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This is DAY FORTY THREE of the daily devotional.

I am releasing a 50 day daily devotional about the end-times as revealed in Scripture. Along with the text, I will be providing a video where I cover the text of the day, and @verbal-d will be providing an audio version of it. That way, whether you want to read, watch, or listen, you'll be able to enjoy this study as you wish.

The plan is to release this devotional over the next 50 consecutive days, but life may "get in the way." We will do our best, but please be patient with me if I fall behind.

The SoundCloud Audio from @verbal-d

The YouTube Video from @papa-pepper

The Text I Originally Shared on the @narrowminded Account


In the end, there needs to be a reason why these prophecies are important. Some pastors will teach prophecy because they believe that Paul thought it was so important that even new believers should know about it. That is an interesting theory, but if the “Olivet Discourse”, the book of Revelation, and so many Old and New Testament passages speak about a time during which “Church Age believers” will not be present upon the earth, why ever overwhelm new believers with such information? I believe that Paul and the others had another reason in mind.

I believe that the disciples fully believed that they would have to die for their faith. Many of them did. As far as they knew, the “Abomination of Desolation” may have only been a few years away. After that event would occur, the foretold “great tribulation”, during which believers would be persecuted like no other time, would be right around the corner. If the new believers thought that their new Christian life would be a laid back gravy train, suddenly having their head on the chopping block would have been a hard concept to wrap their minds around.

This is where most of the modern American believers apparently find themselves. They believe that life will be comfortable and good, and then they will die, and it will be even better. Since the suffering, torment, persecution, tribulation, and affliction of the early believers (and other believers around the world right now) are not being experienced in our lives, many expect such to never happen. We believe that we have become the exception to the rule. However, Scripture paints a very different picture. Consider the following:

“And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works: Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.” (Hebrews 10:24-25)

This passage gives us much to think about. Was it the prison sentences and death penalties that led some to “forsake the assembling?” It certainly wasn’t the football game on television! And why “so much the more, as ye see the day approaching?” That doesn’t give the impression of a wonderful uphill climb, but rather of a dark valley. “Even when it costs you your head, come together and exhort the brethren” may be the message here. The same dark undertone is given near the end of the Bible; “Even so, come, Lord Jesus” (Revelation 22:20).

“Even so”? Even if we have to walk through a deep dark valley where many of us have to be slaughtered “for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held:” (Revelation 6:9b) and the Antichrist makes “war with the saints” (Revelation 13:7) and overcomes us? Even if this is the case, “come, Lord Jesus”.

For the record, “even so” carries a very different message than “especially since”. Of course none of us want this to be true, but that does not change reality or the Word of God. I believe that a very big deception is upon the world, in the form of the belief in a pretribulational rapture. I believe that when people trust that the pretribulational rapture is a fact of the Bible, and when it is proven to be wrong, then many will conclude that the Bible itself is wrong. However, the Bible never teaches a pretribulational rapture; it doesn’t even teach a “seven year Tribulational period of God’s end-time wrath”.

Point #1: Paul may have taught new believers about the Antichrist because he thought that they would be here during that time.

Point #2: Certain passages seem to carry a deeper, darker message than commonly believed.


If anyone is really interested, I did post the entire volume through an alt account over a year ago. I did so as an experiment to see how hard it would be for a new user to get noticed on steemit, so I didn't let anyone know that I was doing it. You can click here to a post that has links to the entire 50 days of this devotional if you really want to read ahead. That information has always been available there since I first posted it. It is not the purpose of this series to just copy all of my previous work, but instead to transform it into some new outlets by releasing it in an audio and video format, to broaden the reach that this work has.

Again, though I will certainly never claim to know it all, I do believe that many are being lead astray by some popular beliefs. I hope that this project will be able to help many others understand the end-times more accurately. Thanks!


Just in case you are new to this series and wanted to check out the previous audio or videos, here are links to the posts from each day of this series.

Also - A special thanks to @allforthegood for helping design my cover image!

Until next time…

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Thanks Papa-pepper.
When people make it out that Christianity is easy, or a crutch, I always think you dont know what Jesus called us to, and you dont know what it means to pick up your cross and follow, nor how clear the bible is with respect to the fact that suffering is expected and more surprisingly we are to endure with a joyful heart. Not by our will but by the encouragement and lifting up of the Lord.

Romans 5:3-4
we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, 4and endurance produces character, and character produces hope,


Amen! @infidel1258. God bless you so much for such a great supplement to this post of our brother @papa-paper.


Well said once again!

Praise God thy kingdom is nigh...

Reading the revelation and learning about the end times is a little scary and at the same time interesting . The scriptures have come to pass just as prophesied. We are living in the end times.

NIce..... @papa-pepper

Very good @papa-pepper

I LOVE your read! I will be #following to see your next amazing blog!

#follow back
#subscribe to my DTube Channel: kendradickens

thanks for the update always glad to here from you.

7 more days!


That's right!

End time is near

I am, @thebiblical-lens will have a series on how to preach the gospel. If the Lord has put it in your heart to learn, please support. All for His glory. Amen

Amen @papa-paper. This post is such a great blessing. Let me be sober minded and keep on seeking God for more grace to remain standing amidst all the tribulations that are to come ahead.

Good stuff @papa-pepper. I have always believed that at some point in the US, your head will be on that block. Renounce your faith or else. Take my mortal existence then. I won't be the first.


Amen to that. Hopefully not, but glad you're prepared.

Thanks for sharing such a vital post. It is not easy to put these together in such an organized way, so I really appreciate that. The end time issue is a very sensitive issue to we Christians. Thus so many views about that times had be explained by a number of preachers, but I love the way you used the scriptures to explain your understanding of the end time.


Thank you so much for all of that! I appreciate it!

Thanks for sharing this post. We are really living in the end time,as was foretold and we shouldn't be surprise to see some things happening. Hope you are keeping your faith intact and always prepared for it? Thanks pa pepper.

This is true @papa-peper..
We all get scared when we hear or read about the end time.. Some do believe, some don't believe .. The truth is just that even if we believe or not, the end time is surely near

Heavy heavy heavy. Sadly the tone and thoughts amongst many churches in America is that we will have the easy way out when the rubber meets the road. I too believe this is a huge delusion and many wont be prepared.

I also just watched Kent Hovind discuss something similar.

very good, success always

Good stuff @papa-pepper ...worthy of the time...

Sometimes people will joke about the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ but they don’t know what holds of them if they don’t repent and believe on the finished work of Jesus. Revelation is such a good book that it is glorious to us Christians but a threat to those who continually deny Jesus! I just hope that many will come to realise this through this series made by @papa-pepper! Great papa-pepper! Thank you for this post.

I have voted, please vote my post, thanks

Wonderful article. Please check out my articles on Christianity if you have a chance. Blessings!

persecutions might be in different forms, it is not necessarily it comes in the way it was during the early days