Dining Out - Bavarian Bier Cafe Parramatta (and another meetup with Rustle)

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By now many of you have seen posts from the other attendees and seen just how much fun was being had at this meetup, with yet another bunch of awesome steemians that I hadn't met before. If you haven't, there'll be a bunch of links at the end of the post.

I decided that since I'd likely be drinking (well I am heading to a German drinking venue...) that it would be best for me to catch public transport. I was tempted to spend the morning taking the long way there and experiencing the ferry ride from the city to Parramatta, but ended up deciding that the extra hour would be better spent at home resting. Pity since it was such a lovely day, but I'm glad I didn't as I discovered on the way that my battery pack was flat, so I didn't have the amount of phone power that I'd expected. It was with about 20% battery left that I arrived, early as expected, to take a couple of exterior shots and even an interior.

Bavarian Bier Cafe Outside.jpg
As you approach from Church St, you really can't tell that it's anything more than a church

Bavarian Bier Cafe Outside 2.jpg
Unless you've got good eyes and can read the blue signs that is. The re-purposed St Andrews buildings make for a wonderful and different drinking environment

Bavarian Bier Cafe Outside Tables.jpg
There's plenty of outside table space for a nice sunny day, and the roads aren't really that busy so there isn't much noise from them. And I didn't notice at the time, but I captured @bearone and hubby in this photo before I'd met them

You enter the venue through the old church doors and foyer, where they have a reception desk and are welcomed to this wonderful view:

Bavarian Bier Cafe Inside.jpg
An excellent bar area with all the glasses hanging above it, large round fake candle chandeliers, huge open space, and stained glass windows

I'm not sure if I remember having a drink or 2 in a space quite like this ever before, and certainly not with it made up with bench seating and long tables (plenty of booths around the sides that could seat 4-6 people as well, but I'm quite happy that we were right out in the middle and next to the bar.
Speaking of the bar, once @bearone and her hubby had arrived we discussed drinks and decided that it would be wise to get a tower of beer to start and see who turned up and what they wanted. @stabilowl arrived before the tower had, so we got an extra glass for him and we were underway.

Bavarian Bier Cafe Pilsner Tower.jpg
Spatan Lager - Failing at making a decision ourselves we asked our waiter what he'd drink and went with that. It was a good choice, even if a cheeky cocky decided to get in there before any of us could have a go at it!

After more people had arrived there was also a tower of cider ordered. I quite enjoyed the Good Pickin's last time around and I still think it's a decent cider. That the cider's tower was finished first also probably says something about it too!

Before we got onto the food (and for those here for the food, there is food coming), some of us had our arms twisted into doing shots. A bit disappointed that they were our of butterscotch schnapps, but the pink lady was nice, if quite sweet. If Arly tries to strong-arm you into doing shots, just roll with it, because it was fun

Bavarian Bier Cafe Shots.jpg
They bring them out on a long paddle with a cowbell being rung along the way. Quite the presentation, and the lack of spillage shows a steady hand

With the alcohol had and everyone chatting with each other, it was rumbly tummy time, and @phamished and I discussed the menu, eventually doing our best to convince the table that it would be a good idea to share a few platters rather than trying to get single orders from everyone, especially when a few of us were already eyeing off the platters 'for one', and knowing that 'for one' in German food doesn't translate to for one to us! I'm quite used to getting 2 or 3 meals from a single serve. We initially were looking at:

  • The Munich Brewer's Platter (designed for 2) and boasting Crackling Pork Belly , Pork Knuckle, Haus Sausages, Schnitzel, Sauerkraut, Red Cabbage, Bier Jus, Mashed Potatoes, and Apple Compote;

Bavarian Bier Cafe Pork Platter.jpg
So much crackling and almost all of it perfect and crunchy. A pile of sausages and a couple of lightly coloured schnitzels

  • The Bavarian Tasting Platter (Designed for 1) which was similar to the Munich Brewer's, but without the Pork Knuckle;

Bavarian Bier Cafe Pork Platter Small.jpg
It looks so small down there, but it certainly was tasty and the collection of sausages hiding under the greenery

  • The Sausage Tasting Platter (Designed for 1) which contained 5 styles of sausage (Wagyu Beef & Cheddar, Giant Thuringer, Cheese Kransky, Frankfurter, Pepper & Garlic Kielbasa) along with sides of Mash, Sauerkraut, and Bier Jus.

The waiter being the awesome guy that he was didn't think that was enough food for the 9 of us, so suggested we upgrade the sausage platter to the one designed for 2. It changes the sausages to Pork Maple & Bacon, Hot Link, Chicken & Coriander, Pepper & Garlic Kielbasa, and the Extra Long Frankfurter, and adding Potato Salad, Red Cabbage, BBQ Sauce, and Mustard to the sides.

Bavarian Bier Cafe Sausage Platter.jpg
So much sausage. All of it was delicious, even if we sometimes couldn't work out which sausage was which from the list we had.

There was much discussions going on all around the food and drinks, with @quochuy discussing witness related things, and @chrisdavidphoto talking crypto and how his experience with being hacked has gone. It's a little surprising how easily it happened, and how little things you don't think about like keeping your registration email might give someone a point of attack. Various people discussed Diablo at a few points, though I have a feeling not much discussion happened asides from saying Diablo to get the other players attention since a few of us play, though not all on the same platform. I think @travelgirl and I were on PC, and @bearone and hubby were on console. Not sure if there were other players that I'm forgetting.

Bavarian Bier Cafe Meetup People.jpg
clockwise from left: @chrisdavidphoto (well, fringe and hands), @ohboy, @phamished, @bearone, hubby, @stabilowl, @travelgirl, @quochuy, @rustle)

From all their posts and comments, everyone had a great time and enjoyed what was a nice sunny day out even though it's early May. Quite a contrast from the last meetup I organised back in early March when it was cold, wet and miserable day out! I look forward to many more meetups with some or all of these people in the future. I know that Arly's certainly been bitten by the meetup bug!

If you are looking for a place for a nice meal and some drinks, I certainly recommend getting to the Bavarian Bier Cafe, as the food was all really good, with about the only negative being that the lowest bit of the pork belly was a little dry. Still tasty, and giving it some jus helped greatly too.

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Upvote and resteem. I lived in Bavaria for 20 years. You are making me homesick mate.


What a great part of the world to live. I very much hope to visit it some day, and see more of Germany than just the small section of the Black Forest that we went through many years ago


Yes, beautiful forrests.

I'm going to miss you, Uncle Ratticus. Thanks for the beers and the laughs and the fun car trips; maybe we'll meet again one day :)


It's going to be quiet around here for the next little while without you. Happy travels and hopefully there will be lots of stories to read about your travels

Great post Rat and nice meeting you and everyone there.


Thanks for providing further company afterwards for watching the movie also. I'm fine seeing things alone, but it's usually so much better going with someone else.

Emazing bos

Woops I completely missed this sorry! Great post and thanks for your version of the write up too :)


With so many posts it was bound that some of us would miss some of the other's posts.

Thanks for sharing your side of the story :-D
And thanks for organising this too.

Great post Rat! Thanks so much organising this with me, so glad we did it. I had a really good time.

Im hoping the other sydneysiders come out of the woodwork.


3 (+1 extra) at the first meet. 8 (+1 extra) at the second. We're slowly getting them to come out of the houses and meet with other people. At some point I hope that my partner will come along to one too

most enjoy and fun.some good delicious food and drink.enjoyable trips.@ratticus

Such an awesome looking venue. Food looks great too. After seeing all the photos of the food from everyone who has posted so far is making me want to try some.

Great to see everyone had a great time and @rustle unable to contain his thirst and excitement when the beer towers came out. hehehe


He can be such a naughty boy sometimes. Hopefully he behaves himself for @bearone, and whoever takes him on the next leg of his travels.

I am sorry I took that half shot of butterscotch 😄 . Next time before we go we should make sure that they have butterscotch ready for our arrival.


That's ok. No matter who had it, everyone else was going to miss out.


Hahahaha don't be sorry! Go you! Next time I'll call days ahead and make sure they have butterscotch. I'm kinda glad they didn't have it cos that Apple one was delish could do a paddle of that.