The key to success: It is never to give up

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 How many times we found in this dilemma? 

 Think of surrender, because us something does not go well, humans tend to seek more easily, knowing that in this life, not won anything without effort. Somehow people that they succeed in this life is because the word surrender does not exist in their vocabulary!. 

 What should be the right path? 

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 1-.  We need to develop a positive attitude; It is important to maintain optimism, to avoid thinking about the failure. 

2-.  Accept the changes in the different stages of your life, of that way is develops the optimism. 

3-.  It is important that the mistakes that you make, you serve as a lesson in your life. 

4-.  Life is full of opportunities, and you realize, that you should never give up. 

5-.  You should always seek to learn new things, to develop your knowledge and deal with the problems that you can get in the way. 

 My personal case 

 On several occasions it was about to give up, since he had been tired, because he saw no future or solutions, with steemit me frustrated many times since I am in this social network, I was writing every day, and sometimes reach not feel desire to continue writing, many of those who came to this page they surrendered quickly and went , did not write more. I somehow I kept working on my articles, because he felt that if he was doing it he will find the fruit of my work, and has lately been so, I have been given the things and that makes me very happy, as well as the growth of the Hispanic community going to steady steps; why I say reader friends: "That in perseverance this success". 

Phrase of the day:

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It is particularly valid here:)

Carry on. Success is just round the bend

Don't know if you heard this one. There's a Chinese saying that sort of translate to: Failure is the mother of success. :-)

She had not heard, but it is a great motivating phrase

Excellent! - I wrote a post a while ago about THE ANCIENT ART OF PERSEVERANCE that reminds me of this.
Good stuff, this is what people need to hear.

great quote at the end there
totally agree!


Please share more wisdom wise westerner

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