May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Fifteen: How Many Posts Per Day Do You Write? Why?

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Welcome to the fifteenth day of the May 30 days writing challenge. If you don't know what this challenge is about, please have a look at the introductory post. Also, at the end of each article I will post the links to all the posts in the challenge (if you're joining the challenge, I encourage you to do the same). Also, if you join, don't forget to tag your post with #challenge30days and also leave a comment with the link of your post, so I can evaluate if you're one of the 3 lucky Steemians that will get a full upvote from me.

How Many Posts Per Day Do You Write? Why?

When I first started to analyze my ROI from using Steemit (which was more than a year ago), I realized that frequency of posting plays a much higher role than the so called "quality" of the posts. Back then, there was a huge debate on Steemit regarding the difference between "small stuff" and "quality posts", or posts that you would spend a few hours putting together, doing research, adding pictures, and so on and so forth. My biggest surprise was to realize that there is no correlation whatsoever between what I considered to be "quality" and what other people considered to be "quality". Most of the time, we had very different ideas about that.

If you really think at it, it's not that surprising, though. We're highly subjective individuals, we have different experiences, different tastes and different expectations. So it's very difficult to find value agreement on individual opinions.

But it's way easier to reach agreement on consistency. Consistency makes you recognizable and predictable, and these are two things that are easier to agree on that whatever we may call "opinion value". People want to make sense of their environment, to find their ways in there, so making their environment recognizable and predictable is way more important than making it spectacular (at least in the beginning).

So even if you post just one article per day, but do it consistently, curate your topics with diligence and just be there, your chances at creating a supportive audience are much higher. I guess you now understand my preference for 30 days challenges.

Back to the topic of the day: I'm posting between one and four articles per day. There are days when I'm posting only one and then there are strings of 5-6 days in a row when I'm posting four articles per day. But my average I think it's somewhere between 1 and 2.

So, how many posts do you publish per day on Steemit? Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can check it out.

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1 blog post a day and probably about 50-100 comment posts a day. Why? I think it's good to do a blog post a day and I comment a lot because I want to and I also try and be helpful.

it depends on the time, motivation and planning
My entry for today.
Now I write 2 times daily, but when I discovered Steemit we also wrote 10 posts per day. So many mistakes in the past, and so much I learned about Steemit in last 7 month.

Well for me it is between 0 and 3 max per day!
I try to write one personal post, which could be very diverse, and one for our SBC community.
Quality is always an issue. What could be rubbish for one could be a gold mine for another person.
With the @sbcbot community we are trying to group the steem sports bettors. For this group it is really hard to find an audience and to grow the steemit account.
We are trying to stimulate this group with our free sbcbot, which does upvote their posts once a day, free of charge. As long as they are whitelisted.
We do feel it important that our member interact with each other via our discord channel or via the steem blockchain.
It is important to have as many as possible niches on the Steem blockchain to make it a success!
We are hoping to decrease the dop outs by several kind of actions!
You can read our missions statement here:

Also feel free to join our world cup contest, which cab be found on my blog or via the sbc blog!

Great thing you are doing with your 30 day challenge, it is all over my feed 👊

"Leave a link to your post in the comments so I can check it out."

My entry:
How Many Posts Per Day Do You Write? Why? - May 30 Days Writing Challenge by @dragosroua.

Very true about quality. We really need to come up with a better way of conveying what we're actually trying to say when we use the word quality. Especially when in most cases it means, "I like it," or "I find value in this," or "This is exactly what I think/feel." If it were just about how well things are researched, argued, formatted, spelled, etc., with no respect to how we interacted with it, quality might be less subjective. But that's not the way most human beings work. Here's my link.

Another simple yet engaging topic. I love it. I have a strategy for not overwhleming my followers with too many posts (it's really simple). Here's my post for day 15. We're halfway there! Thanks again for the great challenge:

I write two post per day in my blog.. Because , I think, Two post is better for one day after 12 hours... @dragosroua

That is true. What I consider as a quality of a post may be differ from another.

I write a maximum of 3 post a day

On the average I publish just 1 post but on rare occasions I may come up with 2 posts.

Here is a link to one of my post

Yes, I also understood why people want to post more than once daily (and I'm not referring to the ones posting 8+ times, they have different reasons).

For me, with rare exceptions, the rhythm of publishing I've chosen and stick to is one post per day. Consistency will pay off eventually.

It's good to always have something running, so you can click on your replies and see who's been watching :)

Here is my entry

Frankly speaking my basic aim for joining steemit was to improve my writing skill. So it was in my mind to write one post daily here but due to my business and laziness toward writing i hardly write one post in a week. It's my dream to write a daily post on this amazing community but it require a lot of time and energy which is not readily available. Let's hope i will fulfill my dream @dragosroua

May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day 15: How Many Posts Per Day Do You Write? Why?

There is always a right answer. And you have already given the same as mine. But, I added a little more info and a twist.

This is a great question @dragosroua!

I believe that 1 post is more than enough a day..unfortunately I have been facing some problems with my hands (possible CTS) so I have to be 'quiet' for a little bit.

Just a FYI, I have written a beginner's guide that you might want to comment on : )

And a question .. Do you know something regarding the fact that users should not post more than 4 times a day?
(Cannot find any update about it)

Thanks for your time : )


That was eliminated in HF 17-18, I believe, it was like that in the beginning, but not there's no limitation anymore.

Today I have just one. Yesterday I posted more than 1. Lately I've only been posting one per day because... well nvm.

I'm planning to post another long one but I hate the feeling of not being sure if it will be found by the big curators. Whew. :P

Anyway my latest post is this abt how to kill roaches, the one before that is abt mobile gaming. Or wait, should I link my food contest too? :D

Or... it has to be a link to an entry post? Oh noes...

Interesting topic. I would give you my answer now but let me save it for the article instead. Kudos @dragosroua

You definitely post more than I do, I am still in my infancy.
Here's my post

Man 30 days is really starting to feel like an eternity. I've really struggled with today's post. It doesn't help much that I have many other things, like school, to do. So far, I've posted on every day, so at least there's that.

Here is my entry for today.

You hit the nail on the head - or however that phrase goes. What one considers quality, someone else considers trash - or at least not desirable.

I have read to the end even though I did not include because I just know, although even so I am very eager to follow you greetings know from me

Its all about finding the time, but I try to do one a day. Sometimes I miss because Im simply too busy or cant find the inspiration to write.

Hey, @dragosroua I write one post per day in my blog.