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How To Help Team Mates?

There are many ways to help your teammates but on this post I will cover how we can help each other using @centerlink’s curation trail.

This method is another option when you don’t have much time to go over all the team’s posts and curate. It is also a best option for people like me who are lazy or just don’t have time to get on line.

Curation trails used to be in streemian but that is now shutdown. @centerlink's curation trail is now in This is also why I made this little tutorial so everyone of us #teamaustralia will follow @centerlink's curation trail.

What Is @centerlink’s Curation Trail?

@centerlink is a parody of the Australian payment welfare Centrelink. It is set up or managed by our witness @ausbitbank (if you haven’t voted for him as a witness, please vote him HERE) to support all members of #teamaustralia.

Benefit Of Following @centerlink’s Curation Trail

  1. Don’t it feel good when you know that you are helping your team mates? So yeah that will be the first benefit you get, the satisfaction or feeling great because you know you are helping others.

  2. If you don’t go online all the time, your voting power will not go to waste because you are actually voting with the help of the curation trail.

  3. This allows you to be receiving curation reward even if you are not online voting manually.

How To Join @centerlink’s Curation Trail?

Register and log in to


On your dashboard click on “curation trail”


On the “Search For A Trail” type in “centerlink”


Centerlink trail name will come up. Just click on “Follow”


Then click on “Settings”.


Fill in the “Settings”. If you follow the example below should be OK. If your voting power is getting drained you can always adjust the “voting weight percentage”. You can also put in a bigger percentage if you plan of being away for a while and not able to be online on steemit because bigger voting percentage you give means bigger curation reward you get.

The “Scale voting weight” and “fixed voting weight” –

What is difference between 'Scale' and 'Fixed' in following trails?

Fixed voting weight means you will upvote with exact percentage you entered.

Scale voting weight means your voting weight will changed by trail voted weight. Let's say you followed a trail by this method with 10% then if trail upvotes any post by 50%, your upvote weight will be 5% (10% of 50%)

The "Time to wait before voting" is better set to 0 because @centerlink votes at 25 minutes after the post which means if you put say 25 minutes on the "time to wait before voting" you are actually voting 50 minutes after the article is posted.

That’s it if you are happy with everything just click on “Save Settings” and you are good.


For the full guide on how to use please go HERE

Please resteem this so all #teamaustralia members will see it.

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The curation trail has grown quite well😁. I know this is an old post, but just wanted to drop you a line...

We're trying to organise a Perth meetup, a couple wof weeks time if you're keen.

Details at


This would be nice I live in Mandurah but work in Kalgoorlie so I'm not always near Perth. Maybe some of the steemians that put Perth not exactly in Perth like me.

Hopefully the Perth meet up will have a good turn out.


All good mate. Mandurah's a pretty cool place... Kalgoorlie not so much from what I've heard.... Dusty and HOT!!! But a fun trip for going out on a prospecting weekend.

Here's the update, juuuust in case you're in the area - Whiteman Park on Sun 4 March. :)

G'day Mate. Just got back and catching up.
I gave my voting power down to 85% to @minnowbooster while I'm busy and not so active.
If I follow @centerlink's curation trail, will the 2 clash?


It should not clash. You can follow as many trails and give your power to minnowbooster at same time. Say you give 85% of your sp to minnowbooster, the trail will utilize the 15%.

How do I get help from Team Australia?


What type of help do you require?

@choogirl is a pretty nice lady who is kinda the HR of #teamaustralia (might have worded that wrong).

I guess all of us in #teamaustralia are very willing to lend a hand or help if within our capable hands. So yeah just shoot us what help you need.

By the way, if you are not yet formally introduced within the #teamaustralia please contact @choogirl. You can just comment on her post Team Australia new recruits update


With upvotes, my partner and I travel around Melbourne as we are locals promoting local gems.

Pop past and have a look see if you like what we're doing.

Awesome @weebcoop , mate, resteemed and upvoted, I'm new here but has voted for @ausbitbank as a witness and ill log in to and follow your instructions:)


Thanks mate.

I have edited the post in regards the "time to wait before voting". I think that is best set to 0 so you will vote straight after @centerlink (I think).

Also a full guide or tutorial on how to use the steemauto HERE

Thanks for the info @webcoop I've been away from steemit for a bit...So much to catch up on! Just signed up and followed the trail.


You are welcome.

I have edited the post in regards the "time to wait before voting". I think that is best set to 0 so you will vote straight after @centerlink (I think).

Also a full guide or tutorial on how to use the steemauto HERE

One of my favorite team is team Australia..I am surprised to see your post headline..Thanks for sharing your method.


Thank you very much

I've actually been thinking about doing this for a while (I'm just allowing my VP to get back to 100% from 17%)... I am curious though... in terms of curation rewards, how do you know where it places you in the queue? I'd mainly like to configure it so I get in before Ausbitbank's vote.


I think @centerlink's vote is 25 minutes after the post. I'm pretty sure ausbitbank's auto vote is before @centerlink, just don't know exactly when. On the curation trail better to set the time to 0 so that you will vote straight after @centerlink voted.

If you using the "fanbase" feature on the steemauto... you can experiment with 15 - 30 minutes

A full guide and tutorial how to use the steemauto HERE

Good sharing for information. @webcoop


Thank you very much

Good tute. I've resteemed from the TA account.

Nice post, I've just added myself to the curation trail.

This is a great idea,

I want to help support all the crew here down under but can miss posts as there is so much going on sometimes.

Thank you for your information.


You are welcome

Will do the curating trail tonight when I get home!

This will really help alot,thanks.

Moreover am not from Australia,can I still join the team australia.

nice!! thanks @webcoop 💗

Very interested to participate.

Nice post I upvote Yes




Thanks juga teman

good friends, your posts are useful and interesting ,, best regards, my best friend, hopefully we can be friends always, from your post I add insight and information about how, I am amazed and motivated, hope my friend always ,, and I want to learn from you buddy ,,


Thank you very much


same as my friend, good luck always

Many thanks for this great post @webcoop I will have a good read later when time allows and resteem for others to benefit from the helpful advice. I'd like to thank you and all #teamaustralia for your ongoing support and encouragement. It has meant a lot to me. I am proud to a part of this wonderful group!


Have just realized this post is over 7 days old so I will add this to my file and go over these details.

Nice info,thank's for sharing


You are welcome

Great guide! Sorry I missed it within 7 days