagon. Yet to drive an SR20 powered anything yet but give it time c;


Duuuuuude! That's amazing! 21kms is for serious!
Are you going to do any more running this month? Would you like to join in on Movement May? (If so, which target distance do you want to aim for?)


I normally do 7 - 10km runs... So YES, how does one join in on Movement May? Do let me know @aussieninja Cheers! Mel


Awesome!!! Given you've already smashed out at least 21kms, what target would you like to aim for May? 50kms? 100kms? Let me know and I'll add you into the table...


Let's do 50km (minimum) May month target accumulatively on my Nike Run Club app. Cool!

Upvote and resteem.

Welcome @kenikat, @henrywilson, @lifeobserver, @jason.che and @almigo!

Thanks @teamaustralia for giving me an easy way to copy and paste all the names :P

Welcome to all the new members :P

Welcome new members!
and @choogirl enjoy sunny Greece and don´t forget to eat The Original Sacher-Torte in Vienna ;) Enjoy!


Hmm that doesn't sound vegan but if it is I'll give it a go.

Welcome everyone!

Wil be missing you Choo, enjoy your hols and the new bikini!

Pack a lot of snacks, in case no vegan foods on the plane



Way ahead of you there Fairy! And thanks.

I hope you can enjoy Vienna and Europe for some days. Austria has so many beuautiful places and i showed already some on SteemitWorldmap. Enjoy our good and big variety of food and keep safe.


Thank. I'm in Santorini now. Vienna was great. Didn't see too much but that's not why I went. I had a specific reason and it went fantastic. The vegan food there was great. I liked eating in Vienna.

welcome all. cockatoo getting loose :P. @almigo pouring cockroaches over an innocent women evil but i like it haha. have fun choogirl :)


Welcome to the new members, great update Choo, enjoy your trip! Thanks for making me aware of the Movement May, I need to get back on track with some more running off to check it out.

welcome everyone \o\ /o/ \o/

another wonderful post, choo, and hope you will have a great time with your euro trip <3 <3 <3 i look forward to travel bloggies and photos <3 <3 <3 when you return :D


Thanks Spidey! I shall try and not be shit and take some.


u better! i've never been to europe and i'd like to live vicariously thru others !!!

makes demands openly

Safe journey choo! You would be laptop free for more than two weeks? That almost sounds like a torture XD. But I’m sure you would be fine. I hope everything goes smoothly and you have a blast. Maybe watch some movies and tv series :3.

New people, welcome aboard! Know that you are in the best group :D.



My total luggage weighed 10kg. So light with no laptop and charger!

Welcome. Another awesome group to go check out. Have fun on your trip @choogirl - not taking a laptop sounds like a grand plan.


Thanks mate. So far it's great.

Woohoo welcome new friends and I look forward to seeing you guys around

Thanks for the warm welcome crew! I haven't actually met @andrewsmodels, just spent a lot of time in the same area being Central Victoria. (We might have crossed paths at some stage possibly).

Also @henrywilson you look very familiar. Were you part of the Axis of Awesome? (Or a member of SA?)

Enjoy your trip @choogirl


Oh whoops. Sorry. You mentioned him so I thought you knew each other.

Hi @choogirl I am from Sydney, Australia have been a bit delayed in doing this but here is my intro link for recruitment

Fun fact: I can hum and whistle at the same time haha.. that was the best I could come up with.

hi @choogirl, thanks for sharing about these new recruits, I've already visited and upvoted a few, they are going to become awesome Steemian.

btw. I'm wondering, I've not had any @ausbitbank and your curation upvote for sometime now, have I been remove from the TA curation list? If possible can you put my account back into teamaustralia curation as I've just recently started posting and curating again. Thanks!

Thank you for the helpful write up, I believe I have checked all the boxes and am excited about becoming part of the teamaustralia and steemit community.


Hi. Can you link your intro post here and give me a fun fact about yourself please.

Welcome new recruits, wishing you all the best on your Steemit journey!

@choogirl Here are my details for recruitment when you return:

Have an amazing time in Europe!


Great. You're on my list.


Awesome. Thanks @choogirl!

Have fun in Europe, @choogirl! Greece is a very beautiful part of the world...ah, now I'm dreaming of those deep blue skies and shining-white buildings...sigh... ;o)


Thanks. I will.

Thank you, for all you do, @choogirl, putting spotlight on talented Steemians. I'm especially grateful for your support of my poetry, earlier tonight, and hope my words will continue to keep you good company. Safe travels, in Europe, hope it's fun & inspiring, too! Cheers, Yahia


Welcome all new recruits and enjoy your baby steps.

This is my details for recruitment... When your back


Thanks mate. Can you give me a fun fact about yourself too please?


Hi, do you have that fun fact for me yet? Thanks


sorry for being so long fact: I like golfing with buddies its always fun.

swimming and getting smashed by waves and walking out naked loosing pants and all ....funny

watching seinfeild...funny

Welcome to the new members and have a safe trip @choogirl!


Thanks. I will.

Thanks for the intro post @choogirl, excited to be part of team Australia.
Have a safe trip!



Welcome everyone,

Where's all the Perth people at? Had enough of these East coasters and their fancy meet ups.


Perth had a meet up a couple of months ago. They are probably done for a year unless you can drum up some enthusiasm for another one.


Oh yeah, I probably joined just after it happened. Don't worry when the Eagles win the flag this year I'll invite all my Perth followers for a celebration.


hey im from perth, just currently living in sydney :)


You'll have to fly back for my Eagles premiership celebration later this year when we win.

Welcome everyone! And have a great trip @choogirl

Good to see more people joining, welcome everyone!
Also have fun on your trip @choogirl


Thanks. I will.

Welcome to TA new members. You all sound interesting and will enjoy getting to know you.

Happy travels @choogirl. I bet your trip will go fast and you will be back to your laptop in no time.


Thanks Izzy.

Enjoy your time in Greece !! Looking forward to your posts !!


Thank you!

Hi @choogirl I am wanting to join in with @teamaustralia I am an Aussie living in Auckland at the moment and I have voted for the @austitbank witness. My introduce yourself post is:
Something interesting about myself:
I am turning 40 this year and to do something a little crazy, I am running 4 marathons in 4 months for my 40th birthday
Let me know if you need anything else from me


Cool. You're on my list!


Awesome, thanks for that

Welcome to all the new peaple.

Welcome to our new buddies!

Hi - can I join teamaustralia. Fun fact about me is that I am actually pretty un-Australian... I don't like beer or vegemite.


Hi. Please link your intro post here and vote for ausbitbank if you haven't done so. Link in post. Thanks.


Intro post is here...

I have now voted for ausbitbank. Thanks heaps.

excellent post ..loving to your blog.thanks for sharing..

Welcome new members! I know you'll love team Australia like I do!

@choogirl how is Greece treating you?

Oh and have fun in Greece @choogirl!


Thanks. That's the plan!


Dude, your photos are ridiculous... I've walked that bridge a trillion times and have never one seen it look this amazing!


just caught it in the right light ;)

Amazing photography.thanks for the this blog.


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