It is Very Important

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It is very important for me to remember to have fun. There is so much work. Work is looking at me where ever I go. She screams at me, clean me, do this, do that. So, I run into the other corner and there is Mr, he-work, and he screams at me too. Can't you go faster, can't you do this. There comes the it-work, screaming even louder because the fate of the earth depends on it!!
I don't want it on my shoulders!

Work, work, go away. Please come back another day. Please come back as joy sprinkled with chocolate and topped with whipping cream

Only one is more important than saving the world!!!

I found that out yesterday? Or was it the day I was born? I need to save me!!!

Did I come in an agreement to learn what I didn't learn in my past life - wait, lives - wait, do we have more than one life?

I don't know. I know we have one.

Work, work, go away, please come back another day. The ode of the procrastinator.


We are working, marching, singing.

Go away. Go away!!! Never come back - not even on another day.

Come back to me, joy.

You are joy-work filled to the brim - to the brim with laughter, with song!

Come back when I can sing you as a breath, as my body is moving with ease.


Dance. Joy. Song. Breath. Laughter.

The world is saved!!

My work is done.

Or is it?


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Work and Fun should go side by side in life. One has to enjoy the life


for sure!!!

Love this! I can sincerely understand, and ice cream helps!!!! There is a time for everything, but work seems to take up most of it!! Time to teach the younger generation to work so we take a little break ;D


My younger generation is working like crazy and I get the even younger generation = more work lol

Ah, yes. Work. I have been told by my (teacher) to rest on a number of occasions and I start freaking out thinking ”he wants me to quit?” No, he’ll say. Rest.


Rest is so important!!!

This resonates with me so strongly at the moment. I've always been someone who can't find anything but stress in work and as soon as I start seeing something I enjoy as work it becomes soured to me and I have to step away. This has happened with steemit community stuff I do and writing in general over the last month. I now have to reprogram my brain to not see it as work again lol. I hope you found the time to just kick back with your preferred method of relaxation and switch off Marianne. Peace

Whatever you do, have fun doing it and it will not feel like work :D

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