Third Grade Math Core Curriculum

This page contains links to all the posts containing 3rd grade math topics. Please click on the links to get the the worksheets and lessons of your choice and make your loving child(ren) math smart.

Number Sense

Place Value to Ten Thousand

Place Value To Ten Thousands Lesson & Worksheets - 1

Place Value To Ten Thousands Lesson & Worksheets - 2

Writing Numbers to Ten Thousands Using Different Methods

Place Value of a Digit in a Given Number - 1

Place Value of a Digit in a Given Number - 2

Writing Place Value of an Underline Digit in a Number

Value of an Underline Digit in a Numbr Worksheets

Estimating Numbers

Worksheets On Estimating Numbers

Comparing & Ordering Numbers

Comparing & Ordering Numbers - 1

Comparing Numbers Worksheets

Finding Greater & Smaller numbers in a Set of Numbers

Finding Greatest and Smallest Numbers

Ordering Numbers Worksheets

Rounding Numbers

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Ten

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Hundred

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Thousand

Rounding Numbers to Nearest Ten Thousand

Skip Counting Worksheets

Skip Counting by 3's and 4's Worksheets

Skip Counting by 5's Worksheets

Skip Counting by 10's and 25's Worksheets

Skip Counting by 50's and 100's Worksheets


Math Addition Facts for Zero and One

Math Addition Factors for Numbers 2, 3 and 4

Addition Facts for Numbers 5 and 6

Additon Fact Families OR Related Facts

Simple Addition Strategy of Adding Doubles

Simple Addition Strategies - Doubles Plus One and Doubles Plus Two

Simple Addition Equations

Double Digit Addition Without Regrouping

Double Digit Addition With Regrouping

Three Digit Addition With and Without Regrouping

Adding Two Four-digit Numbers

Adding Three and Four Numbers Vertically

Adding Numbers when They Have Different Number of Digits

Estimating Sum of Numbers

Estimating Sums - Multiple Choice Worksheets


Subtraction Without Regrouping

Subtracting One-digit Number from a Two-digit Number

Two-digit Subtraction with Regrouping

Three-digit Subtraction with Regrouping

Special Subtraction Problems

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems


Fraction Models

Basic Fraction Worksheets

Fractions as Part of a Set or a Group

Comparing and Ordering Fractions with same Denominators

Comparing Fractions with Same Numerators but Different Denominators

The Concept of Equivalent Fractions

Fraction Word Problems


Introduction to Multiplication

2 Times Table - Jump Start Times Tables

Building the 3 Times Table

Building the 4 Times Table

Building the 5 Times Table

Building 6 times Table - Use of Arrays

Building 7 Times Table

Building 8 Times Table

Building 9 Times Table and Memorizing It

Building 10 Times Table

Basic Multiplication Acitivity Sheets

Basic Multiplication using Arrays

Basic Multiplication Word Problems

Multiplication Wheels to Practice Times Tables - 1

Multiplication Wheels to Practice Times Tables - 2


Introduction to Basic Division

Basic Division Practice Sheets - 1

Basic Division Practice Sheets - 2

One Step Division Worksheets

Division Using Division-brackets - Introduction to Long Division

Basic Multiplication and Division Vocabulary

Basic Division Word Problems


Measuring Units to Find the Length of a Given Objects

Using a Ruler to Measure Small Lengths

Measuring Lengths Using a Ruler

Measuring Weights - Introduction to One Gram

Different Ranges of Measuring Weights in Metric System

Reading Digital Scales to Measure Weights

Learning to Read Analog Weighing Scales

Word Problesm Involving Measuring Weights

Measuring Liquid Volumes Using Metric Units

Learning to Read Volume Measuring Containers

Measuring Liquid Volume using USA Standard Units

Adding Measurements

Subtracting Measurements & Word Problems

Telling Time - 2ng Grade Refresher

Telling Time to Nearest 5 Minute

Telling Time to Nearest 5 Minut - Drawing Clock Hands

Telling Time to Nearest Minute

Money Lessons & Worksheets

Introduction to the Concept of Area

Area of Rectangles - Easiest Step to Learn Area

Area of a Rectangle as Related to its Side Lengths

Finding Side Length of a Rectangle from its Area

Analysing Data

Collecting & Organizing Data

Representing Data Using a Picture Graph

Analyzing a Picture Graph

Creating a Basic Bar Graph

Analyzing a Bar Graph

Below is the link to 2nd grade math page, where you can print all the content for 2nd grade math


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