Why am I still on Steemit - Day 6 - 30 Day Writing Challenge

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May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Six: What Is Your Main Reason For Staying On Steemit?
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Why am I still on Steemit?

That is so easy!!!

Two reasons:

  1. Friends

  2. Money

Or maybe it is:

  1. Money

  2. Friends

I am certain that I wouldn't spend as much time on the platform if there wasn't the reality of earning by posting.

At the same time, if I wouldn't have met all the wonderful people on this platform, I probably wouldn't spend much time either. Money alone is just not enough. Especially when starting out and earning is more of a concept - a dream for the future - than a reality.

Yup. Two main reasons.

Of course, there are a whole lot more - like becoming a better blogger, learning about the big, wild, and fascinating world of cryptocurrency, traveling to meet Steemians, learning about photography and so much more.

I am pretty sure I am here for the long haul.

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I think I have the same reasons and justifications for them.

I want to add, that the freedom of this system (no one can remove your posts even if you're downvoted to negative,) while is very flawed and easily abused... I really love it. Our world needs a system like that.

Even if this freedom by design makes it hard to live with (some people WILL get punished unfairly, and some will abuse it for their own gain,) and can't be corrected if we want steemit to have the same vision it has now.


Agreed!! That is a very good point!