Most Consistent Hobby in the Past 5 Years.

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Day 8 - 30 Day Writing Challenge

Here is today's question: May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Eight: What’s Your Most Consistent Hobby For The Last 5 Years? Find the post here

First, I guess we have to clarify what a Hobby is. I am going to say an activity we pursue and are not getting paid for. Even though that is a very murky definition. Like being a mother is a full time job, but it doesn't pay - so, is that a hobby or is it work?

But @dragosroua defined his hobby as running. Which some people do for money, make their living that way, but most people run for the personal benefit and the joy of it.

And I am going to stick with that theme a little bit.

This question actually took me down a deep dark path of many questions - I think maybe because I am having a weird day today - but also because that is something I need to look at.

But I decided not to write about it here. It would be a long and very personal piece - and the way it feels right now, a pretty bitter one as well. So, not going there. Not today anyway.

So, I am going to write about Permaculture and my garden.

I learned about Permaculture maybe 8 years ago now and felt that I had come home. So many things I was doing all my life - like earth care and people care - were all here as part of this design science.

While the word is derived from permanent agriculture, Permaculture is a design system that can be applied to all aspects of life.

Homesteading skills, gardening, and running an ethical business all fit within permaculture.

Now, there are people who do make a living practicing Permaculture, I am not one of them and will declare what I am doing a hobby. As in no income.

The manifestation of that hobby is that we live on a 1/3 of an acre lot in a small house (800 sqft). The yard has well over 80 fruit trees and some are purposefully planted close to the road so people can help themselves as they walk by.

I also build a little free library with a bench next to it out of broken concrete - a material which would otherwise have landed in the landfill. In the beginning, I was begging people all over for books for the library. We have a school close by where 80% of the kids attending live below the poverty level and the books typically are not coming back. I am fine with that.

Now, people, friends, neighbors, FB friends, are coming and filling the library - often so much that I have to take books out so the door can close. Maybe it is time to build a bigger one. But not now.

Water harvesting and grey water usage are huge on my list since we are living in a semi-desert. that translates into digging ditches, cleaning filters and doing all kinds of things people who flush their used water down the sewer don't (have to) do.

Raising chickens for eggs and meat - knowing where my food comes from has been part of that journey as well.

Oh, and the people care. Lots and lots of that.

Many projects, some falling apart like the adobe pizza oven, others half finished and a few very successful.

And now, I stop since I am coming close to the topic I don't want to write about - at least not today.

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You have such a kind heart. I hope you find what is unsettling you more palatable soon.

You probably have heard of this man in the video link I am posting, maybe even seen the video. If not, I am thinking it will bring a smile to your heart as the man has the same intent you do and is performing good alchemy, just as you do.


Thank you so much!! Yes!! Ron Finley!! He does great work! I am hoping a friend of mine will connect us. I want to interview him for my podcast.

He said that growing food is like printing money. I love that!!!

And thank you for your kind words!!

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