Hive Mind or Smart Media Tokens

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May 30 Days Writing Challenge - Day Eleven: What’s More Important For Steemit Right Now: Smart Media Tokens or Hivemind? Read @dragosroua's post here

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This question is fairly easy to answer and I have done so already in a previous post.

HiveMinds needs to come first. Right now, the platform is not easy to use for the average social media user.

It takes stamina and willingness to dive into all kinds of tech to stay on here and produce blog posts which are somewhat presentable. The most successful social media sites right now are very easy to use and it is easy for people to interact with each other.

Right now, to socialize, people have to go to a different platform. That should be solved with hiveminds and make steemit a lively, easy to use platform.

The tokens, on the other hand, are exciting and are going to enable people to possibly gain more rewards. But I don't foresee the implementation to be easy- certainly not for the non-tech savvy user. That is the majority of social media users.

It will be exciting to see the future developments.

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Steemit is a very nice platform and and very rewarding site. Though i am just a new member of this platform. I av gone in and out,stayed login for hours and i have really notice improvement but still need a lot of improvement so that it can become more easy and entertaining for users mostly especially the new user. Some areas i notice it should be improved are the image,(d image sometimes takes time to load), the site should should be beautify more and more so that it can look attractive for new users to come in... I love steemit!!


Yes, there is a lot that can be improved. And shrinking the file size of photos when loading would be good. Many people don't know about doing that before posting. and the pictures take forever to load.
If you are running into this problem - this is a free service to reduce the file size - I use it for all my pics.

I agree entirely. I understand that the bigwigs at Steemit believe SMTs are going to be the next "big thing," but Steemit the social site is pretty much the first impression people get of this whole franchise, and right now this site is very cumbersome to use if you're just an average social media user. In a way, it reminds me of a circa 2000 blogging site. To reach a bigger audience, the interface needs to be more modern and appealing to a more general and non-technical user. And that can be done -- in part -- with "communties" or "hive-mind."

Bright Blessings!


Agreed. It does look like a blogging site of old :)
That is what happens if you have a bunch of tech geeks developing stuff lol

I have never heard of this, so thank you! I'm saving the tiny.png url, too.


I think I should add that to the prompt so people can find it :) I am really looking forward to the community function because I think we can really grow and grow even more together as friends.


I think that's a good idea. Your links do help a lot. ;)

I hadn't heard of hivemind but I've been missing community features since I started. Discord solves some of it but you're right, we shouldn't have to go to a separate platform.

And it's so hard to keep up with people you want to follow. The feed can get pretty crazy, especially if people post more than once a day. I'd love a "favorite" button or a "save it for later" button. Right now though, my steemit bookmark folder is getting bigger every day.

Thanks for the picture squishing link too. I'll have to start using it.


I agree. It is hard to stay on top of trying to stay in touch with people. I do hope that the community function will be easy to maneuver.

And I think you will like the picture tool. I use it all the time...