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The Contest

I am having a lot of fun with the photo contest created and managed by @derangedvisions. If you want to join in, check his post out.

The beauty of this contest is that it has 3 entry levels. So, a beginner is not competing with world-renowned photographers. I am operating with an iPhone 6 and iPhoto - which might have way more editing option than I know off. At this point, I know how to remove red eyes, crop and adjust the light level. Oh, and to add some filters. So far, I only have used, and liked, a couple of them.


Water is such a big subject in Southern California - mainly because we don't have any. Well, we do. But much of it is coming from a long ways away - like Colorado and far up Northern California.

We do forget about that a lot since we just turn on the faucet and here it comes...

Water conservation is a passion-topic of mine, but this is not the right time or place for it. But the faucet inspired my first photos.


Veggie scraps in a tub of water. Something we get rid off one way or another - hopefully not in the trash. But at the same time, it is the symbol of the work of countless women who spend all day in the kitchen, scrubbing, peeling, chopping, stirring pots to serve up meals which are eaten in minutes.

The reward: Dirty dishes that need to be washed.


This one is more of the same theme. This time cardoon ready to scrubbed.

I am endlessly interested in all the work which is being done every day by countless people to make our life easy, functioning, but it is work without glory, without recognition.

The endless meal prep is just one case in point. The mom ( and more so now, the dad) spends hours working to be often met with complaints.

Top chefs, on the other hand, get the glory and high pay - and are mostly men (and a few women sprinkled in).


This one, I liked because of the many colors - the water and the tray. The cups are filled with color ready to receive some eggs.

Then I remembered these pictures


You saw one on the very top.

I had gone to a backyard food swap and came home with one of these giant purple sweet potatoes.


I wrote a little post about it and got all kinds of advice on how to cook it. One of my African Freewriter friends suggested boiling that baby. So, I did. A part of it. And it was delicious.

The water I boiled it in turned this beautiful purple. Of course, I had to take a picture of that!!!

First, I tried to take one in the kitchen, but it was just too dark. So, I grabbed this bowl


and took it outside.

And this happened and I was stocked!!!


I love the way the tree is reflected in the bowl and the way the bowl is framing the picture. It reminds me of an old brooch a woman might wear. Or a pendant for a necklace.

I am going to submit the last (which is the same as the first) picture for the contest.

Which one would you have chosen?


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All images are my own unless otherwise cited.


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That is so cool!!! I love the reflection one. That's definitely a winner!


Thank you!! got an honorable mention for it :)

Wow, I love the purple reflective tree shot! I couldn't have told you what exactly was in the picture, and I love that about it.


Thank you. So, that would have been your pick as well?


Most definitely my favorite— though it’s a lovely collection overall.


Thank you!! I was so surprised when it happened. Just didn't even think about water reflecting - and I don't think clear water would have...

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