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Hey Steemit community. I've met a lot of you online already but if we haven't, consider this an introduction. I came to Steem as a miner fairly early in its life. I created my account by mining on April 23rd, a bit over 7 months ago. Once I found out what Steem really was for, to enable and reward community-driven content and interaction on a blockchain platform, I was skeptical but very interested. I read the whitepaper outlining the model that Steem was taking to achieve this goal and most of my skepticism vanished. I was in.

Seven months later I'm still in, moreso than before. A few people have made posts about being full-time in Steemit and I can count myself among them. Here are some of the things I do to bring value to Steem and Steemit.


I try to be a model Steemian by commenting, curating (including helping out with Steem Guild and Curie), and actually reading/viewing/watching/listening to many of the unique posts we have here. I also participate and help users in over 30 channels on steemit.chat, where I also occasionally perform the role of moderator. You can also sometimes find me in Steemspeak and the Steemit Talk Podcast discords.

I post. I was one of the first people on Steemit to post topics on subjects other than Steem or cryptocurrency. If you go and scroll all the way down on my blog roll, you'll find my first post was a discussion topic about games and gaming. From the start my goal was to diversify the content on Steemit, to make it a valuable platform that people outside the cryptocurrency sphere would want to join. Many others helped as well, and over time that goal has been partially achieved. I still think there is improvement to be made in onboarding people that might be turned off by some of the technical bits about rewards or the complexities of Steem.

Since then I have found the inspiration to share my own personal photography, and thoughts on various topics I'm interested in. It has unlocked something in me that was dormant. I've often had thoughts like doing a blog reviewing tacos or maybe a more eclectic set of topics but I imagined I would just be talking into a chasm and nobody would ever read them. And to get rewarded for sharing photography is unbelievably encouraging to push myself to learn and get better. I reinvested much of my post earnings back into content production: getting a modern DSLR camera and lenses, software, and a photo production-oriented monitor.

Tasks and funding

I help to curb abuse, and I'm pretty good at it. I earmark time almost every day to try to deal with abuse on Steemit. Some people mock this kind of thing, thinking that it's not an issue. It's generally not an issue because people have been proactive in dealing with it from early on. I think if it wasn't dealt with, Steemit would have a lot more people abusing it and legitimate posters would be turned off from the platform. Though I donate more in time, I also fund @steemcleaners with 100 STEEM weekly.

A couple months ago I recognized the need to help fund an under-represented creative outlet on Steemit: music. I help to fund @luzcypher's weekly Open Mic Night and give a bonus to people that submit original music to it. It's a growing success and there's new people participating every week.

your voice

I believe Steem and Steemit need two things primarily: more user growth and more incentive to buy and hold Steem Power. To these goals I've participated in marketing Steemit, including helping @cryptoctopus early on and making a Facebook ad image for him in which I coined the tagline "Your voice is worth something." I also was the first to do external community-based advertisement. I also made some posts explaining the case for powering up, so that more people would understand the benefits. I'm currently finalizing some marketing I will be doing locally in my city.


I've written a few guides to help people get up to speed with various aspects of Steem and Steemit:


As a witness I have stayed active. I've been running at least one Steem node since I first successfully compiled it back in April. I keep my price feed up to date and have adjusted SBD APR and other witness parameters as I think is needed. I have never missed a hardfork.

I've always tried to spur discussion of major changes to Steem, especially when I thought they didn't make any sense. Such changes include a scrapped proposal to give 25% of a post's rewards as a handout to its comments, which I believed would only encourage low quality comments, botting, and gaming that system. Another proposed change I thought was a bad idea was to give the miner block producer slot the same amount of Steem Power rewards as the backup slot. I also share feedback in chat, on Steemit, and on github when I see it's necessary.

v0.16.0 hardfork

In regards to the upcoming v0.16.0 hardfork, currently scheduled for December 6th, here are my thoughts. I agree that the vesting protection/Steem Power inflation is out of hand and I support reorganizing the economics of Steem. This helps in one half of the market equation, supply. The new economics come with a heavy cut to the trusted people that run the Steem network however. It will be an approximate cut of 83% of block generation SP rewards for the top 19 full-time witnesses. And though the changes seek to rebalance block creation rewards towards those not in the top 19, it will still be a cut of 12% for the backup slot. Not all, but many witnesses use their SP to reinvest in Steem in one way or another.

The hardfork's new economics also seeks to address the demand side, by reducing a full account power down time to 13 weeks instead of the current 104. The theory is that this will increase incentives for speculation. Though it's untested, I see the logic in it. I believe the non-liquid investment in Steem Power has many benefits, and I hope that the new time is a good balance. However, I believe relying on speculation alone is not a fix to generate good demand for the STEEM token. There is more work to be done for Steem Power demand.

The SBD conversion time and price feed median time will both be halved from one week to 3.5 days. I think this is a reasonable change to reduce the risk in conversions and to provide a more up-to-date feed while still leaving enough time to intervene in case of an issue with the witness price feeds.

The switch to the Equihash algorithm for proof of work is welcome because it closes the gap between CPU and GPU mining power, and can benefit from open source GPU miner development from the Zcash world.

Overall I think the changes will be beneficial to Steem in the long run, and I plan to run the final release of v0.16.0 should no issues come up in testing the release candidate.


My witness node runs on a dedicated server in a location with excellent global connectivity. In addition, I always have a backup node at the ready.

Witness node
CPUIntel Xeon
DisksDual SSD
Internet connection1 gigabit on Intel NIC
Power suppliesDual redundant

My seed node is also running on a (overkill ;) dedicated server. Though after the upcoming change to ChainBase, memory requirements will be much lower, so it is subject to change. IP and specs:

Seed node
IP address:port5.9.18.213:2001
CPUIntel i7
DisksDual HD
Internet connection1 gigabit

Why I want your approval vote

I want your vote, small medium or large, if you trust me and approve of what I do in the Steem ecosystem. I hope to increase funding to the projects I already fund, and add more things as it becomes possible in the future. I'd also like more stake in Steem, not only to have a higher powered vote but also to bring my account investment in line with my time invested. I want to see Steem grow and succeed, and do what I can to make it happen.

You can make your approval vote for me as a Steem witness on this page:


Or via command line with vote_for_witness youraccount pfunk true true

Thank you to all the Steemians who already have an approval vote for me or voted for me in the past. Without you I wouldn't be making this post to get to the next level. The rewards from this post will be used to cover costs for my current local advertising in development.

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Thanks for the info. Voted for your witness.

Great article! I vote and follow you , thumbs up!

ps. Totally agree with some of your points, we really need to increase the population on STEEM!

You've always come across as a hard working, helpful and trustworthy member of the community, and I've enjoyed our discussions in the photography channel. You have my vote!


Thank you for the kind words @movievertigo!

Can I ask that you, as I would like to see witnesses in general do, briefly describe where you stand socially and politically on a few issues of your own choice.

In my opinion, this gives a better understanding of the more personal motivations that could be driving a witness at some point in time.


I don't know if most political positions are super relevant for a witness on Steem. Specific important issues like censorship and freedom of speech certainly are though. I have been a free speech supporter since I was probably about 10 years old and able to grasp the concept. I also am against censorship. I think things like the US FCC banning certain words from radio broadcasts and nudity from TV is absurd. Equally absurd is admonishing children for using "bad" words.

Economic issues are also relevant. On Steem, people's token balances and thus stake-based influence should be considered immutable. Dan had an idea once to make it possible to automatically void another's stake with your own, which I thought was a bad idea and would have fought it had it gone any further than idea stage.

Furthermore I think that a recent increase and then decrease of the witness-set SBD APR% variable was a bit of a bait-and-switch, because the APR% went from 10% to 15% in order to increase SBD demand, but was then reduced to 9% in less than a month. This wasn't done with any malice or intention on scamming SBD holders, but I still think it is cause for concern. I participated in this to some extent, and learned from it. For as long as the current system is in place, I don't think I'll ever decrease the APR% more than once in 30 days. I will take opportunities to lobby for a better system that accumulates interest at the current rate throughout a 30 day payment period, rather than paying SBD interest at the current network rate, even if it's less than it was for the other 29 days of the period.


I have much to learn from you


Thank you for answering!


You're welcome, thanks for the question.

Good Job!! Thanks for the work you give us!!


You're welcome

Pfunk for president :P


The question is... president of what? :O


The candy kingdom of course. Resteemed. Hope to see you back in the top 19 soon.


And I shall appoint you the Secretary of Chocolate. Wait what's a president doing in a kingdom anyway? :P Thanks!


Good question hahaha.. you got me ;)


He's making the candy kingdom great again...."bigly".
You have my vote sir.

Hey, @pfunk,

THANK YOU for all that you do!

You are followed, upvoted, and have my approval as witness... ;)

STEEM ON! :) :) :)


Thank you very much @creatr

Thanks for all of your hard work @pfunk !

For a newbie, this really covered a lot, happy to vote for you


I appreciate that. Welcome to Steemit!

Thanks so much for your support with Open Mic @pfunk.
It's good to see all the other things you're involved with on Steemit.
You have my vote as a witness for sure.


I can't take much credit. You do all the heavy lifting. Thank you very much for your approval!


The community is having fun with the project and that's the coolest thing about it. Your support is much appreciated by everyone.

Good Post!Thank you)

Hey @pfunk, you have had and always will have my vote as one of my witness,s ! So let,s now Steem On and Up all together )


Thank you very much @gomeravibz

You did well to post this. I have voted for you many times as a PHOTOGRAPHER and a mighty fine one at that! I had no idea though of your other contributions! I well head over now and vote you in as a witness!

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Oh my, I've never had anyone bite me as a witness. This will be interesting! :P

Thank you!


:) Edited!

@pfunk you're a certified badass who puts your money and time where your mouth is, which is why you've had my vote for quite a while. Well done and much appreciated, as always. As a musician in the community, of course I also really appreciate your support of OpenMic, but you already know that. Thanks again for everything.


Thank you Jessamyn :)


got my vote!! (see my page..thanks) Yankee-statman

Thanks for sharing! Very good post, very interesting .. @pfunk Followed and upvoted! I'm new to Steemit, I invite you to visit my post, upvoted and follow me @Sandra16 Help me?

You have my vote dude, in fact you have had it for ages. Great fan of the work you do for steemit and your blog posts too!


Thank you very much @meesterboom, I'm a fan of your work as well. Actually whenever I see your food/pepper posts I start salivating like a pavlovian dog. :P


Cheers man, that's exactly the effect I am trying for!!

Resteemed for ya brotha


I appreciate that @stealthtrader! Thank you

@pfunk, I believe you are one of the first witnesses I've voted for because of your participation in the community. I cannot believe how much time you spend in chat! Where do you find the time to do everything you do?

Perhaps if you see this and have the time, you could direct me to some good links to information on the difference between CPU and GPU mining? There is so much to learn, but I am determined to understand and perhaps one day begin mining as well. It seems to be the wave of the now and future.


Thank you very much Meredith! As someone with a few CPUs and GPUs, most of them idle right now, I can say it's a total waste of time and electricity, most of the time. :P The short answer to why GPUs are faster is that they are designed for parallel operations, and CPUs are designed for serial ones. This old article on the Bitcoin wiki summarizes it. Ignore the stuff about AMD vs. Nvidia, it's not necessarily the case anymore.


Thank you @pfunk. The wiki sounds like a great starting point. I appreciate you taking the time :)

I gave you my (small :) vote a while ago, because I trust you and appreciate all that you are doing for this community.


I appreciate it @nelyp. Having approval from many individual real people is rewarding for its own sake, no matter their stake.

Upvoted for you for your witness. Good work and keep it up! :)

Good job you doing up here. You have my vote for witness. Keep steeming.


Thank you @oldtimer. Will do!

I'm a little late to the party....I wasn't sure what all this voting was about - I get it now. You have my vote - one, because I come across your replies and see your presence and encouraging remarks and two, because I like how you presented in this post. I wasn't aware you were the man behind the curtain on so many projects.
One question I do have, if you have a moment, is how to organize certain posts that contain helpful guides. Do most bookmark them in their browser or is there another way within steemit that I am not aware of? Thanks.


Thank you very much @countrygirl! I'm not the only man behind these things. Many people contribute to everything on Steemit.

Regarding helpful posts, the new Welcome page has some good info and tips, including links to some posts. You can access it by clicking the shutter icon in the upper right on a steemit.com page, it's the 4th link down.


Nice. Thank you! I see the link.


Who would I make a suggestion to about followers and those following? I would like to see those alphabetized so I can find people quicker. ??

Well, I go to my secret safe to take my active key and vote for you!
I think you are one of the most deeply involved in this platform people.


I appreciate the effort! Thank you @boddhisattva.

Very useful information, thank you. Voted for you as witness.


Thank you for the vote @technovedanta :)

Have no clue what voting does yet, But I voted for you :)


Thank you! To put it simply, witness voting allows stakeholders in the Steem network to collectively choose who produces blocks, which keeps the blockchain going. It is a trusted position with responsibility, so stakeholders are incentivized to be choosy.

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You've still got my vote, thanks for everything you do for the community :)

@pfunk, steem on dude. You got my vote.


Thank you @runridefly. Steem on!

You've definitely got my vote @pfunk, truly thank you for all your contributions to this wonderful Steemit community, I hope you become witness indeed. I'm going to check our your gaming post right now, I just posted a gaming article just now as I came across yours. The diversity and intricacy of content in Steemit is growing more vast and is going to be an enticing factor for more users in the near future. Best of success to you as a future witness, Upvoted!


Thank you @verbal-d! Diverse and niche stuff is definitely valuable to the growth of Steem. Websites will usually stagnate if the culture becomes a singular clique.


Wise words and you're most indeed welcome

Hi there! I've been meaning to check out your page as my brother is a super talented musician who I am encouraging to get on here. I've posted a couple of his originals on my page along with others and @luzcypher has been really encouraging. I started just under two weeks ago, and it's a fantastic place. I believe in where it's going. Ironically, I only recently learned about witnesses and what they do, I had no idea you were one until I got on your page just now. I just new you were a huge part of the music incentive here and I've seen a lot of great comments about you. It's excellent that you're a witness. I think it's important that those who do what you do are really involved with the community. So absolutely, you have my vote! I would love it if you could recommend other witnesses for me to check out. I have been doing some research when I can, but it would be much easier if they were all similar to you, ha! I'm self-governing and all about being free, so it' a no-brainer.
If you get a chance-and really you'll want to, it's an awesome song to start a Saturday on-- click on the link and check out my brother ;) https://steemit.com/funny/@dreemit/lazy-day-blues Going to vote for you now.

Voted for you in the witness page. Thank you for all you do.


You are welcome, and thanks!

I voted for your witness to.
Thank you!


Thank you

yes thanks a lot will follow as well have a nice day

"Your voice is worth something" is a great tag line. Thanks for all that you do.
I found the witness page and voted for you yesterday. :-)

@pfunk - I have just started voting for witnesses today. I am fairly new and still learning, but a few members have stood out for being active supporters in the Steemit Community. You are one of them. I am happy to return that support for you as a witness.

thank you sirk,

I've voted for you as a witness

Thanks for nurturing the community. You have my full support back.

I have voted for you as my witness. Thank you for your support @pfunk

Shut up and take my vote! =)
PS you've had in for ages.... but still


Thanks Putin! ... err Serej ;)


You can't just blow my cover like that man =)

Helping in curbing abuse? Ah...you got my vote! :)

Very nice,,,

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keep in touch


Thanks for the help in Forums. You were my first witness vote. Thanks again.

you got my vote

Been tryint to see which appropriate witnesses I can vote for, @Curie has been a tremendous help, especially starting brand new on the platform. Music promoter with @mysticravenpro, my ownpersonal music production @ravenking13 and my art/writing/magic blog is @ravenking.

Voted for you! Love your witness thread :)


Thank you!

Good like

Just put in my vote for you bro, been helpful since day 1!


Thanks man!

I appreciate your role in helping to curb abuse, something important to this community and the reason you get my Witness vote. Thank you @pfunk for the work you do.

I have no clue what I am doing, however, I did press upvote for whatever reason...

good work, just gave you my votes!


Thank you!

I’m freshly unboxed into the steem world. I know of many artists that would love to be on here. Although it’s quite confusing at first the foundation of what’s being made here is very inviting. We artists,( I casually do include my crap as art$), are generally simple. We want to create, have it saved, have it enjoyed, and if possible make $$$ from it. Keep it simple and help us do this and we will flock here.



cuenta con mi voto como testigo. cuenta con mi apoyo. exitos.

nice work

Hi! I am new here. please follow me, I know nothing. You seem great tho and congrats.