50 Days to Understanding the End-Times More Accurately - Postscript

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In closing, I would like to mention the following.

Pretribulationists believe that the “rapture” will occur before God’s wrath is poured out.

I agree.

However, their misconception is that they believe that “The Tribulation” is God’s wrath, as opposed to the Biblical “Day of the Lord”.

This erroneous belief throws off the rest of their eschatology.

Their erroneous view on this issue does not negate their salvation, for those who are truly saved.

If a pretribulationist is a child of God, then they are my eternal brother by the blood and Spirit of the Lamb of God.

Though I find their eschatology to be in error and even very dangerous, I still love them dearly as a brother or a sister, and we will be spending all of eternity together.

However, the dangerous choice of the pretribulationists to create, believe in, and promote “The Tribulation” will prove to be disastrous for many.

One way or another, many will give up, and “fall away” because of this belief.

If they would have been taught to endure unto the end, perhaps they could have been saved.

This point is stressed repeatedly.

And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.” (Matthew 10:22)

See Day 26 for more on this matter.

However, they will ultimately reject the Bible and the Jesus that it speaks of, turn on the saints, and find themselves cast into outer darkness.

This breaks my heart, and hopefully this book will be one tool that God uses to call His people back to His truth on this matter, so that we can prepare ourselves and exhort others to do likewise.

I have also made a simple video presentation called “7 Reasons I no Longer Believe in a Pretribulational Rapture”, and would consider giving presentations on this matter, or even attempting a debate.

I have spoken at multiple conferences in the past including both Men’s Conferences and a Home School Conference.

In the end, once we have placed our faith and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and received Him as our Lord and Savior, He will be working out the details as we allow Him to.

Open the Bible and see what He can reveal by His Spirit, and let God trump the traditions of men where they are in disagreement.


Thanks for coming along on this adventure with me, @narrowminded

In case you missed them,

Back Cover
1 : The Foundation
2 : The Tribulation
BONUS : A Biblical, New Testament Understanding of Tribulation
3 : The Seventieth Week of Daniel
4 : Not Appointed to Wrath
5 : Wrath vs. Tribulation
6 : The Day of the Lord
7 : The Lord Alone
8 : The Exaltation of the Antichrist
9 : Promises
10 : The Presupposition
11 : 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4
12 : The Revealing of the Antichrist
13 : Same Day - 1
14 : Same Day -2
15 : Hand in Hand
16 : Overtake You as a Thief
17 : Another Thief
18 : Not Knowing the Day or Hour - 1
19 : Not Knowing the Day or Hour - 2
20 : Not Knowing the Day or Hour - 3
21 : Ignorance
22 : "Olivet Discourse": Armageddon or Rapture? -1
23 : "Olivet Discourse": Armageddon or Rapture? -2
24 : For My Name's Sake -1
25 : For My Name's Sake -2
26 : Enduring to the End
27 : The Righteous and the Wicked
28 : Dark Sun and Blood Moon - 1
29 : Dark Sun and Blood Moon - 2
30 : Dark Sun and Blood Moon - 3
31 : "Seal Judgments"
32 : The Fifth Seal
33 : Timing - 1
34 : Timing - 2
35 : Timing - 3
36 : Two Witnesses - 1
37 : Two Witnesses - 2
38 : Two Witnesses - 3
39 : Two Witnesses - 4
40 : Two Witnesses - 5
41 : Imminent - 1
42 : Imminent - 2
43 : Reasons Why
44 : The Cause of the Falling Away
45 : The First Watch
46 : Drunkeness
47 : The End-Time Call to Sobriety
48 : Signs of the Times
49 : The Message to You
50 : Preparation

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  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Thanks for doing this.
We stand to lose more Christians than we win in the coming years.
There will come a time (and it is probably now here) when a loss prevented is a soul gained!


Thank you so much for following along and interacting all the way, @stan. I have appreciated both your insight and your encouragement. Since I had this written up anyway, I thought that releasing it here would maybe do some good. I'm glad several Christians have enjoyed it. Thanks.

Followed your link from the 50 days series you are posting to your other account.
Very cool!
Really enjoying the points you are bringing up and researching. I think we may need to go through it all again from the beginning after finishing, to absorb it better, haha.

I wish i could just download the file straight up as a pdf or something.
Anyway, thank you for doing this.


Hmmmm.... I'll perhaps try to work on that, otherwise I hope to have a paperback out soon. Thanks!


Thats would be perfect.

Thanks for the share of Gods Word @papa-peppers

Very old but I had to at least give it an upvote