☼ Steemprentice Spotlight for September 27th - The Search for Steem'n Good Posts ☼

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Here is a collection of recent posts along with joining information and some of our resources.

original source: missionpromise.org ; (now steemage added)

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Anyone may join the #steemprentice channel on steemit.chat

Previous Steemprentice Spotlight 9/26

Please feel free to come join the group to be a mentor or mentee.  Or tell anyone you know or see that could use the help or interested in helping others improve in any of a variety of skill sets that can be applied to anyone's successful growth through mentoring.  Let them know you were directed by virtualgrowth and I will look forward to seeing you in the group.

Steemprentice Success Stories with a little Reporting! 9/18/2016

Steemprentice Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Recent posts of numerous members, mentors, and mentees are presented below for everyone to check out. Also as a collection of steemprentice posts so we may all find each other, and support, and give thanks.

Few have gone from beginners to curie and robin hood whale accomplishment level! Keep up the great job everyone!

@knozaki2015I travel the world Part 51: Thai Airways First Class (Part 2)
@opheliafuMy word of the day- zen!
@papa-pepperHOW TO GIVE YOURSELF THE BEST HAIRCUT ON STEEMIT (or, a recipe for disaster)
@krnelCogs in the Machine – Willing Slaves to Feed the Golem
@brianphobosArches National Park
@kyriacosPictures From A Salt Lake
@royalmacrodamnation [An Original Abstract Art]
@nekromarinistThe Scarlet Flower (Beauty and the Beast). My original illustration (gel pen).
@prufarchyBinary (Original)
@michelle.gentTerrible Threes
@patelinchoMy story in photos ! How to stay positive one month on steemit !
@lscottphotosLSCOTTPHOTOS Daily Photo Initiative #10 - Contrails and cloudy skies (Original Photo)
@mikkolyytinenMy next exhibition, help (image heavy)
@scaredycatguideWeekly Poetry Jam - SILENT INSTANCE (Original Poetry)
@sulevPhotography #16 - Rallycross (part 2)
@fat-like-buddhaI Vote @dantheman For 2016
@juvyjabianHistory of Filipino Resistance
@naquoyaPoetry Slam Challenge 4: Burn It Down
@phoenixmaid"MinnowMaid" mixed media painting
@sykochicaDrama is Going to Happen, But We Need a Better Place for it.
@timcliffProcessing SBD Withdrawals via PayPal - [Requesting Input from the Community]
@kontiCorporate identity | STEEMIT Style Part. 3
@andrew0The SteemIdeas Website - Official Announcement and Link [Steemit random post generator for ideas]
@getonthetrainRevealed Inside: SECRET US Military Plans for Lunar Base!
@nelypLa aviación - Un mundo maravilloso, pero también complicado (II) - Compañía(s) en apuros ✈️
@ninkhisibirEA (Original Poem and Photography)
@whatsupThe Life of a Minnow - Why You Should Care - Part One
@alchemageThe Venomous Kiss that Broke Toledo [An allegorical original poem alluding to the plights of Love.]
@slayerLearn Photography #1 - The Basic Terms Used in Photography
@cloh76Brighten up your Day!! -- Bunnies in Cups
@elena-singerDoes Steemit Change the Life for the Better Similar Ways to Art? Exclusive Interview with New Opera Diva [Video]
@luisucv34The key to success: It is never to give up
@marialinSubjectivity is Essential For Our Success
@techslut[Original Novel] Mistress of Magic: Morgan's Apprentice - Chapter 2
@verbal-dTHE STEEMIT SONG! (Original Music by @Verbal-D)
@timbot606The Man in the Moon - an original poem
@steevcSteemit breaks into the top 10k sites
@lasseehlersChilling... who is for the past and who is for the future?
@beginningtoendPoetry and Art / Part 2- Confined in Small Spaces
@zionuzirielRose Flower - Photography #2
@freebornangelGood thing that my horse is still plodding along.
@marquismillerOriginal Character of the Day - Biriano
@theoptimist3 Ways To Alter Reality: Embedded Commands To Persuade and Influence
@vetvsoBuilding the Steemit @papa-pepper farm and WordPress Integration
@rishi556Torn- An Online RPG That You Should Be Playing
@surpassinggoogleTesting IMGUR to upload two of the most amazing pictures to empower you now!
@wawacoffeeWe're Losing our Humanity! A young person's perspective on the direction the world is headed

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Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Hey Steemprentice!

I can't log into steemit.chat from where I am today. If @sykochica or anyone else could share the link to the post in some channels once, but not more than once, just double check, within the time frames allowed. Thank you very much! Will drop in later and share with the ones who made this post in he meantime.


I dont know so much about the different chat groups, but thanks for including me in the spotlight today.


No problem. You're welcome and thank you for replying.

Thank you so much for featuring me! All the folks here at steemprentice really helped me a lot and I have so many good things to say. I even got picked up by curie thanks to the awesome people in steemprentice!


source: giphy.com

Streemprentice.....minnows unite!!! :-)

Thank you so much for the feature! This is a lovely initiative.


You are very welcome!

I sincerely thank steemprentice and @virtualgrowth for adding me to today's spotlight.

My hope is groups like you guys will get the deserved attention and rewards you deserve. People taking time from their own projects to help others is admirable as well as a valuable community building tool.

Thank you for featuring me here!

Hope that steemideas.com will get some popularity!


You're welcome! Yeah steemideas.com sounds like a good, well, idea! XD


Thank you so much!
The tool is still very raw and beta, but I think that it can greatly be improved with more topics and combinations


You're very welcome!
Very raw and beta like some parts of steemit...
How fitting. :)
It's a tool none the less.

Thanks so much for including me in the list!


You're very welcome!

Thank you for featuring me! Upvoted :-)

Thank you very much! :)


You're very welcome! :)

Thanks for the feature. You guys have helped my writing a lot. Thanks a ton guys.

Thanks for the feature. You guys have helped my writing a lot. Thanks a ton guys.