Tree Tuesday in Vegas

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Not too long ago, I visited Las Vegas to participate in the @steemcreators conference. What a great experience - but that is not what I want to talk about today.

One evening, we went to the Big Roller. If you have ever been to Vegas, you probably know what I am talking about. If not, you are going to see it in the last picture from a distance.

Starting at the big roller, the street belongs to the people. No cars, no bicycles, and no horses for that matter. People in all kinds of outfits from all over the world.

But it is not people we are talking about today - it is trees!!!


As you can see, trees are the bringers of light in Vegas. Don't know what the problem of the trees in the deep dark forest is!! They could learn something from their Vegas cousins.

tree 3.jpg

And look at the flowers!!! I showed the picture to my trees and asked them what is up with their tiny little flowers??? They were speechless!! Not one gave me a good answer. Or any answer for that matter! No manners!!!


The Vegas trees are the guiding light for all who are out, looking for some entertainment. And if you follow their lead - you will find the Big Roller at the end!!

tree 5.jpg

Have you visited Vegas? If you did, did you look at the trees?

I did because I had @old-guy-photos and his Tree Tuesday on my mind.

See, you steemit people, you are with me wherever I go! 😜

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Those certainly are over the top flowering trees! You must have had so much fun there!

It really was fun. The conference was great and lots of connections were made!!

Wow! This is some really beautiful trees and I love the lights and decorations 😉 unique ones.
Thank you for sharing. Loved it. Much love ❤️

Much love to you!!!


Symbolism. In Vegas, even the trees have flashing lights. The essence of a thing. If that's not a 5-minute free-write ...

Wonderful job.

😄 Thank you so much!!!

I love Vegas! I posted not too long ago about our adventures there. The trees inside the Paris Hotel are lovely!

It is a wonderful place for people watching!!

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A very beautiful tree looking.🌲

Take Care.