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Have you ever wanted the best haircut on steemit?

Well, rest assured, it is already taken, but there is no reason that you cannot copy it, and make your own replica.

I'm here to show you how!

It all started when I posted this "proof" photo at the end of my SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry.

Another user replied, "Nice pics. I am quite fond of the fog tree, and the hair in the fog tree verification!"

I replied back, "You just wait, my next haircut is going to be......... your haircut," not knowing if they were serious.

They replied to my reply, "Nooo!! Save yourself!!! ;o)," not knowing if I was serious.

In hindsight, I think that the user felt threatened that I might "steal his look", since he has the best haircut on steemit.

His response was most likely nothing more than a clever ploy to throw me off, but I was not so easily tricked.

I know that I have a sense of humor, but I'm also one of the most serious people that I know, so here's my how-to on the matter.


ONE HEAD HAIR (preferably full)

ONE PAIR SCISSORS (no running)



Take head full of hair

Use buzzing machine to start making hair fall off head

Reach point of no return

Make a Mohawk on one side just for fun

Make a MR. T haircut on the other side for even more fun

Tilt head sideways to make sure all excess hair from sides falls off

Start to cut hair left on top with scissors

Attach length adjuster to buzzing machine or it will make all hair fall off

Use mirrors for those hard to reach places

Continue removing hair with the buzzing machine

Finish up with more scissor activity

Arrive at final destination - a replica of the best haircut on steemit

To ensure accuracy, compare replica to original best haircut on steemit:

(Images for comparison taken from the blog of @meesterboom)

As always, I'm @meesterboom, and here's the proof:


Awesome Handcrafted @papa-pepper logo kindly donated by @vlad - Thank you!!

Also, thank you @meesterboom.

(I'm only guessing that he won't mind)


Congratulations!!! You have been awarded the Mohawk of Boom achievement award!!! Let the image below guide you in times of strife!!!

I am happy to have my haircut finally recognised for the magnificent beauty it is!!!

and I am proud to report that you have achieved it in exactly the same way that I do!!

this made me laugh and not a lawsuit in sight!! ;0)

It is beautiful, and I'm glad that I could guess your recipe for success.

So you do a Mr. T haircut on the way to your awesome look too? Incredible.

We will see if anyone follows the recipe.

A cool, new haircut AND you get to play catch with @lordvader! You are living the dream @papa-pepper ... living the dream.

Indeed, and please keep it down.
I don't want to wake up and have the dream be over.

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A lot more friendly than before.

Wanna play?


You may be even funnier than I!

Thanks for that!

thats funny! :-D

It was a great way to start my day!

Lol this is funny. I'm curious what @meesterboom will say.

I think I've got a pretty good idea.
I just hope I'm not dead wrong.

Only time will tell.

I am gladdened, gladdened that now there are two of us to share the heavy burden of handsome-ity. For too long I have wearied under this load!!!

That is a burden that I can help you bear.

I can't believe you stole meesterbooms hairstyle,! is this the first case of hair plagerisim on steemit.
ahh who cares if it is I laughed so much I wish I could give you two upvotes.

No, it's a replica!

(Plus, it's been working so great for him, maybe it's the key to his success!)

Anyway, he made fun of my hair before, you I took away his leverage, what can he say now?

One day it is my dream that we can all have haircuts like mine and the world can be a wondrous place as a result! ;0)

I so wish I had photoshop right now, I'd be putting your haircut on as many world leaders as I could for giggles.

Lol, that would be funny. It could only improve them!!

Quick Flagged !!!!
Replica is worst , Double Flagged on it.
@papa-pepper >No, it's a replica!

I cannot cut the hair on a flag... not fuzzy enough.

Perhaps I could trim the top of a carrot!

I am into new set now. The carrot doesn't bring enough attention. Into drawing now. Latte art too much competition , not enough to pay for the beans.

Yes, I know, that was a joke.
If you ever want to draw people, @meesterboom and I are easy, because we are basically twins!

Give me an idea 💡💡💡

OMG! I Also use a buzzer on my sons and boyfriends hair! But its easy i just buzz it all off lol! 😉check this one out!

Image credit

That is nice.
One of the few haircuts I have not had..

Haha! I love that ", Yet "part! Cant wait to see it some day! Lol! 👍😂

You just may...

Hahahahaha Great Post!
Hope you like the hair, while I won't be giving it any best hair on steemit award (as I don't need any award to claim that title) it does seem like an upgrade from your hair before!

It was a fun post to read once I was done!

Wait until I post my first MEME tomorrow..........

Mine's much easier.
Plug in clippers.
Attach 3/8 extension.
Buzz for a few min.
Call wifey to fix what I missed.

But it certainly doesn't look as stylish as you two.

Check @bullionstackers new post out!

(glad to hear that you also use the buzzing machine that makes your hair fall off)

Nooooo not your hair!! Bwahaha, somehow as I scrolled further and further through this post, I already had that sinking feeling in my gut that I knew who's hair cut you were going for. It works great on him, but I liked yours. Now you guys should dye it crazy hues so nobody gets too confused.

Twin Steemians!
At least I did not shave!

Lol, funny post, someday I'll share a photo of my "rockstar" hairdoo from the past (when I used to be a rockstar, in my own mind)!

Hmmm... Rockstar @daveks?

What is this thing that you call "haircut"?

Seriously, the last time I had a haircut was in August 2003, right before my Navy retirement ceremony.

Yeah, there have been decades where I've had about one haircut!

@papa-pepper I know you're funny but this is so over the top
hahahha - I died laughing
oh wait! I'm still alive :D :D :D
you and @meesterboom ahhahahah
Thank you both for the good laugh hahaha

I'm mostly just waiting for him to show up now.

I think this post is number 4 on the trending page for #beauty.

Wouldn't it be wild if he stumbled upon this article there first?

@papa-pepper hahahah - I didn't know that you tagged it beauty hahaha
I wonder what @meesterboom's reaction would be when he sees this
he's also very funny :)

Made me rofl!
Any picture of the reaction of those living with you?

They have been sleeping the whole time...
Once I get back from work, we will see, perhaps I will even post their reactions!

Can't wait to see that!
Especially if they had the same idea :P

Oh no, the entire @papa-pepper tribe now a small herd of @meesterboom lookalikes!

That is what I was aiming for!
Thanks for letting me know that I hit may target!

LOL, this certainly is the best haircut I have seen on Steemit...

I have been wondering where all the haircuts were, I was just saying to a friend yesterday. "Steemit needs more haircut post"

Thanks for sharing :)

Will we be seeing you join us soon?

Thanks for agreeing about it being the best haircut on steemit!

Oh no papa, old wise man once told me..
"If creator had intended our hair to be short, he would not have made it grow.

And, just to emphasize what I am saying, here is a picture of a rotating brain:

So you see, for me a haircut is something to be observed and admired; but I shan’t partake......

Hey I've said that before!

Was I the wise old man you're talking about?

I actually despise haircuts, and they are a very difficult event for me.

That's probably why I try to make it fun, so it's less terrifying.

Wasn't you my friend, but I'm sure you are just as wise...

I was once a brave warrior but I'm getting kinda long in my skin now and frankly, the buzzing machine scares me....

Sometimes that happens my friend.

Thanks, it was fun too!

Paging Mr @meesterboom , First Call , You are wanted Here. Ha ha ha, LMAO . This one sure going goes Bang!!! , Thanks @papa-pepper this one really cracked me up

We will see what happens when he showed up.

If he threatens with a lawsuit, he may contact you.

Please allow me to hire you first with his winnings from the Tattoo Story Contest that have I have not yet paid him.

(I will shortly if there is no lawsuit)

You cannot represent both of us, can you?

Conflict of interest, right?

I have called the police!!!

The hair police.. and handed myself in :0)

You are right.

It may be a crime to look that good.

Lol, I especially laughed at the trending in beauty bit!

I know.


aha ha, you are the GREAT!

Thanks @smailer.

We will see what he thinks!

Incredible do!