OPERATION TRANSLATION : Now Under Construction – What it is, and How You Can Help

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Steemit is growing fast, constantly knocking down barriers and racing around obstacles. The language barrier is just another one of these temporary inconveniences that will soon be removed in our community, and Operation Translation may play a key role.

In an attempt to continue building up our global community, I recently made this post:


It started a process and got a little attention, most notably from @stellabelle, who has made the same offer that I did in her post.


To sum up the proposal:

  • Any user who desires to translate any of our articles from English into another language is free to do so for the purpose of reposting it on steemit.
  • The translator is free to post their translated version under their own username and keep all the payout rewards for their efforts.

More details are included in each of our posts, but that is the general offer that we have made.


  • It gives those who are bilingual or skilled in languages an opportunity to take excellent articles posted by other users and make them accessible to non-English speaking users.
  • The translator has the opportunity to risk work required vs. potential payout with their efforts just like the original authors did when they posted the original article in English.
  • By using this method, members of this community can work together to continue to diversify the content of this community and make the information provided by steemit more accessible.


  • Consider making this offer yourself, as a steemit author
  • Find and upvote translated articles in this project to inspire additional interest from authors and translators
  • Consider promoting or resteeming posts like this to increase awareness
  • Let your friends who are capable of translating know about this opportunity


Yes, this is still just an idea in its infancy. @stellabelle and @papa-pepper are considering some sort of official guidelines and a logo or image to include at the end of posts from authors on board with this effort. Your input in these areas is crucial.

Read our posts about the matter and let us know:

  • What have we overlooked?
  • How can this effort be improved?
  • Do you have a better name suggestion than “Operation Translation”?
  • Do you have an idea for an official image that authors could use for this project?

Many members of our community are already hard at work on this effort. Several offers have already been made to translate our articles into a variety of languages. Here are some examples:

HOW TO COMMIT “STEEMICIDE” by @papa-pepper

COMO COMETER “STEEMITCIDIO” Portuguese translation by @jsantana


STEEMIT ME VUELA NUEVAMENTE LA CABEZA! Spanish translation by @traducciones

Steem Developer Update - Graphene 2.0 by @steemitblog

Actualizacion del Desarrollador de Steem Spanish translation by @traducciones

STEEMIT SLANG by @stellabelle

JERGA DE STEEMIT Spanish translation by @traducciones

FBI Finally Releases Nikola Tesla's Documents They Seized 73 Years Ago by @stellabelle

El FBI hace publicos finalmente los documentos de Nikola Tesla que decomisaron hace 73 anos Spanish Translation by @juanmiguelsalas

These are just some of the articles getting translated by this group effort.

Please consider upvoting those posts linked above and help us go FULL STEEM AHEAD by joining in the OPERATION TRANSLATION brainstorm!

This is a group effort in so many ways and we can choose whether or not this will work. Without upvotes on translations, no one will continue their effort, so please keep an eye on what is going on and encourage these hard working talented individuals in our community.


Awesome Handcrafted @papa-pepper logo kindly donated by @vlad - Thank you!!



Yep, this is still an open offer everyone.

Awesome man! Do I need to notify you in the post that I am going to be translating it?

And what about now? Is it still an open offer? I would like to translate your series of "the stranger - papa's advice for newer users" in Portuguese (#pt). Great content on how to improve here on Steemit!

This offer is still open.

This really brings back memories. We have many goats growing up and had around 10 milk era. It was great.

I upvoted it, so I must have seen it.
I prefer the approach I came up with for multiple reasons.

First, no cost to the creator of original content.
Second, the only thing risked is effort by the translator.

We don't exactly have a plethora of whales for every language, so gaining traction outside of English seems difficult.

To have an English post not pay out well and then fork over money to have it translated into a language where it most likely will do even worse doesn't seem to work for me.

I am glad that many are brainstorming on this idea from many angles and that there is an active dialogue specifically addressing this issue, but I am still trying to figure out what will be best.


Hi @papa-pepper I would not be in favour of upfront payments. I like the idea of the translator getting the benefit of the value of the translated post (as if it was their own post). But I do think they should give credit to the original author as well, very important.

I actually asked some German bloggers if I could translate their posts into English for them.

I have rendered editorial services in English and translation from Filipino to English for my friends in the Philippines. Im thinking about getting my services out but I am still too busy. How much would you pay for an 800-word English translation of a foreign article? Thanks in advance for any of your ideas.

Do you know if there is already a translatin of the FAQ in French, because otherwise will do one

Hi papa-pepper can you showcast my Translation of the FAQ in French so the new French community members can find it more easily. Here is the link : https://steemit.com/fr/@jeanpi1908/faq-traduction-francaise-partie-1

A big thank you to @felixxx, @dresden, and @xanoxt for being inspirational in developing this concept.

This is a great initiative, and I am happy to see more being done to improve the connection with the international community.

One suggestion though. I think the program would probably be more successful, and be more fair to the original content creators if the translators gave at least a small percentage (maybe 10%) back to the original author.

I would tend to agree with this @timcliff - with perhaps one little caveat. If the post makes more than $10 then implement the percentage. I'm planning on joining @papa-pepper and @stellabelle with some of my articles. Granted, many of mine had no visibility because I was new and didn't have a following. Hopefully the ones translating will have better luck (or timing).

From my point of view after 1 month on steemit, my post is dead, financially speaking.

The odds of a translation getting a great payout are slim for the most part right now, so the translator is risking a great deal.

In my original post, I mentioned that if a translation gets a great payout, the translator would be free to share the rewards if they desired.

To encourage participation, I prefer a no strings attached agreement, since I get free publicity anyway, and now I have at least a chance of making something more, depending on the translation payout and the translators choice.

This method provides greater incentive for the translators, and my main goal is investing in the future of steemit and building our community, rather than the financial aspect.

This method was my choice to get the ball rolling, but every author can make their own decision on the matter.

Translating this article into Spanish.

Of course you are.

Absolutely marvelous.

I will upvote when you are finished, just reply with the link.

Interesting concept. I'll consider translating in french posts I like from people that give permission.

You can see if you like any of mine, the other post I linked about it suggests a few good articles.

I really like your Snapping Turtle article and I decided to make a French translation of it. I'm going to try and PM it to you in case you don't see this reply. Here it is:

I'm actually offering translation and editing services in exchange for Steem - I think offering different services will increase the currency's value. I don't think Steemit has enough users from my country, to warrant any time spent in translating otherwise excellent articles, which no one would read or upvote.

Good luck, I applaud the initiative - it may be more successful in more widespread languages!

Many will still probably shy away from this particular way of doing it, so I'm glad that folks like you @dek and @xanoxt are still providing more traditional translation services.

Keep it up and thank you!

I do the same, translation and editing.

This is a wonderful idea to increase the number of people who are able to participate on steemit!

I promoted and resteemed! Will promote in chat too.

I especially like it because a lot of mine recently are about how to STEEM better, and why should someone miss out on that information just because they cannot read the language that I wrote it in?

This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing :)

Thanks for checking it out and commenting!

This is a wonderful idea to increase community awareness and cooperation! Maybe it will help some people learn a new language as well. Or brush up on one they learned and didn't use.

Thanks for your continued support!

This is a difficult yet necessary addition to the site. I can't tell you how many post I've skipped right over because they're in a language that I can't read. I wish you the best with this endeavor. Keep us posted!

With community support I think it will fly, and the long-term potential as we continue to grow is massive!


This is a great idea, I like it!

Thanks, I think it is a great and generous step forward.

Cool. I am currently a little busy doing some work type translation and proofreading (that is why I am a bit passive on Steemit right now), but as soon as I am back I'll get on board. I am kinda late on the promise of translation I've given to @getonthetrain, so that will be my first priority. He has a post about that Russian sect of Old believers, that thought that way into heaven was through removal of ones penises and whatnot.

Whoa, then I'm not going, at least not that way.

Keep it up, for your effort is very valuable!

I did present the idea on @stellabelle's post after all. I probably should support it. :P

I'm trying to recruit a Spanish translator right now. I've known him for years. Great guy, native Spanish speaker, good grasp of both peninsular and Chilean Spanish and excellent with English.

Yeah, I did see that.
Good idea recruiting... @noganoo and I will attempt to draw some more users into the community this weekend!

I got your DM and I am seriously thinking about going global @papa-pepper.
I've got a few evergreen posts that I think would be beneficial.
Fek it. My brain is exploding. FINE! I'll do it. I need to come up with another post to join you and @stellabelle in this endeavor. Stay tuned. I'll DM you back when it's done.
ps - don't streem and drive!

I steem when mama-pepper drives or in parking lots...
Kind of a new experience.

But, now the pepper has landed!

End of the road and preparing for the Wisconsin Steemit Meetup on Saturday!

Have FUN! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about it!
ps - I got my peppers in the mail today.
I'm SCARED Hubby's already laughing at me. He's going to be holding the camera. Um... I think I'm going to wait until the weekend for my suffering. LOL

It's still better than committing steemicide.

I would love to help with this project! I will start working on this a little bit later today, thanks!

Thanks @christoryan!

I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Hello sir, search for "CONSTRUCITION" in this post. I think you meant "CONSTRUCTION" :-)

BLOGGING AT 70mph - Yeah, I believe you.
@stellabelle pointed out OPERTAION wrong in bottom image too!

Still hard at work as I travel across the country to join in at the Wisconsin Steemit Meetup this Saturday where I will share a brief presentation.

Stopping to finish and post this gave all my little ones a chance to run around at a playland in Illinois.


(I posted my meme earlier from Missouri, this one in Illinois, and my bigfoot later should be from Wisconsin - Full STEEM Ahead!)

I am ready to translate but I didn't understand what article I can translate right now ? all articles of @papa-pepper ?

Hello @papa-pepper! I work as a translator for 17 years and it is an honor to know you and @stellabelle had this interesting idea about translating posts into our languages. If the project is still in full force, can I help translating into Portuguese and Spanish (mother and father languages respectively)? Thank you and wish you a lovely Sunday!

Hi @manandezo, I am also a translator, but only for 12 years. What are your language combos?

Hello @pjcswart, I translate from Spanish/English (and now Italian) Into Portuguese, and from Portuguese into Spanish. Glad to know another translator on the site! =)

Yes how did you get such a high reputation score on Steemit?

My reputation is not that high. =) I think the more people vote on you, your reputation grows.

Cool have you deposited any money?

This is a great initiative. Do we just need to put the Operation Translation logo at the bottom of a post? I'm not saying my content will be of interest to folks, but if it is, it would be great to have someone translate it and benefit from their work. Kudos, @papa-pepper!

Yeah, go for it and let me know.

I plan on doing an update post and mentioning those involved - which may point more translators in their direction.

OK thanks, I am a professional freelance translator.

I also want to see a lot of stories made in Korean.
I support your thoughts.

I know at least three people who need that camera.

Good post...☺☺☺

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Thanks papa-pepper,i'm always looking forward to read your post daily.
Now,what do i do in situations where my comments are undervalued?few days ago a user was even counter attack my comments,i was like -thats my opinion bro.
This things keeps discouraging me i will be honest!

Only two options exist in time of discouragement, and I'm thinking that you don't want to quit. We cannot control how others act/react, but, we can choose how we respond to them. Each of us has a certain level of freedom.

i'm gonna stay put,no quitting,no giving up!

Oh my God! Count on me! I'm a French teacher whose mother tongue is Spanish and lives in the US. This is such a great addition to this community! I am definitely in!

Glad to hear it!

I need it so much
English isnt my mother tonque. We need good language skills for many friends.

Nice post @papa-pepper

@papa-pepper, my goodness you had envisaged this issue 9 months ago. I am just 12 days old here on steemit and wrote a blog on this very same subject 2 days back.

Here is the blog: https://steemit.com/steemit/@topdog/is-language-a-barrier-in-steemit

Your attempt is a cool one and it will definitely help a lot of steemians who are english-challenged and they get an opportunity to read some excellent blogs here in their own native language.

That's very cool. I am looking forward to it.

Glad to see you thinking about things like this @topdog! No wonder they call you @topdog!

OK great, do we have to inform you if we do it?

This might be a good opportunity for me, I am a professional freelance translator. Do you know of any German or Dutch steemians with similar offers?

A good post is very useful friend salam know from me @ abupasi.alachy

Hello guy,

I consider this translation project an excellent idea.
Actually the language barrier is a great challenge for the growth of the Sttemi Community in the World !!!

Dear @papa-pepper I understand about it
You're also right
Thank you very much

Hi, i love this post. I am ready to be the translator of Bahasa (Indonesia). Is it still possible, @papa-paper? Thanks

Wow 💖💗💝💜💛💚💙

hii , hope the offer to translate is still on....i am willing to translate in 2 local languages of India one is hindi and other marathi... pls

Great post. Thanks for zhare

Sounds like a really good project. Would be interesting to have various posts translated into other languages.

good post @papa-pepper, once visit our blog also ya friend

What about translating other languages into English? Do you know of any projects for that in Steem? I have seen lots of posts in other languages and would like to read them too...

Nice work! What a cool little farm you got going.
The little ones must love it. Those Muscovy ducks multiply very quickly too! Thanks for sharing & Steem On :)

Is that still valid today? So I can translate any old or recent article? Thank you

Gave a great offer, I love seeing the offer very well, wants to take a look, how long this offer will be?

I will like to translate and maybe make video for your advises in bulgarian .

You may. Permission fully granted.

Thank you very much :)

Good post and nice pic

I have a question
What if I want to translate but I dont want it posted in my blog? :D?

Thank you :D

You're welcome.

wow great post.

Great post,
Thanks you so much for sharing @papa-pepper

Hello everybody
I would like to draw your attention to a translation page from Europe here. I am German native speaker and translate almost all my texts with the [deepl.com] (https://www.deepl.com/translator) translator. The results are amazing. Deepl.com beats the Google Translater by a long way in terms of phrasing.
Greetings from Switzerland

Man!! I love this idea. Since i have been accepted in Steemit, i have wondered if there is a way to include your translation of your own post, so when the reader enter the post, the platform could offer via a button/select the option to change the language, right there in the same post.. And i'm a spanish native speaker, and love to translate documents from english. Now it's been a while the last time i did it, but reading this post inspires me to watch this project seed... :)

Is this still in play @papa-pepper do you still your article up to translation?

First I have heard of this, very cool! Will be checking it out!

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