@TeamAustralia Christmas Party Weekend in the Blue Mountains

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It's bloody May ffs. You'd think with 6 months to go til Christmas there would be plenty of Christmas Party venues left to choose from but sadly nope.

I had visions of a swanky Steemit Christmas party at some city location with a view of the Harbour Bridge and I really thought that was within reach despite the exorbitant price but sadly, my number 1 option (and only option) had already been booked and the next available venue more expensive and without the view.

Next idea was a Christmas Party on a boat (if we can't get a spot with a view, we'll get a boat and pick a view), then maybe hiring a houseboat since that also took care of accommodation. But due to prices, practicality, the possibility of sea sickness, it's not looking like a good option.

AirBnb was brought up in chat the other day and rightly so, they have great properties to choose from. It was my next alternative and I was hoping for a beach front property (if we can't have a harbour view then at least the beach, right?)

I found a place in Palm Beach within walking distance to the beach, with water views, great furnishing, can accommodate 10 people but no events, so no party and we can't have more than 10 people on site otherwise we lose our bond. That also means others can't join us.

Square 1

My original plan was to maybe have the party up here in the mountains. It is a tourist destination, every bit as much as Sydney City and Palm Beach.

But I live here and I figured the team wouldn't want to come up, well that's what I thought anyway and it seems I might be wrong.

Both @ratticus and @gohba.handcrafts have mentioned the Blue Mountains and with costs being a factor I propose a Blue Mountains Christmas Party, at my place.

Here's the logic.

  • I can host the party itself at my house since I do have a view and we CAN have a party and make noise up til midnight.

  • I can also accommodate 3 people inside. I have a spare bedroom with a double bed and can always put a single air mattress in the crystal room. I can accommodate more if you bring your tents and camp out in the backyard.

  • This house in Katoomba can sleep up to 13 people that we can rent from Dec 14 to Dec 17 for under $2000. This house, from my understanding is close to local tracks and amenities, so those who wish to see the sights and go on tourist mode, this could be a great location for you. Furnishings and style wise... It ain't like the fancy Palm Beach house, but it does have character.
  • This means we have accommodation for those a) travelling from overseas/interstate. b) too drunk to drive home.

  • This also means our party cost will be reduced and the next part - catering, can be sorted out later. At the moment I'm thinking half catered half old school aussie bbq.

Ideally, I'm hoping we can fund a large chunk of the Christmas Party through Steemit so that all everyone needs to do is get to the Blue Mountains. I know price and money issues have been raised and I'd like to take that out of the equation so we can all hang out and just have a great time.

That said, the talk of tickets has been brought up and I'm not exactly opposed to it as it will help heaps with funding the party and acommodation for everyone, and help figure out who's coming to my place, so to register you will need to buy a ticket. I'll come up with a figure later. With Steem being Steem, it's hard to put an SBD price on things atm.

Also, because people will be travelling from overseas/interstate I have decided to make a weekend out of it. This will also allow those people to sight see, and for others who can't come on certain days an opportunity to meet up with everyone over the 3 days.

Dec 14 : Check in
Dec 15 : Christmas Party at my place
Dec 16 : Bum around day
Dec 17 : Check out

So that's the plan. It's far from the glitzy do I imagined (I seriously saw us in Star City Casino, having cocktails and such for the after party), but it's a plan and it's less drama in terms of party venue.

The only thing I'm worrying about right now is getting the accommodation in Katoomba. The price changes depending on how many people are staying there and I sent them a message asking when they need the final numbers or if we can change it after we book it.

I heard back from the owner regarding changing our number up to 13 if we need to and he has sent me the invite to book. Problem is I need numbers and I'll need to pay for the full amount now to reserve our accommodation (which I don't have the cash for. I'll need to cash out)

So guys! Who will need accommodation in the Blue Mountains for the TeamAus Christmas Party? The Katoomba house can sleep up to 13, and I can have 3 at my place, more for those tent people.

You are all welcome to find accommodation yourselves, I know there are AirBnB rooms up here, but I thought it might be cool to have everyone under the same roof for a few days.

What do you all think?

❤ Arly

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1274km one way from Adelaide, with 28 hours of driving total. 2500km. About 6 tanks of fuel in the steem mobile if I bring four people with me from Adelaide.

I'll discuss this in more depth with the locals.


We have much to discus




Hahahaha. Brilliant use of the Simpsons meme.


I'm known around these parts as the GIF King :)


OOHHH!! The Steem Mobile in person!

What is it with Adelaide and Steemit icons? Steem Mobile... @Rustle..


Adelaide has it's shit together!


They so do!! How epic would the Steem Mobile road trip be? #shenanigans


It would be awesome. I didn't even see it when I was in Adelaide as it wasn't driven to the meetup, so would be cool for it to make the Christmas trip

Upvote and resteem.

I know you can successfully gather the things all you need before your team Australia Christmas party.. Best of luck mommy..

You have a minor misspelling in the following sentence:

You are all welcome to find accomodation yourselves, I know there are AirBnB rooms up here, but I thought it might be cool to have everyone under the same roof for a few days.
It should be accommodation instead of accomodation.


Thanks for the correction. One thing I always appreciate is constructive criticism.

I've read your post. I wish you good luck and y'all have a great time together.

Hello @bearone

You'd think with 6 months to go til Christmas there would be plenty of Christmas Party venues left to choose from but sadly nope.

Honestly, I thought you were not serious untill I read this. Australia must be a good destination for investors to establish event centres and things like that. I suggest you give it a thought because being a Steemian places you on the pedestal to amass wealth in the near future when when one steem will be valued at 200$

I am happy to know that you found an alternative at the end of it all.

Keep doing steem proud

@eurogee of @euronation community


Hey @eurogee!

I don't know what it's like for the other states but Sydney has always been this crazy, especially if you want the good venues and they have the price tag to match.

I just might set up my own event centre with my Steemit millions one day ;)

Thanks mate, it was a bit of a head ache but I reckon this alternative could be the best for a lot of people.

As much as I wanted all the glitz and glamour of a big fancy city party, I'd rather everyone have a good time and not have to worry about things.

Steem on my friend!



This sounds awesome. I am putting it in my diary. I don't need accommodation. The Blue Moutains is an awesome location.

Oh hun, how much I would love to come and meet you all in person!!! Hope you guys all have a fabulous time and I will be expecting lots of picture updates through out the event!!


Ohh hun!! I wish you could come, it's gonna be a good weekend! Im sure there will be tons of pics maybe even vids too!

Definitely in for the party at your place.

Regarding the accommodation place, that price looks great, and while I'm not looking for somewhere to stay ahead of those coming from interstate, I imagine some Sydney locals would like to avoid some of the back and forth going up the mountain and home if they're coming up for more than 1 day. Or you know, just a bit of time to get away from the city. at < $200 each for 3 days accommodation? that's pretty sweet.


Sweet!! I honestly think it's the most cost efficient option, and not a bad one if youre staying at the Katoomba house with the touristy things nearby.

It's $151 per person for 3 days accommodation ($50.33 per day), so it's definitely not bad at all. Especially when we were looking at $145 per person for 5 hours, not including accommodation just a couple of days ago.

Your house sounds like a good option, I would have definitely bailed on a lot of other options as I don't like crowds XD

As is I'm still likely to bail on money :< One day! XD



Yeh! Seems a lot of people are happier with this option which suites me cos I really dont like leaving the mountains lol. Should be more relaxed too, itd just be like how were all in the channel, but in person.

6 months to go love! Plenty of time for things to change ❤


Not so much, whenever I bail in the channel everyone assumes it's because I'm busy. In real life they will realise it's mostly because I have the attention span of a gnat XD

Then they'd have to listen to my bad language as I'd probably bring my sp4 to avoid drawing on the walls and I hate drawing on that thing XD

There is a possibility I might earn enough steem in six months to make it maybe, will see, just thought you'd need numbers for the share house (which is currently where I'm assuming I'll be stuck as the stupid tent we have is the size of a small house so I won't be bringing it otherwise I'd pitch in your backyard).


Someone like myself who has been to the blue mountains, I'd highly recommend it, awesome idea and awesome place for everyone to go :)


No worries at all, hope to catch you at some stage and I'll keep an eye on your posts :)


This idea has my vote, and should mean I can make it. I'll pay for a ticket regardless and work out the rest later. :-D


Yay!I'm glad to hear it mate!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

good luck

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My question is, how does one get to the Blue Mountains from Sydney airport? And what is the cost/time? Thanks.




So if the website is correct. It'll take 2.5 hours, 2 trains (switch at Central) and $25 to get from the airport to the mountains. And you may need to get an Opal card to get your train ticket.


Alternatively, save the $12 Airport Station fee by catching a bus to the normal line (I know the 400 goes to Rockdale from the Airport). Might/will take longer, but cheaper. I haven't looked up how much it'll cost to drive up there yet, but I might have empty seats if I drive up. Though train is cheaper for me as a pensioner. Will do up some financial options for me for later, and see if my fiance would be wanting to come or not.


If choo has luggage I reckon it'd be easier if she went train all the way. Even better if you can rock by and pick her up ;) But check financials and Im hoping your fiance can make it too

Wait.. hmm @phamised you out near the airport?


Phamished is certainly near the airport also. Pretty sure they're the other side of it to me (currently).

Depends how much luggage. I've done the bus thing with my roller bag, backpack, and laptop. It was fine, but would suck during peak hours, but then so would the train...