My Dogs Must be Crazy!!!

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My husband had texted me that he had left some cash for me on the table. When I came home, I saw a twenty.

Later, I walked through the room from the other side and saw another twenty peeking out from under the sofa. When I picked it up - What??? A big bite from the top of the bill...was missing!!!


Do you see it in the photo?

I texted my husband and asked how much money he had left for me.

$ 45.00

I searched high and low. There was no 5 to be found.

But I saw this!!!!


Licking her lips with a guilty look. Hmmmm.

Or maybe it was this one?


She looks like she did something she wasn't supposed to do!!!

It has been five days and I have checked the yard for evidence.

So far - nothing 🤪


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Wow a dog eating a dollar bill? But dogs are carnivores? Or is that you didn't feed it well? Hahsha, maybe she's hungry, well that dollar bill is certainly gone for good, a terrible dollar bill day lol


It was a terrible dollar bill day - for me :(

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thank you!!

gotcha doggie! now, spit it out, lol.


Yes!! spit it out!! i want it back lol

Haha, gotta love them monsters. My dog tells on herself when she does something wrong too. They would never pass as human kids in that area, lol.


That is for sure!! But i really hope they are not getting into the money eating habit. I can't afford it!!! 😜


On the plus side, if you find the remains of some bills, hope there is enough to tape it together. They would make perfect paybacks for rotten cashiers you may run in to. :) And was that a pun at the end? Lol.


hahaha . Did you see the latest Freewrite House post?

Ya gotta luv 'em! lol.

I had something similar - but can't for the life of me recall what it was. (years ago)
It was definitively an expensive exercise, I do know that...I'll let you know what it was when the synapses connect...



Well, I hope you are able to write it down when it suddenly hits you LOL

They both look guilty.
The second one is seeming all innocent but looks very guilty. The first big guy is acknowledging his crime already. That is a man and no coward 😂😂😂😂😂😂


I think they are both guilty!!!


They both are but the only issue is one of them is no coward and is ready to take full responsibility for his crime. He is not hiding behind fear like the other one hahaha

Haha this is a mystery that will never get solved :)


I think you are right!! Hope they didn't like it too much :)

Scaveaging little hoovers! :-))


You got that right!!!

Oh drats! I do see some guilty looks on both those faces... What would possess them to eat money lol! Jeff just had a very expensive vet trip for Rabbit, his mixed-breed dog. Apparently, she got herself into something and ate bad food. $300 later she's feeling better but boy those dogs will eat just about anything!


They do!!! They are scavengers in the wild and love rotten food - and anything which smells like it could be good (in their mind). Yup. Expensive little things....


Yes, growing up we had a husky shepherd that loved to eat dead ground hog.... Eww!

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Ohmygosh! Those are the cutest guilty looks ever on your adorable furbabies @mariannewest At least it was only the $5 and not a $20 that got eaten! Can't wait for your update...or maybe I can?!😀


Right? At least they were considerate in that way LOL

Bwahahahaha nutty doggies!


I know!!! Expensive taste :)