Steemit X Prize Results

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Gold Medal


Thank you to everyone that entered, commented and contributed to the competition.

There were a lot of great ideas and the primary aim of the competition was to use our collective brains to think about marketing and promotional ideas.

Good Job

In this regard I think it was a great success. As a result it was a very difficult task deciding on who won!

There are some really great ideas here and I am going to be looking at ways and means of putting all of them in to practice (assuming that is possible). I have been considering creating an informal group (that anyone can join) to consider and discuss these matters on an informal but ongoing basis.

I may also use some of the ideas as the basis for future competitions.

Anyway I haven't decided yet exactly how I am going to proceed but one thing is for certain and that is I will need your help.

I will let you know of any concrete plans in a future post. Now let's get to the ideas already:

Runners Up (in no particular order)

Steemit Brand Ambassadors

The @steempowertwins suggested the idea of being brand ambassadors for Steemit. This is a great idea and the Steempowertwins are great candidates for this.

I think this is definitely something that the Steemit team could use as a low cost way of marketing. Brand ambassadors could be used to reach out to and cover a variety of demographics.

There is also nothing to stop any of us doing this individually. We are all effectively ambassadors for Steemit and spreading the word helps us all.

Vote for SteemPowerTwins as Steem's First Brand Ambassadors

Steemit Branded Profile Pages on other Social Media

Beanz Profile Example

This idea was suggested by @freedomengineer (as Operation Proudface) and @beanz (see her example above).

Operation Proudface

Having several thousand profile pictures on Facebook advertising Steemit would be a cheap form of promotion and marketing which would at present be resistant to shadow blocking.

One could also see it as less overt form of promotion that can bypass the usual conscious filters that people employ to ignore regular forms of advertising.

Using the Baader Meinhof phenomenon to advertise steemit

Promoting Steemit as a censorship resistant venue


@sykochica and @nxtblg suggested this.

There seem to be many topics that are either ignored or just not dicussed due to lack of awareness. Some of these things are controversial and could bring negative attention to Steemit but not all such subjects are like that.

Here is an excerpt from the discussion - I used a screenshot as markdown had some issues with formatting:

sykochica comment

This would need to be handled carefully but could be a big selling point and means of attracting more attention.

It is definitely something I think we need to explore - particularly in light of the fact that other social media and web based platforms (e.g. Google/Facebook/Twitter) are engaging in more censorship.

Pay a famous writer to start writing on Steemit


This was suggested by @steemitqa and could be considered a part of formal marketing by the Steemit team.

My idea ( I've always thought this ) is to pay a famous writer to come here and post. A kind of writer where their posts go viral. Just imagine a TMZ writer posting something juicy over here and directing some of the traffic over here. I'll try to look into this myself.

Finding someone sufficiently famous to make a significant difference might be expensive but would be great marketing. They could be a celebrity ambassador for the platform and potentially bring at the very least a chunk of their audience over here.

Doing this formally via Steemit inc. using a contract would help to avoid people with large followings coming here for short term gains with no commitment to the platform.

We saw this happen in a number of cases with minor celebrities coming into Steemit during the price peak and cashing out all their earnings and disappearing soon afterwards.

An official day to promote Steemit on other social media

Child Megaphone

Thanks to @getonthetrain for this:

I love that steemit throws all previous social media sites to the side with the financial incentives. My idea is that we pick a day and everyone blasts steemit through the 'old' social media sites (FB, G+, Twitter, whatever you do). We explain that you GET PAID to post and upvote.
I like this because we have a great community here, and we can easily plan ONE day to blast steemit out to the universe - for FREE! There will be so much steemit talk going on that people will be bound to see it at least from one of us. Word of mouth is still as strong as it has every been, maybe even stronger! Then we can watch for the new people (25 rep) who will start posting shortly thereafter and comment and upvote their stuff. Make them feel welcome.

I really like this idea. By all of us concentrating our efforts on a single day I think we could make a much bigger impact than we otherwise could and potentially get Steemit trending across the web.

Video Testimonials

Suggested by @senseiteekay this is another great idea for promotion and creating curiosity amongst people who are not aware of Steemit.

He already has a short testimonial in his Steemit Open Mic entry (embedded above).

I think the easiest way and fastest way for us to market the platform would be through short videos submitted individually where we each express what Steemit is and why we like it. We could create a community incentive, like you've done here, so that users get involved. If we made it a month long event where the goal is to post your video on your own social media sites, we could start a trend across multiple platforms that should get noticed.

Overall this is a great low cost way of marketing Steemit which also gives that very useful personal touch.

Educational resources to attract people


Suggested by @lemouth - the web is a major source for factual information and also for learning for many people.

lemouth Comment

If Steemit becomes a place where people come to learn new things as well as being entertained then it would be beneficial for us all. Appropriate tagging could be used to differentiate educational posts.

Steem Viral/Steem City

Steem Viral Image

Thanks to @charles-d for this idea:

A few days ago, I was checking what was going in the crazy world of ICO´s. And, I noticed that several project were using viral marketing campaigns to promote their projects.
On those platforms in exchange of liking, sharing on different social media websites you would earn points that you could then exchange for Bitcoins or other coins/tokens.

I am already familiar with the Viral Exchange which I initially encountered during the Stratis ICO. Check out their website for more information but a similar idea (or even using TVE itself) could certainly be a good way of promoting Steemit.

Steem Viral | Steem City - Few Ideas for Steemit X-Prize

The Winner

The Winning Idea is from @winstonwolfe - the "Just A Second" Video

Congratulations @winstonwolfe! This was my favourite idea of all.

If you have not seen Winston's original "Just A Second 2013" video please watch it now. You will be pleased you did:

It is one of the best videos I have seen on Steemit or Youtube.

The basic idea is to produce a two minute video made up of 1 second clips of different Steemit users.

More information about it can be found in this post here.

Here is an excerpt:

One Moment Per Steemian

I've been saying it for a while now that we need something to go viral outside of Steemit for us to break out of our little bubble. Any video that's going to do that, in my opinion, should be one that is just as community-driven as the site it represents.
Therefore, I want each clip to be from a different Steemit member. I want to end up with a video that shows just how diverse a group of people we really are.

I think this video would be fantastic marketing for Steemit and would help to show the diversity of users that we have. There is no guarantee of virality but if anything has a chance to it is this.

The Prize

According to SteemD 1MV = about 462 Steem (at the time of writing).

WW Transfer image 1

WW Transfer image 2

I have therefore powered up @winstonwolfe's account with 470 Steem Power (just to be safe) as indicated in the images above.

Thank you all for taking part!

Man on Mountain

Even though there was only one prize we have all "won" with all the great ideas that have come forth. Keep an eye out for the next competition and future developments as I discussed at the start of the post.

Next time you might win the prize:)

Finally don't forget to contribute to @winstonwolfe's video here.

Your Reward for Reading:)

Kitten and Puppy

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So awesome! Thank you so much for this contest, I'm honored! At the time I wrote up my proposal for the video, I'd almost forgotten you were doing this. I've got the basic structure for the video ready to go, so now I just need some video content from the community. I'll post frequently until there's enough to complete the project and get it produced and posted ASAP. :D
So pumped about this, can't wait to see it come to fruition!


@winstonwolfe's idea was a great choice @thecryptofiend - I can't wait to see and share the video when it's done.


Me too. Your idea was pretty awesome too though!


Congrats, @winstonwolfe! Great idea! Can't wait to see it come to fruition!!


Yes it is a great idea. I can't wait to see the finished result. Do also check out the 2013 video in the post to get an idea of what it will be like.


Well done. Hopefully this will get some more video footage coming your way:)



Thanks for the mention.


You're welcome. Thanks for contributing! I am still thinking about how we might take it forward. Have you had any more thoughts on it?

Some 'great ideas' here - Nice concepts. ♨️💯


Yes definitely:)

100%, because of the puppy. ;)

Great job. Thanks Señor Fiend


Thanks mate. You are welcome thought you might enjoy the puppy:)

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I think it's sad that you feel you need to "market" to anyone for any reason. Why not let it grow organically by word of mouth-which is the most reliable way to build a community? If I see too much "steem" advertising, I'll just move elsewhere.


I think it's sad that you feel you need to "market" to anyone for any reason. Why not let it grow organically by word of mouth-which is the most reliable way to build a community?

I disagree. I find it sad that you don't understand that advertising is important and works.

If word of mouth was all that was required then nobody would ever advertise anything.

If I see too much "steem" advertising, I'll just move elsewhere.

That statement makes no sense.

If you see Steemit being advertised in various places it will somehow put you off using Steemit?

Sounds like hipster logic.

It easy to sit around complaining and feeling sad about things, harder to get of your backside and try to change things.


You sound like an entitled twat. Why are you attacking me? Bored?


Lol. You are the one making attacks. Get over yourself.

Good stuff @thecryptofiend. Thanks for the shoutout. If you're still interested in creating a video testimonial competition/incentive, I'd be willing to invest some time in it. Let me know on Or, if there's any other way I can help promote Steemit, please let me know. I really want this platform to eclipse all others.


I will for sure - I think I'll do a competition for it at some point but I will wait until after @winstonwolfe has enough submissions to do his video before I launch it so as not to detract from that.

If everyone used RSS feeds from Streemian to Twitter using categories it would help a ton. Our content already goes to Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Gplus.


Thanks I didn't know you could do that. Steemian is still in closed beta though so it might be a while before people can do it.


I've dropped some Steemit links on , and at least one other person is doing so too. So Steem has a presence on Gab too.


Thank you. Just trying to help spread the word:)

Thanks a lot for quoting what I said the other day, and congratulations to the winner! :)


You're welcome. Thanks:)

Great job to everyone involved!
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Thank you so much:)

The single day shoutout idea from @getonthetrain could be automated if we used Thunderclap. Will try to think of some marketing ideas for next round. I do have a Masters in Marketing I never really ever put to good use!


Yes someone has mentioned thunderclap before not just here but with previous crypto projects that I was involved with. I never quite understood how it works - perhaps you could explain it? Also would be great to have you input generally.


Basically you set up a free campaign on Thunderclap and get lots of people to pledge (you have to get a certain amount - I think minimum is 100) a tweet or post on Facebook for a particular date and on that date an automatic pre-written tweet and Facebook post will go out. I've not done one yet, but been itching for an passionate topic! Might have just found it, if someone does the video (or a fancy photo) for the campaign part :)


Cool. Thanks for explaining. So it is a bit like the social media idea @getonthetrain had just more organised. I always assumed you had to pay them for the service. Please let me know if you do decide to do it before then but it might be worth pursuing once @winstonwolfe finishes the video.


No need to wait on me. It may take some time before I'm able to gather all the video clips I need from everyone. By all means, if you have an idea that can be implemented in short order, bring it on! :D


OK I will have a think about it.