Steemprentice Spotlight for September 26th - Results from successful learning & mentoring

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Here is a collection of recent posts along with joining information and some of our resources.

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Anyone may join the #steemprentice channel on

Previous Steemprentice Spotlight 9/24

Please feel free to come join the group to be a mentor or mentee.  Or tell anyone you know or see that could use the help or interested in helping others improve in any of a variety of skill sets that can be applied to anyone's successful growth through mentoring.  Let them know you were directed by virtualgrowth and I will look forward to seeing you in the group.

Steemprentice Success Stories with a little Reporting! 9/18/2016

Steemprentice Report / Spreadsheet

Steemprentice Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Recent posts of numerous members, mentors, and mentees are presented below for everyone to check out. Also as a collection of steemprentice posts so we may all find each other, and support, and give thanks.

Few have gone from beginners to curie and robin hood whale accomplishment level! Keep up the great job everyone!

@knozaki2015Frequent Traveller #2: 6000 Lufthansa Miles for 25 Euro and 5000 Free Emirates Miles
@opheliafuFly borogove fly!
@papa-pepperTATTOO STORY CONTEST WEEK 6 - Winners Announcement - Final Week
@razvanelulmarinthe HOT SEAT with.....@deviedev ( episode 3 )
@faddatMy Reaction to the Announcement of the Steem Hackathon
@krnelThe Origin and Future of Economics - Time, Attention and the Attention Economy
@winstonwolfeRaindrops on Roses
@royalmacroinferno [An Original Abstract Art]
@nekromarinistWaiting for a miracle. My original art (pencil).
@prufarchyPass (Original)
@ausbitbankInvestigating the competition Part 1.5 🔎 MarksNetwork [Followup]
@rubenalexanderHacking Optical Illusions [Dancing Black Dots]
@ace108Hooray! Weekend is over - 好耶!周末过了
@gonzoAttraction – An Original Poem
@lemouthA particle physicist around the world - the Korean DMZ
@michelle.gentWolf in Debutane Clothing
@patelinchoThe adventure of one snail -awakening ! 15 photos
@lscottphotosLSCOTTPHOTOS PhotoPoll #3 - What is your favorite subject(s) to shoot and why? (2 Original Photos)
@mikkolyytinenAddicted to chaos - my reintroduction
@orcish❤Beautiful Art❤
@juvyjabianPolicies That Were Implemented in the Philippines Started During American Occupation
@naquoya[ORIGINAL FICTION] Bad Trip part four: Enter the Mind Hack
@sykochicaImperfectu Film Festival: How Had I NOT Found This Before!
@timcliffDo you / have you used recreational drugs? If so, what drugs? - The Daily Steem Poll [A Question for the Community]
@getonthetrainThe Final Age [Original Sci-Fi Story Pt.2]
@shortcutPoetry Slam Challenge #4: Loop Poetry
@mlialenSteemitphotochallenge #10 - Entry 1
@nelypLo que puedes encontrar en internet - Posts de éxito -> Consejos (II)
@quantumanomaly[QAs Game Dev Blog] Week 1 - Planning and First Steps
@shadowspubSept 25 - Steemit Ramble - Notes on My Favourite Reads
@whatsup151 Followers, 5 weeks, A few Tokens - Is SteemIt Ready For the MainStreem?
@xanoxtCurrent Accomodations of a Modern Nomad. Let Me Show You Where I Live Now
@andrewawerdnaThe craziest splurges in history.
@luisucv34The key to success: It is never to give up
@verbal-dPearlescent Poems # 3: Black Brimstones
@timbot606Sittin' on the hillside - an original poem
@ballinconsciousThe Guardians of Wealth (An Original Poem)
@steevcInvasion of the giant spiders!
@beginningtoendPoetry and Art / Part 1- Confined In Small Spaces
@charliefreak1The Shut Him Up Blog, Vol. #1 - The Great Con That is Patriotism - Colin Kaepernick on His Knees
@johnchangStrangest Ways I've Earned Money
@bmwriderMeet Doc: A Most Mellow Dog
@rubellitefaeThe Symbiosis Project
@marialinThe Art of Growing Old
@rubellitefaeDecentralized Collectivism

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You forgot me 😃


I forgot me too!
You're not in the #steemprentice group. However of you have an idea for another list like this for me to compile I am open to idea. :)


He's in there now :D


I know. Snuck in within minutes! xD
Who left the door open?
Okay welcome to steemprentice future24.

Honored to be featured in this. I appreciate it a lot ^_^

Wowie! Double love 💞 Thanks!



Wonderful posts here guys! Keep building on your skills. :D



Thank you so much for putting all these together @virtualgrowth! It really is a great way to highlight people and give the group some good exposure.

I honestly wouldn't have the time to be doing this myself right now and the efforts you and many others is what sustains this awesome initiative!




People are very thankful for making a list. This is also more rewarding then writing a post. :)


You're welcome!

Thank you! I really appreciate it <3


You're welcome! ❥