How Many Posts Per Day?

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Day 15 Question by @dragosroua

May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Fifteen: How Many Posts Per Day Do You Write? Why?
Read his post here

I think I need to add here - How many would I like to write?

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How Many Posts Do I Write Per Day?

This question calls for the age-old Permaculture answer - it depends.

First, let me answer how many posts I would like to write per day.

My eventual goal is to write four solid Blog posts per day.


One of the first accounts I followed when I started here on Steemit was @papa-pepper. I am sure I am not the only newbie who found him, but I can say without a doubt that much of my success on Steemit is due to papa-pepper.

He does one thing really well. No,he does a lot of things really well, but there is one I want to talk about in particular.

Papa-pepper posts about four times a day. His post topics range from homesteading, reptiles and other wild animals, his faith, tutorials on how to be a good Steemian, and lots of contests.

Participating in one of those contests and winning at a time when SBD was at its all-time high, helped me greatly to add some oomph to my wallet. But more importantly, it helped to start friendships which are still in place today.


Watching him does suggest that four posts a day are a good goal to have - especially spaced out throughout the 24 hours we have in every day. We have Steemians in all timezones and that is one way to reach all readers.

Posting more than that seems unattainable, at least when trying to write posts with some substance - and still wanting to have a life away from the computer.

In reality, my posting frequency varies depending what else is going on in my life and what day of the week it is. For example, I do post at least four posts every Saturday but all of them are writing prompts and only interesting to the freewrite community.

So, sometimes, I will post one or two more times on different topics - making it a day with more than four posts.

Other days, I might be busy and just post the daily prompt.

And that is how life often seems to be. We plan and then, we deal with reality and do the best we can.

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I try to do at least one a day, some days I don't do any and some days I'm feeling Randy and will pop off four or five. It all depends on time available.


And you also post for more than one account. That is a whole other story!!

I think once I have a computer, I’ll be able to do two a day.


Yes, it is a bit easier on a computer. But do you dictate when you use the phone? I see that as an advantage. It seems easier on the phone - not for me so much because of my accent, Siri, or whoever lives in my phone, doesn't understand me very well :)


I have not used my phone for such a thing. Maybe if I get a talk to text app I’ll use it.

🤣 I don’t like repeating myself to a robot.


It might make posting a lot easier...

I'm just getting started so I don't know if you have seen mine, but I go for 3 a day. I totally agree more is better but not too much. You are one of the highest volume posters I follow but I like everything you post so carry on!


Thank you :) I actually spend way too much time on here lol. Posting and answering as the Freewrite House takes a lot of time - especially now with the contest. But it is fun!!

I am trying to develop my @sustainablelivin more and it really helps that I can now cross-post from wordpress.

Wow. I can not imagine trying to post more than once a day. I am struggling to even do that! I admire you. I do have a goal to post more often, but I think that even my lofty goal is once a day.


It is like with the freewrite. The more you do it, the faster and easier it gets. It took me a long time to figure out the formatting and all. To get a signature together. Now, I am getting better with being organized and typing faster. Also, the daily prompt is one of them and I only change parts of that post every day...

4 posts a day... Wow!!
I am almost at one post a day ... haha and mostly thanks to Free Write
But really hoping to crossover to 2 posts a day soon, one me in Real World, one me in Fiction World


That sounds like a good plan!!! I think people who blog a lot have a system down. I am working on that...

I limp along with one post per day, but I agree four would be ideal! Good goal and best of luck with all you accomplish in one day!


Thank you!!! I am not working an 8 hour day + 2-hour commute outside of the home. If I had to do that - I doubt that I could do one a day!! You have my full admiration for how much you do!!!


Your so kind and encouraging, thank you for being you!

Four posts per day! Wow. I can barely manage one every other day. Like committing myself to a 5 minute freewrite every day is intimidating (which, to be fair, really takes 10-15 once I actually figure out my selfie, the photo for the post, upload both, come up with keywords, and comment, etc.). I would just get burned out so quickly. I also tend to think (and maybe I'm wrong here) that there's a point of diminishing returns where your rewards would decline significantly from post to post. Is that not the case?


The rewards are hit and miss. For the same type of post, it can vary greatly. So, for example, if most of your upvotes come form SBI, it doesn't matter if you post one a week or several a day - it will be the same $ amount in the end.
But many of the posts I do are to support and/or enter a contest, or a challenge. Some do well, others not so well.
In the overall, the more I post, the higher the rewards. But between my blog here, the freewritehouse and my podcast blog, I am pretty much at my limit. If I have less time, I post less so I can still comment. That part is the most important.

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