Advanced Steem Metrics Report for 27th November 2016

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NEW: Key metrics at a glance, more outliers and anomalies reports


This is a version 0.23 of my daily reports designed to be a comprehensive source of Steem metrics.

  • More historical charts and data can be found at
  • I've added a key metrics module for fast and easy consumption and comparison of data. This will serve as an easy way to be informed for those who don't have time or interest to dive deeper into data.
  • I'm continuing to evolve daily reports to provide insights into various outliers and anomalies that are NOT visible on the aggregate charts. Notable example is @steemsports account.
  • Readded: Top posts by number of unique comments
  • Planned outliers: top accounts by number of daily posts, top accounts by number of daily comments
  • Planned: combine follows, reblogs into a general social network activity metric.
  • Planned: explore other fundamental metrics that are important for understanding Steem.
  • Planned: a more understandable daily payout distribution.
  • Planned: new metrics for posts with number of comments, reblogs, upvotes and outliers removed.


The data and visualization in this post may contain errors and inaccuracies. Don't make important decisions without verifying data yourself. If you have any suggestions or found an error in the data, please get in touch with me on

Key metrics at a glance

Yesterday 7 day Avg. 30 day Avg. Chart max Chart min
New accounts10389891,75611
Active users1,1031,1451,1713,36997
Active voters3,0442,9383,0335,421230
Number of posts9129819684,71995
Active commenters7998348382,81699
Active authors6166476521,78964
Follows per user1.411.361.403.100.00
Reblogs per user0.550.510.530.660.00

Volume Weighted Average Price

Active Human* Stakeholders

  • "User" is a misnomer for an active Steem account. Users, as defined in online analytics and startup metrics, doesn't have a monetary stake in the platform. "Stakeholder" seems to be a more descriptive term. Also, a majority of active Steem accounts are authors, a majority of active Wordpress (for comparison) users are readers and lurkers.
  • These charts provide data on long (since 2016/06/01) and medium (last 30 days) term active stakeholders (defined as those who has made at least one resteem, following, post or comment) and price. These actions do not necessarily indicate human control of an account.
  • Baselines: Max, min and avg for the 30d active users metric.

User acquisition

Chart is based on number of new accounts grouped by the created date. Only accounts that posted, commented or voted at least once are included are counted towards the total. Max, min and avg baselines are provided for the 30d new users twmetric.


  • Only posts with >=2 votes are included in the totals.

Steeem posts and comments ratings

Top 15 Posts by Net Votes with Rewards Less than 10 SBD for 27th November 2016

Vs P Title Author Daily STEEM Faucet Payout Increased 500%@klye
4467.915The Official +600 Follower Thank You Post!@klye
3628.838A Story About An Alien.@kevinwong
3457.201 TIL: Aloe Vera is a super potent natural medicine! Not just for skin!@lily-da-vine
3252.624 Steemprentice Crowd Guild - day #6 - 10 STEEM to join - 58 members - MVP List@virtualgrowth
3092.759Hunting for Another "Strawberry"@steemvest17
2931.575Reports from the Witnesses 2016-11-28@timcliff
2909.025 Today, I Learned: About The Largest Living Organism // About The Temperature That Makes The Water Freeze@logic
2823.245 STEEM Hardfork Version 0.16.0 Informative Post, keeping up with Steemit's Development on GitHub@steemitguide
2771.045 The first Poker Mass SP Distribution Game at SteemSports! (English/German)@future24
2778.837 Setting Up A Linux VPS Securely (Pt.1) - Join Me On My Journey to Become a Witness@krnel
2664.209 Update on The STEEMIT Culinary Challenge # 5 : Unorthodox CHILLIed Dish@englishtchrivy
2667.053 Shouldst I Praise Thee? Doth Thee Killeth Me, O' Lord? [Will The Hard Fork Kill Us?]@wastedcumloads
2565.773Hedera helix part 2@opheliafu
2505.415 Adventures with My Vecino Mexicano, Part 1: Giant Shelf and One Fish Big@lily-da-vine
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Reblogs for 27th November 2016

Rs P Vs Title Author
23196 The Nightly Task Manager (11.26.2016)- Steemit Posts That Pay You!@taskmanager
18208966 SteemSports: (POKER HEADS UP GRAND SLAM) ANTONIO ESFANDIARI VS TOM DWAN - Mass SP Distribution Game! @steemsports
144282 STEEM Hardfork Version 0.16.0 Informative Post, keeping up with Steemit's Development on GitHub@steemitguide
13091Guess How Many? #69@bola
1111390Steemit Referral Rewards Program (Unofficial)@krnel
106234OpenBazaar using Steem within App@cryplectibles
9106459@pfunk's Witness Post@pfunk
862274 I Wrote An Article For CoinTelegraph About STEEM / STEEMIT@brianphobos
721373 📺 New series about cryptocurrency: StartUp! (English/German)@future24
7046 1 child sold 75 times in 1 day. Child sex trafficking more profitable than drug + arms sales@gizmosia
7259Joe "Bad Touch" Biden Strikes again@matrixdweller
721203 Proyecto Cervantes : Compensación y reconocimiento para escritores de habla hispana (Vol.63)@pgarcgo
737149 Disabling Microsoft Cortana Surveillance Agent@mrosenquist
724165 Ice fishing in comfort on Chena Lake in Alaska@pilgrimtraveler
  • Rs: number of reblogs
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Total SP of Post Commenters for 27th November 2016

SSP P Vs Title Author
10.7231.506297Witness update@smooth.witness
10.141.035104 I was super happy ... then I got a job offer (And it all went to shit)...@joewantsfreedom
10.10.19215 Price Steem Dollars increased by 3.88%. 价格STEEM美元增长3.88% Рост курса Steem Dollars!@modnuik
9.9104.886459@pfunk's Witness Post@pfunk
9.74.504222 We need to be able to do Steemit name changes IMO....@thedashguy
9.70.11455Are notifications not working??@richardcrill
9.625.4392 Bitnation: It Might Be The Time To Create Your Own Nation@stellabelle
9.6107.286458OPERATION: PAY IT FORWARD FOR THE HOLIDAYS@ericvancewalton
9.588.199437eSteem - New logo concept@good-karma
9.4207.474966 SteemSports: (POKER HEADS UP GRAND SLAM) ANTONIO ESFANDIARI VS TOM DWAN - Mass SP Distribution Game! @steemsports
9.415.443388A Tribe Called Government@kevinwong
9.473.325573Steemit X Prize Results@thecryptofiend
9.310.54390Steemit Referral Rewards Program (Unofficial)@krnel
9.38.838362A Story About An Alien.@kevinwong
9.161.532274 I Wrote An Article For CoinTelegraph About STEEM / STEEMIT@brianphobos
  • SSP: log10(sum(VESTS)) of authors of post comments
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

Top 15 Posts by Unique Comment Authors Ranking for 27th November 2016

CUs Cs Payout Title Author
77790Crack the Safe #21 - Earn Steem Power@safecrack
5272208 SteemSports: (POKER HEADS UP GRAND SLAM) ANTONIO ESFANDIARI VS TOM DWAN - Mass SP Distribution Game! @steemsports
30300Guess How Many? #69@bola
3069106@pfunk's Witness Post@pfunk
297990eSteem - New logo concept@good-karma
24291 The Nightly Task Manager (11.26.2016)- Steemit Posts That Pay You!@taskmanager
195331BABY BUNNY PHOTO UPDATE - 2 Weeks@papa-pepper
183811Steemit Referral Rewards Program (Unofficial)@krnel
17287 Up or Down Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share!@thegame
172219Hello and a New Experiment.@frobear
172962 I Wrote An Article For CoinTelegraph About STEEM / STEEMIT@brianphobos
161923OSS Donations@furion
1534240Witness update@smooth.witness
15201 Bitcoin BTC/USD Price Up or Down - Steem Distribution Game - Vote for your share!@thegame
  • CUs: number of unique comment authors
  • Cs: number of comments

Top 15 Comments by Payout for 27th November 2016

P Vs First 40 comment symbols Author
14.83714 >I do see the misspelling but On the bot@williambanks
13.82581 # Vote #
13.25526 The effective feed discount (and therefo@smooth
2.126103 Wow this is cool just signed up on steem@mallorcaman
1.566196 Enjoyed reading your post.Spent the past@instructor2121
1.5194 You both are a spicy contribution to ste@food-trail
0.8963 Thanks for the info. Voted for your witn@onceuponatime
0.73291 <center><img src="https://s3-us-west-2.a@steemsports
0.6634 Agreed, I have gone down the rabbit hole@namastaynpaint
0.654198 Upvoted by @foraging-trail http://s6.pos@foraging-trail
0.652196 Upvoted by @foraging-trail http://s6.pos@foraging-trail
0.6463 I am not really sure that tribes form "o@beginningtoend
0.6353 The current us vs. them tribalism and po@demotruk
0.635198 Very good selections. Keep up the great @instructor2121
0.633197 These are spot on! Thanks for the post@instructor2121
  • P: payout
  • Vs: number of votes

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November was a real good leveling off month. We might have real price discovery for steem now.


Incoming hard fork and power down period changes may bring more volatility to Steem, I think we would need a few weeks after HF for "real price discovery" whatever that is in crypto :D

Beautiful data/information for the ones who want more knowledge
Very good analysis of tangible assets value in Steemit
Thank's for this reading because it gave me an idea for my next post "Intangible Value of Steemit"


Thanks and good luck with your next post!

Great list of articles! Will you have a report for the end of the year?


Thanks! Sure, yearly report would be interesting.

I like the new Metrics at a Glance. It would be nice to see the payouts information in some form there, too. I had to laugh - the number of votes to get into the Top 15 posts less than 10 SBD is getting higher and higher! And I like the new section on the number of unique commenters and total comments - that's nice for tracking how much human interaction is going on. Thanks for your consistency in reporting!


Thanks, @haphazard-hstead! I appreciate your feedback. Btw, payouts data added to the new report. Cheers!


You're welcome. I like that new layout!

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