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This is DAY ONE of the daily devotional.

I am releasing a 50 day daily devotional about the end-times as revealed in Scripture. Along with the text, I will be providing a video where I cover the text of the day, and @verbal-d will be providing an audio version of it. That way, whether you want to read, watch, or listen, you'll be able to enjoy this study as you wish.

The plan is to release this devotional over the next 50 consecutive days, but life may "get in the way." We will do our best, but please be patient with me if I fall behind.

The SoundCloud Audio from @verbal-d

The YouTube Video from @papa-pepper

The Text I Originally Shared on the @narrowminded Account


Continually we are exhorted and commanded in the New Testament to examine what we are told and to test what we believe by comparing it to Scripture.

Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.” (2 Corinthians 13:5a)

These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” (Acts 17:11)

Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thessalonians 5:21)

Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” (1 John 4:1)

Unless we are willing to put our beliefs to the test and prove their accuracy with Scripture, we may simply be deceiving ourselves. I am thankful that I have periodically heard men remind their audiences of the importance of not believing something just because they were saying it. Every believer, teacher, pastor, church, and denomination can and will periodically be wrong on an issue. This is where the importance of the Holy Bible cannot be overemphasized.

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

If we seriously look at what this verse is telling us, we will be all the more ready to receive what the Word says. Of the four reasons for Scripture given in this passage, at least half require us to be wrong; “reproof” and “correction”. Unless one was in error about something, there would be no need to be reproved or corrected. Therefore, unless we are willing to admit that we may be wrong, we will not allow our errors to be corrected. When we do this, our Bibles are only half as useful, based on this passage, since we will not allow half of the reasons listed to apply to us. When we choose to resist the Word in this way, we reach a spiritual plateau, and God cannot teach us on those issues.
My favorite part about this passage is that it is directed at “the man of God”. When we choose to call ourselves by His name (i.e. “Christians”), we are claiming that we are the men and women of God. Since He wants to use us and supply our needs, He wants us to be humble, for “God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble” (James 4:6b). If we humble ourselves and seek His face, He can show us His truth. For several reasons this study may be difficult for many. Besides our pride, tradition can also make it very difficult to grasp what the Bible is actually teaching. Yet, to truly understand the Word of God accurately, we must be willing to be open to the possibility that our traditions may be wrong too. Such is also the case for me. It may be that I am wrong about some of this.

Personally, there seems to be too many passages which I have used to draw my conclusions for me to have misinterpreted them all, but it remains your job, as the reader, to see for yourself. Please pray that the Lord will give you eyes to see and ears to hear, and that He will protect you from anything erroneous, whether the error be within your already held belief system, or within the pages of this volume.

Point #1: We must admit that we may be wrong.

Point #2: The Bible can correct any error if we let it.


Each day I will attempt to share a small portion to begin to lay a foundation. Each day I will also emphasis points at the end of the day. Whatever else you may or may not understand, I urge you to take things slowly and see if you do not at least agree with the points that I make on a daily basis.

Also, if anyone is really interested, I did post the entire volume through an alt account over a year ago. I did so as an experiment to see how hard it would be for a new user to get noticed on steemit, so I didn't let anyone now that I was doing it. You can click here to a post that has links to the entire 50 days of this devotional if you really want to read ahead. That information has always been available there since I first posted it. It is not the purpose of this series to just copy all of my previous work, but instead to transform it into some new outlets by releasing it in an audio and video format, to broaden the reach that this work has.

Again, though I will certainly never claim to know it all, I do believe that many are being lead astray by some popular beliefs. I hope that this project will be able to help many others understand the end-times more accurately. Thanks!

Until next time…

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Love end time prophecy. Looking forward to this series!


So glad to hear it.

That’s deep bro


It's true. Thanks.

In this, I will have my 50 days of daily devotion on about the end times, thanks @papa-pepper God bless you in your endeavors.

That's good stuff!

I had to be removed from organized religion before I really understood how to read and let The Holy Spirit reveal scripture. The Holy Spirit has to be a tether for the revelation. Im constantly removing my old 'pulpit" filters and changing how I navigate the truths found in the covenant (Old Testament) and the renewed covenant (New Testament). The more I learn the more I realize I don't know! I could do much better on the daily part for sure! So much to learn!


Well said, glad you are excited!

I am blessed!!!

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what's this contest @papa-pepper


No contest. It is a study of the days ahead as revealed by God the Father in the Bible.


oo yes yes ..
thank you..
what day is christmas ... ??

This is a great post. Have a good day! ♥

thanks @papa-pepper for this post
I think I have a strong belief

BTW: There were a lot of Jews who resided in Thesalonca or Salonica, Greece at the time the Nazis invaded during World War 11. Most of them were murdered at Auschwitz (About 90% of them).

blog is very interesting ..
please vote me.

Wow... God give you the grace to make more posts on this for the 50days


Thank you @annieben.

It is so easy to be lead astray in today's world. It is easier to not believe than believe. I am looking forward to continuing with this study.


I hope that you enjoy it!


I know I will. We only get enjoyment from the things that mean something to us. And this does.

This is such a great idea. Looking forward to it day by day!


Glad to hear it. Thanks for the encouragement.

I’ve been meaning to study this very topic? How did you know? Excited to learn with ya, thanks for sharing with us.


Wow! Good timing!

Cool @papa-pepper..

That's good stuff! Unless we are willing to open up and put our perspectives aside and truly listen it will be difficult if not impossible to change. Looking forward to reading more. Thank you.

It is so interesting. Thanks for sharing!

What a great idea! I'm becoming more and more interested in "end times" and have literally made a resolution to really study Revelations after the new year. This is perfect timing. I must say, this is an excellent way to start your series. Opening oneself to the Scripture and allowing the Holy Spirit to work inside of us is easily to best way to grow in our faith and understanding of what God wants and expects from us here on earth. Every opportunity we have to allow Him to work in us is a blessing to be embraced and this, your "50 days", is a great opportunity. I'm very thankful to have followed you already and am very much looking forward to this series. May God's grace work in the hearts and minds of all of us who follow this so that more and more become followers of Christ.


This is such a great comment to read! Thank you so much!

Too many fakes spirits, prophets and prophesies. Thanks for the eye opener.

Kindly follow back. Thanks you. @papa-pepper

God gets all the glory :)


Amen to that!

Reality is either we are living for God or we are against him...
Popular beliefs or man made traditions are not going to get you saved.


Amen to that.


Amen and Amen! We are saved by grace, not by our traditions or popular beliefs. I'm off to church, but will tune in again later. This post deserves my 100% Upvote, which is really only worth what it is, thanks to you @papa-pepper!

To be honest I listened to this twice. Sometimes I find I miss information or important information if I only go through things once. It ended up I did miss things the first time through. It is true nobody is right all the time. And if we take time to read what is in the bible the answers are in the bible. One thing people don't remember things are done in Gods time not in our time.


Very glad to read that. It was a huge blessing to me to saturate myself so deeply in this study. Thanks!

Thanks @papa-pepper love it!


Thank you. I appreciate the support and encouragement!

Many of us read our Bibles without praying as if the Bible were a novel, and this is the challenge so many have, that is the reason we interprete the Bible wrongly. Let's pray and get connected to our God before reading the scriptures and we will be astonished at the revelation we will see

Looking forward to this series. I have an interest in this topic and will follow day by day and not "jump" ahead from the link you provided! Thanks for doing this and may this series bring people closer and or bring them to the Messiah!

That is so true. I'm wrong all the time, especially if it involves math, maps or directions. :D There are a lot of passages that I've read in the Bible and knew I didn't fully understand so I'm looking forward to this series of posts. :D Thanks you @papa-pepper for taking the time to make this post and the future posts in this series and thank you @verbal-d for reading it for us all with that wonderful voice of yours. I could read it for myself, and I did read along while you read it, but I really love your voice and could listen to you read all day. :D God bless both of you and your families. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friends! :D

Awesome! I am so glad you are making a series of this type. There's so much changes and prophecies being fulfilled in our time. Thank you for posting. I will keep up with this series.

We are living the end of times and the beginning