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I’ve poured my ocean into our desert,

watched the salt crystallise on your scales

under the curves of our suns.

There are bouquets of violets within your eyes,

ancient stars dancing among new ones

to the songs of the milky way.

Standing before you,

I feel what a bird must feel,

flying embraced by the sky.

Being seen by you,

I feel what the antelope must feel,

lying to rest beneath the lion’s strength.

I spin a thin thread on the wheel of time,

merely one fragile cocoon like a worm's,

yet precious to you just like silk.

You've placed the ladder before me;

steps spiraling up to the heavens,

where you reign over all that is rain.

/Photography by me -> Verification

/Divider by Freepik.com

Thanks for reading!

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I was about to block quote the first stanza and then looked down to admire the second, and then third and then I decided whole poem simply rules... Happy I saw this, following you, this was my favorite post I've read so far today :) Also, love that little embroidery at the end of the poem.

Thank you very much for leaving such a lovely comment here :)

Great job in the past month!
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